7 Easy Ways to Control Pest Infestation at Home in 2024

Have you ever had to deal with bugs, rodents, or any type of pest infestation? I bet it was hectic, right?

Many people have probably heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today”. It’s simple, the longer you wait to deal with a pest problem, the more time-consuming and difficult it can be to deal with it. So, instead of waiting for a pest infestation issue to escalate, consider hiring a pest control service such as Thorn Services. Professionals can properly get rid of pests without harming your household or business.

Here are the primary tips to keep pests away from every house.

1. Clean The Home Regularly

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It’s well-known that a dirty and unhygienic environment attracts and retains most home pests. Any spillage, whether of food or sugary drinks, will attract insects like ants and cockroaches, and they will gather in a blink of an eye. And just how easy it is for them to find your home a great place to create their own, it can be even easier for you to stop them and avoid that.

Thus, regular cleaning activities like vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping are the easiest things we can do at home to keep them at bay. Not only will it save our house from bugs, but it will also look nice, tidy, and clean, and we can prevent many diseases and infections. Hygiene really is two-thirds of health, and just like bad habits lead to many health problems, good habits can improve our life quality.

2. Keep Foods Covered

Avoid leaving food open around the house because its smell attracts different pests like ants, rats, and cockroaches, but that’s not all! Cockroaches carry with them harmful diseases and are thus capable of polluting foods when they come in touch with them. Yes, every creature on this planet has a globally good effect on nature and the order of things, but just like humans, every other creature has its flaws and disadvantages, and one of the pest downsides is that they can carry various diseases that can really hurt us.

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Throw away any soft mushy fruits or rotting foods into the garbage cans because their smell is even stronger and can attract more bugs. If you see those small bugs flying around the kitchen or fruit basket, check the fruits because the chances are good that some apple is rotten. Ensure that all the jars and containers containing food are neatly covered to avoid leaking of the food.

3. Wash The Utensils

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Do you have a habit of leaving unwashed utensils in the sink? In most cases, the utensils stay here throughout the night. And you know, the night is always a party time for the cockroaches. So, when you think about it, why will these bugs not infest your home?

Make a habit of washing the utensils after every meal, or at least try not to leave the dishes overnight. In this way, the starving pests will have no other option other than to leave the house. It is a good habit because of many reasons, and it is a great defense against pests, and it will save us from unpleasant smells when we get up in the morning.

4. Repair the Leaking Pipes

The leaking pipes at home are among the main causes of pest infestation at home. They do so by offering standing waters to ants, rats, and cockroaches, creating an ideal surrounding for their existence.

Further, leaky pipes provide a moist living environment to termites which they adore, so if there is any leaking pipe at your home, not only will you have to deal with termites, but other pests too. The best thing one can do here is to contact a professional plumber to fix all the leaking pipes, and the sooner, the better. Take time to monitor any leakages or erosions in piping, and fix it as quickly as possible. Besides unwanted guests, leaking pipes can cause many problems that cost a lot of money and time to be fixed, so why delay something that will eventually cost you much more than it would otherwise do.

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5. Buy and Install Mosquito Screens

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Mosquito bites are the leading cause of malaria on the planet. They are dangerous, and their bites can be a real nightmare. But do you know that mosquito screens can keep mosquitoes out of your home? Even better, it does so without depriving the home of quality fresh air. Installing these screens is not a difficult task, and we can do it by ourselves for a short amount of time.
Alternatively, we can place indoor traps to prevent mosquitoes from entering our home, but the screens are probably a much better idea.

6. Seal Up All Openings

Any hole, crack, or crevice is a potential entry point for pests. Even the tiniest hole can create possible entries that pests can squeeze through.

For instance, ants, bed bugs, rats, and cockroaches just need an opening of one centimeter to enter the house.

As such, seal all the holes, cracks, and crevices in your home. It may look complicated, but it is something that we need to do because it is much easier to seal the holes than to get the pests out of the house.

7. Dispose of Garbage Properly

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An efficient waste management system keeps pests away from the house. Remember, garbage attracts many pests like rats, flies, and cockroaches to the home. But how should you do this?

Well, it is not difficult, and we can start by purchasing a durable trash bin. Make sure the bin has a lid to effectively contain the smell of rubbish to avoid unpleasant smells and keep bugs away.

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When closed, the lid should hold tightly to the bin to prevent any leakages when accidentally toppled over, which may happen often. According to beavermaids, it should also prevent pests from entering the bin to scavenge food.

What to Do in case of an Infestation

Yes, we may try our best to avoid a pest infestation, but sometimes it is not enough. However, what will you do if they invade your house?

Well, you can start by searching for reputable pest control services nearby online, or you can go to pointepest.com and make the whole search much easier. As experts, they should have an answer to the infestation problem and do not hesitate to contact them and tell them what the problem is. Their pest treatment method should be safe for you and your family, which is, in the end, the most important thing.