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8 Best Mechanical Keyboards – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Tested the best mechanical keyboard and begin typing and gambling in style. Membrane is dead; truly it’s the era of the most effective mechanical keyboard. A mechanical deck may take the simple action of studying from something bland or even frustrating to a meditative practice of simple joy.

And a really great mechanical plank can actually improve your game, with responsive, perfectly manicured keycaps, precise actuation, and of course, the performance improving glow of RGB lighting, which as we all know enhances a gamers skill by an average of 15-20%. We’ve tested plenty of mechanical decks, and rounded up the best of the best across a bunch of different types.

So where do you begin when you’re searching for the best mechanical computer keyboard for you? Obviously switches are crucial, so you need to work out in the event that you need clicky, tactile Cherry MX Blues or even Razer Greens, or something quiet and linear such as Cherry MX Reds/Speeds or even Razer’s Yellow alternative.

You might even opt for an interesting outlier switch, such as Razer’s amazing opto-mechanical buttons that actuate by breaking a ray of light from the stem, or Hako Box switches that get harder to push closer to the base of a keystroke, to encourage you to not bottom out of your keys on the bottom plate. You naughty typist, you best mechanical keyboard for typing.

Choosing The Best Mechanical Keyboard

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Best Overall Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB MK.2 Low Profile


The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a great all-round mechanical computer keyboard that won’t break the bank. This specific list features Cherry MX Red switches, though it is offered in your choice of Cherry MX switches. These are popular with players for their non actuation force and relatively quiet operation.

All the 104 keys are fitted using an RGB LED, which can be controlled using the included applications. Corsair guarantees full anti-ghosting. That means even if you slam your fist on the keyboard in a rage, all those individual key presses will still register.

The K70 also has 8MB of profile storage, letting you save three profiles on the keyboard and also get them on the move with no need for extra software. It’s a good device too, with an anodized brushed aluminum frame which should withstand years of use.

2. Razer BlackWidow Elite

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

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Razer BlackWidow Elite


If your budget will stretch a little farther, you can grab the Razer BlackWidow Elite. Razer chooses not to use Cherry MX switches, preferring to manufacture their own instead. There is no reason to write-off Razer’s keyboards, and some people prefer Razer switches to Cherry MX.

The BlackWidow Elite is available in your choice of three switches: tactile and clicky green, rickety and quiet orange, and linear and quiet yellowish. Razer rates its switches for as much as 80 million keystrokes. Every key has an RGB LED inside it, which can be programmed using the included software.

Actually, if you have other Razer RGB goods, then you can sync your keyboard to exactly the exact same pattern. Programming also allows you to rebind keys and create your own macros with many keystrokes. It’s possible to save profile configurations from the cloud, or sync five profiles directly to the keyboard memory.

From the top-right corner of this BlackWidow Elite, you will come across a press control bar, using pass-through for USB and 3.5mm stereo output. Along the closest edge is a removable wrist rest, which should help prevent injury during lengthy or repeated sessions.

3. Wooting One

An Analog Mechanical Keyboard

Wooting One


This is actually the world’s first analog mechanical keyboard, which means the keys are pressure sensitive. The harder you press a button, the greater the keystroke is realized. The obvious use for this technology is gambling, and Wooting claims that popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Counter-Strike: International Offensive are already compatible.

Pressure sensitive switches are supplied courtesy of Flaretech within their red (tactile) and blue (clicky) varieties. Flaretech speeds them for 100 million keystrokes, comparable to the Cherry MX varieties. As is not uncommon at this price point, per-key RGB LED lighting can be obtained with full control provided by the Wootility software.

The computer keyboard consists of ABS plastics and 5000 series aluminum. From the box, you’ll get some spare switches and a change puller tool for performing surgery on your computer, which is a very wonderful touch.

4. Corsair K95

Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K95


At the higher end of the mechanical keyboard price pool sits on the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, an outstanding, durable keyboard that’s loaded with features on both the layout and functionality side of this equation.

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The standouts are six dedicated macro keys on the side of this rugged aluminum metal frame, complete independently programmable key backlighting in addition to a 19 zone top edge lighting pub, and gold touch Cherry MX Red switches with a very high 1.2millimeter actuation point.

These keys are best for spamming numerous occasions in quick paced, frenetic games and the entire board (which has a big, impressive footprint) is built to withstand the maximum furious play.                                       

It’s also loaded with a number of different features, such as dedicated media keys and an extremely comfy reversible wrist break, but maybe my favorite is that the wise cable management system built into the underside of the deck. A USB cable for passthrough can tuck smartly into a dedicated station underneath the keyboard so that it remains neatly tucked off and does not increase the cable nightmare which inevitably develops around all my PC setups.

5. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Professional


As you may use nearly any USB keyboard on a Mac, most include the standard Windows key layout. Any Mac users who want a superior gaming and typing experience ought to visit the Das Keyboard 4 Professional. It’s available in blank, Windows, and Mac main arrangements.

Unfortunately, you can not possess the Mac version with Das Keyboard’s RGB lighting. Instead, you have a choice of Cherry MX Blue (clicky), and Brown (maybe not clicky, very similar to Red) switches. On top of the keyboard would be the media controls, complete with volume knob and two USB 3.0 interfaces.

The device is finished in anodized aluminum with UV secure keys to stop fading. There’s also a ridiculously long 2 meter cable in the box for hooking it up to your Mac or PC.

6. Jestik Kinesis Advantage 2

An Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Jestik Kinesis Advantage 2


With its radical concave layout, the Kinesis Advantage 2 is a ergonomic keyboard with a difference. The exceptional hand-wells were created so that your hands can stay in a relaxed position and move as small as possible while being used.

The result is a computer keyboard that is fantastic for typing at speed, even though it doesn’t look especially well-suited to gambling. The Advantage 2 comes with Cherry MX Brown keys, which are silent and have the exact same actuation force as Cherry MX Red. The row of function keys utilizes Cherry ML switches that have low travel plus a lighter feel.

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As you’d expect from a computer keyboard at this price point, the Advantage 2 is completely programmable.

7. Redragon K552

Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552


If you’d rather not spend a large amount of money on a mechanical keyboard, you might choose to consider the Redragon K552. It’s among the most popular affordable mechanical keyboards on the market, and a glimpse on the Amazon reviews reveals many happy customers.

To keep the price down, the Redragon doesn’t use name brand switches. The K552 includes off-brand switches which are comparable to the clicky, tactile feedback provided by Cherry MX Blues. Along with the 87 regular battle free, or anti-ghosting, regular keys are 12 media keys integrated into the function key array.

The K552 is available in a range of finishes, making it the ideal affordable addition to your desktop computer setup.

8. HyperX Alloy Elite

Best Mechanical keyboard for Gaming

HyperX Alloy Elite


Another board that is packed with features and visually beautiful, HyperX’s Alloy Elite RGB is a premium choice for less than you’d anticipate. It’s got a complete package of dedicated media keys including a large scrolling quantity wheel, a detachable wrist rest, plus a unique set of further rapid access keys that allow you to set things like brightness or toggle on Game Mode with just one key press.

Available in a range of the top Cherry switches, from loud clicky Blues to whisper quiet Reds, the HyperX can be configured to suit almost anybody’s typing/gaming style. It is loaded with all the seeminglyi requisite full RGB package but nevertheless possesses a certain elegance that I find appealing with its matte black design and the option to substitute the WASD and first four variety keys together with silvery keycaps.

The Alloy Elite RGB is also a rugged, durable plank, using a solid steel frame built to withstand your worst mid-match tantrums or mischievous pet’s antics. It is a comfortable full-sized board that’s designed for convenience and to fulfill all your needs without even packaging in unnecessary extras that could artificially inflate its cost.

Mechanical Keyboard Switches:

  • Switch: Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue
  • Size: Full size
  • Backlights: Full RGB
  • Passthroughs: Yes
  • Media Controls: Dedicated
  • Wristrest: Detachable