Best Gaming Mouse Under $40

10 Best Gaming Mouse Under $40 – 2024 Buying Guide

The gaming mouse is among those fundamental personal gaming PC accessories. Even a simple mouse utilized for doing every task on your PC, but there’s a different feeling to get a gaming mouse.

The gaming mouse comes with flashing lights, vibrant coloring, and edged designs. All these characteristics appeal to high notch gaming. However, to appreciate all this, an individual must know what are the best gaming mice on the current market and everything should buy for a specific level of gaming.

Best Gaming Mouse Under $40

So to clear all of the doubts, I’ve shortlisted the best gaming mouse under 40 Dollars.

1. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse


If you’re looking for a better mouse and an additional 10 to 15 $ doesn’t affect you, then you may go for Steel Series Rival 600 Gaming mouse. This mouse costs above 40 $ but the qualities and functions of it encourage us to incorporate it in this report. The rest of the mice are under 40 $ except this one. You may like to review this one before moving towards the funding mice.


Steel series Forged 600 gaming mouse resembles a bug. The separated segments look like a real-life insect. The texture of this casing is smooth and shiny. The side grips comprise of silicon and offer a comfortable grip of the mouse.

On the cover of the mouse are located the left and right-click buttons in between which lie the textured scrolling wheel. There is a symbol of SteelSeries beneath the buttons’ meeting.

The left side of the mouse also hosts two buttons called thumb buttons. The rear of the mouse could be unloaded from the complete assembly of the mouse to make it more lightweight. But this won’t be demanded as the whole assembly also represents a balanced device.

This mouse is considered as the world’s cheapest and most precise lift-off distance holder. With a cable length of 2m, it will be quite convenient using it in a distance.

Rival 600 hosts divide trigger 60 million click mechanical switches. Additionally, it outfitted with 256 centers of gravity weight tuning configurations. The lift-off distance is customizable from 0.5 mm to 2 mm.

The DPI values range from 2000 to 3000 DPI. The sensor combo can also be superb. Putting it all together, the precision and tracking capabilities of the mouse is completely accurate.

  • Exclusive TrueMove3 12,000 CPI
  • The worlds lowest and most accurate lift-off distance
  • 256 centre of gravity weight tuning configurations
  • Split trigger 60 million click mechanical switches
  • Great feel
  • Complete custom balancing
  • Superb sensor combo
  • Difficult button placement
  • Quite expensive

2. Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse

Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse


The design of Logitech G403 is very female with curves around the outer sides. You will find rubber side grips for greater control. The emblem of Logitech is in the lower center of the mouse.

This is a complete RGB mouse. The emblem shines with green, blue and red colors.

Talking about the upper area of the mouse, you will find two; left and right buttons as usual. In the center is a scrolling button with linear portions bulged out. Additionally, it has an alighted part in the middle of this scrolling circle; RGB.

The dimensions of Logitech G403 have been 4.9 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches.


It runs on Logitech Gaming Program. By using this software, you can change it’s DPI, app buttons, connect individual profiles to matches, change the color of these lights and monitor the battery life.

The wireless version of Logitech G403 can be fabulous since the non-wireless one. It runs with a battery life of approximately 20 hrs using a single charge

The performance of this mouse with games is also flawless. From Overwatch to Marvel heroes, it lets the users play each game easily and fun.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Good software
  • RGB mouse
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor
  • Customize lighting
  • Six programmable buttons and onboard memory
  • Satisfying thumb buttons




Corsair M65 comes with three fragments using a thumb-rest on the left side of it. The logo of Corsair is about the sloping downside of this mouse in the front part of the user. The entire meeting is a shameful Aircraft-grade Aluminium structure. It is an RGB mouse. Its dimensions are 4.6 x 2.8 x 1.5.

There are a total of 8 practical buttons. In the middle of the mouse, between the left and right buttons, then you’ll have clickable lined scroll wheel buttons to adjust dots per inch DPI sensitivity down and up, and a sniper button on the left side of this mouse in red color.


The aluminum frame provides a lightweight mouse using symmetrical mass supply and prolonged durability. Due to the innovative weight management program, it enables the user to set the middle of gravity to fit his/her playstyle.

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With a gaming-grade PMW3360 optical sensor for pixel-precise monitoring, it empowers the mouse to give you superior performance.

The tech of iCUE makes it quite comfortable to set button mapping as well as other features for your favorite games. You can also easily save your gaming profile to your M65 Pro RGB and take it everywhere with you.

  • Unique style
  • A large number of buttons
  • High DPI
  • Comfortable design
  • Premium Durable Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • CORSAIR’s Most Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor
  • Advanced Tunable Weight System
  • Eight Fully Programmable Buttons
  • Not appropriate for formal use such as an office or seminar etc.

4. Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Gaming Mouse

Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Gaming Mouse


Redragon Impact gaming mouse has measurements of 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches and weighs 10.4 oz. The design of this model is an exceptional one since it hosts a total of 18 programmable buttons.

RGB backlight also includes a different feeling, since it’s 16.8 million RGB LED color options. This feature is also disabled. Overall this mouse is very colorful and resembles a small monster.

On the upper, front area, there is a scrolling textured wheel and 2 left, and right click buttons, below which there are two buttons for correcting the DPI level higher or lower. On the top left corner, there is a long button for rapid-fire function.

On the lower side of the front view is that the emblem of Redragon lighting at another color as you play together with it. On the other side of this mouse bunch 12 programmable buttons for a variety of attributes of your favorite games.


This mouse designed using LASER technology with up to 12400 DPI. To fulfill your different levels, it’s 5 adjustable DPI levels either for daily working or for gaming.

It’s 5 memory profiles each having a particular light shade that helps in quick identification. You might also alter the weight of the mouse according to demands. To serve that purpose, it comes with 8 part fat-shredding sets.

RedragonImpact includes comfort and precision. It is a whole package for die-hard gamers. This version is so precise, accurate and comfortable for hands to utilize it enables the consumers to get used to it quite quickly.

Let it be targeting, shooting or attacking; this professional gaming mouse makes it possible to achieve the greatest ranks in the gaming world.

  • A large number of programmable buttons
  • Smart and comfortable design
  • Excellent RGB colour lighting
  • Adjustable DPI
  • No Cons

5. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired


UtechSmart Venus comes with an exceptional style and design. The upper part of the mouse divided into various segments of glossy and matte plastic at the center. Below that’s the UtechSmart emblem shining in RGB colors. Over the polished coating is the buttons assembly.

From the button’s meeting, there left and right button anchored at the middle from the textured scrolling wheel. Under the wheel are just two buttons with up and down arrows which enable the DPI to be increased or decreased as according to the user. On the left side of the left button is the fire button.

There are support extended portions on each side of the mouse to the ease of use and for placing the thumb and fingers comfortably while utilizing this gaming mouse. On the left side of the mouse will be 12 programmable buttons. These buttons placed in various orientations for ease of use.


This mouse includes 18 buttons in total from which 12 are programmable side buttons. You will find 5 savable memory profiles each having different colors for identification. Also, this mouse equipped with 8 part weight tuning sets.

16 million LED RGB color choices provided in this model, which could turn off as desired. Additionally, it contains 5 RGB colors backlit modes.

UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse built for gamers. It supports up to 16499 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000Hz polling speed, 30G acceleration. These mentioned features help in the smooth functioning of the mouse with any match. This version is exact and accurate if coming towards the reaction of it.

  • Very much affordable
  • Very comfortable
  • Ergonomic shape support palm grip
  • Focus on MMO gamers
  • Venus MMO wired gaming mouse with multiple programmable buttons
  • Ergonomic Right-Handed design with the frosted painting surface
  • Almost useless high DPI

6. Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse Wired MMO RGB LED Backlit Mice

Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse Wired MMO RGB LED Backlit Mice


M901 by Redragon looks like a gaming mouse. From head to toe, the curves and borders in addition to the color scheme provide a very warrior look. The matte plastic instance of M901 is black with reddish color at the base and between the buttons.

There’s a complete RGB emblem in the middle of the mouse towards the front side. Above that is located the left and right-click buttons. Between these two, it equipped with a textured scrolling wheel beneath which lies two buttons for either increasing or diminishing the DPI.

On the left side of this mouse lies 12 programmable buttons numbering from 1 to 12. These buttons are placed diagonally to the top face for ease of usage.

In addition to each of these buttons, there is an elongated button on the top left side of this mouse which usually known as a rapid-fire button.


Redragon M901 comes with 5 completely customizable profiles. For each of these profiles, it is simple to program your buttons based on simplicity. It is also possible to place your DPI and select specific color schemes. For the quick switching of your profile, this mouse has a button for that purpose at the base of the mouse.

This mouse provides the users with a lot of personalization choices, as you can easily set LED colors and the weighing of it. M901 also enables you to configure how the speed with which the logo lighting pulsates; known as”breathing rate .”

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Talking about the operation of M901, it is next to none. It can be revealed by the most DPI that fosters up to 16,400 that is greater than the DPI of RazerDeathAdder Elite by 400 DPI.

The LASER tech of the model is also quite accurate. While utilizing a LASER of this mouse for monitoring, it just does not disappoint.

  • 5 colour modes
  • 16400 DPI LASER sensor
  • TEFLON feet pads
  • Relatively cheap
  • Off-putting acceleration feature

7. HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse


This sleek mouse by HyperX comes with a slim design and a smooth general appearance. There is a symbol of HyperX in the center of the front view using RGB lighting.

Above the emblem lies the left and right right-click buttons hosting in between the textured scrolling wheel and the buttons placed below it. Both of these buttons serve for the alteration of the DPI values.

Pulsefire is symmetrical in design. It is extremely different from conventional gaming mice, as most of them are ergonomically shaped. However, this doesn’t impact the overall smooth and tranquil vibe of this model.

The sleek and smooth design never lets you be uncomfortable. It does not cause any strain even after constant use for hours.

The perfect side of this mouse textured in a wavy pattern. The left side too textured in precisely the exact same way with two programmable buttons.


The ergonomically designed Pulsefire heart is accompanied by textured side grips for simplicity of use and firm grip whilst playing games. It also has the characteristic of high-quality switches having feedback for as much as 20 million clicks.

Other status features include customizable lighting, DPI setting, and 7 programmable buttons. HyperX N Genuity software enables you to set your mouse according to your requirements.

HyperX Pulsefire Core provides the players what they deserve; smooth and comfortable flow. This wired RGB Gaming mouse equipped with a Pixart3327 optical sensor that gives you precise and smooth tracking. The DPI setting is up to 6200 DPI.

  • Comfortable symmetrical design
  • Easy grip
  • The software helps in setting up the mouse
  • Comfortable symmetric design
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Easy customization with HyperX Ingenuity software
  • Less number of buttons
  • Does not look like a gaming mouse

8. Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse


Cooler Master’s brand new MM830 hides the old”Master Mouse” name while still stepping up things from the preceding generation of mice. It looks to hit on the premium segment of the current market, with more RGB lighting, a greater max DPI, a unique D-Pad along with an OLED display.

It’s a great deal to offer on newspaper, thereby appearing to justify its $79 (about #60, AU$110) cost point. However, there are a couple of inconvenient aspects that make it a difficult sell at that price. And, the Cooler Master MM830’s value proposal becomes even murkier when we consider that it is wading into the same waters as the best gaming mice on the market.

The 79 (#79, AU$129) Logitech G502 Hero measures on its feet with a close equal price, killer functionality, custom weights, and plenty of switches. Then there’s also the $79 (#79, roughly AU$100) SteelSeries Rival 600. And both of these are easy enough to find on sale for less. There’s even the $59 (about #45, AU$85) Corsair Ironclaw RGB that costs significantly less while performing like a big-leaguer. And, the elderly, $49 (#34,” AU$59) MasterMouse MM520 provides a good value proposition as well.


We previously reviewed the Cooler Master MM520 and MM530. Those features a sturdy build with somewhat coarse plastics, and the new Master Mouse MM830 enhances that. It has a good body made of tough PBT plastic, but it has a smoother feel that’s more agreeable to the touch.

We put pressure on all sides to see if it has any flex, and the MM830 does not budge. The major mouse buttons have very little space to get underneath, making it unlikely we would inadvertently pry them off.

Despite the curiosities of its grip and buttons, we locate the MM830 generally around the job of serious gaming. The tracking is responsive and accurate, and we do not see it falling short of this 1ms response time and 1,000Hz polling rate guaranteed with the exact Pixart 3360 detector.

We’ve gone through our fair share of matches in Apex Legends, and we never feel like the mouse is not doing its job. Though the primary mouse switches have different pressure points, most hand grips are likely to achieve far enough forward for it not to be a serious matter.

Together with tolerances to speeds of 250 inches-per-second and accelerations up to 50G, it’s not surprising that the MM830 maintained up with our bigger, sweeping hand movements.

We did encounter some planning difficulties, however, and they return to configurations. While the MM830 supplies a DPI range from 100 up to some staggering 24,000, after 200DPI, we could only move up in increments of 200DPI. So, the 2,500DPI we’re so used to has to be thrown out in favor of 2,400 or 2,600DPI.

  • Top-of-the-line sensor
  • Fantastic build quality and choice of materials
  • Eight fully programmable buttons
  • Main switches rated for 50 million clicks
  • Great-looking, highly customizable RGB lighting
  • Flexible, braided cable
  • Built-in weights that are hard to remove
  • No replacement feet provided
  • 1000 Hz isn’t perfectly stable
  • OLED Screen Viewing Angle

9. IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse

IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse


As a gamer who frequently plays PC games using the right equipment is high on my list when it comes to playing my very best. I’ve used a huge variety of PC peripherals over the years and am always interested in what’s out there. Anytime these two genres combine at a game it makes it even more enticing for me personally.

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The thing about FPS titles is that there is a huge array of types ranging from your hardcore ventures such as ARMA to great old fashioned twitch shooters such as DOOM on the market. The 1 thing they both have in common though is the demand for precision and precision and that’s where the newest Kaliber Gaming™ RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse by Iogear comes into play.

Iogear has been in the company of creating a vast array of computer connectivity options for many years now and I’ve even used more than some of them in that moment. The newest Kaliber Gaming line of gaming peripherals available today is still another step towards achieving their goals to creating the complicated world of technology just a small bit user-friendly.

Unlike many gaming mice that tailor to a wide array of gaming genres, the recently released RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse is especially designed with first-person shooters in mind.


The RETIKAL features the exact same ABS and polycarbonate body that are featured in most of the Kaliber Gaming™ series mice. Once I unboxed the RETIKAL, I was treated to a slick design that looks like it’s made to offer gamers a firm championship grade mouse. Much like the SYMMETRE, the RETKIAL features the same sharp blue light scheme that by default ebbs using the favorite”breathing” effect seen at a lot of other gaming peripherals. There’s a bit more reinforcement on the RETIKAL with the accession of non-slip rubber grips on the thumb rest and then click wheel to provide any gamer a solid hold on their mouse in the heat of conflict. The design also includes rubber pads to help against slip and a hardy braided cable measuring 6.5 feet that allowed for plenty of play in cord with small physical drag along with my present setup.

The RETIKAL is a gamer’s mouse with it obvious and not so obvious attributes amidst its design. The RETIKAL features a 9 button design designed to offer players a customizable experience. The Actual stone and standout feature of the RETIKAL Guru FPS Gaming Mouse would be the Precision Sniper Button situated on the thumb break. The matter about FPS titles is that you have to be fast with your movements to stay ahead of your competitors using a high DPI but when tight control is actually required for those precision shots you want to fall that DPI down quickly. The built-in Sniper Button does only that, holding down it to find that essential steadiness.

  • This mouse connects to your computer using a USB port.
  • eSports professional optical gaming mouse.
  • 9 programmable buttons and custom programming software.
  • expensive

10. GAMDIAS Zeus P1 Gaming Mouse with RGB

GAMDIAS Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB Streaming Light


Not only did it come from high-end packaging which gave the buyer a sense of sophistication and that they had purchased something luxury, but what’s more, the mouse itself was on stage as well. It featured a competitive design, a full feature set, a lot of buttons, a superior sense in hand. While we did run over a few tiny issues personally with it, we still believe it was a good product in our introduction to what Gamdias was effective at in mouse development.

Almost 3 years have passed since that review, and we have seen things improve in that moment. While this latest entry to be analyzed sports a similar title to the original design, but that’s about it when it comes to comparing these two mice side by side. This time around, there are fewer buttons at your beck and call, the shape has changed, and also the components inside the mice are completely different. Most notably, in which the Zeus eSports mouse is a laser sensor-based product, this latest entry uses an optical sensor to do the tracking.


The most recent mouse out of Gamdias to hit the labs is the Zeus P1 RGB optical gaming mouse, and we feel it’s something that many more users will find to their liking. Simplicity is critical in this design, however at the same time, we do find a lot of the features that many consumers, especially gamers, will love. Without giving it all away before we get deeper to the review, we kindly suggest that you take some opportunity to read on, as Gamdias has turned over a new leaf and also delivered a mouse that not only looks great but is on point in regards to use and functionality too.

From the specifications graph, we see it is somewhat restricted in the information provided. First is a notation to the advanced gaming optical detector in charge of tracking, and then proceed right into the dimensions. Here we find the Zeus P1 RGB is 127.26mm in length, 72.45mm in diameter, 40.85mm tall at its highest stage, and all told with no cable, just 125 g in weight.

Gamdias comprises eight keys within this design, counting the pair of main buttons, the pair of side buttons, the scroll wheel and a trio of buttons located behind the scroll wheel. The resolution of the detector comes next at which we locate the lowest of the scope is 1600 DPI, using no more than 12,000 DPI, also can be offered with six steps in complete within this range. The polling rate is set to 1000Hz, you’ll find 20 million clicks into the lifespan of the principal switches, there’s a 1.8-meter cable attached to the Zeus P1 RGB, and finally, we see it is customizable through the Gamdias HERA software.

  • Optical Sensor
  • Good RGB color accuracy
  • Excellent 12000 DPI optical sensor
  • Offset weight during liftoff could take time to get used to
  • LED’s are dim, but looks great in dimly lit rooms

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