What Is the Most Durable Type of Roof?

As a homeowner, you should already know the importance of having a good and durable roof. You are not looking only for longevity but energy efficiency as well as the sustainability of the materials. All of these features are contributing to the price which is a major factor for every owner.

However, you are not done with selecting the materials. You have to seek the professionalism and expertise of the installers. Even though DIY is an option, this is not something you would want to do alone without previous experience to ensure proper installation.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most durable types of roofs. This should help in the selection of the roofing material while ensuring longevity. Keep reading and find out more.


Source: thespruce.com

Because of its affordability, asphalt has become the most common roofing material. It offers pretty good durability for the costs and you can expect it to last up to thirty years.

However, there are lots of shingles, which come with different qualities. That is why you should not cheap out and get the cheapest option. Even if you have a tight budget, at least go with the middle-tier material quality.

The manufacturers are not obliged to provide their impact rating. However, they usually do to show their quality. In case you see shingles without their impact rating, stay away from them since the popularity of asphalt roofing led to shingles of different quality.

Lastly, asphalt is not a sustainable material on its own. However, it can be recycled to be sure that you won’t cause more pollution with the implementation of this roofing option.

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Source: thespruce.com

Wooden roofing is another option you should consider due to the longevity of around fifty years that it provides. Cedar is the most common wood used to create shingles that have natural fire resistance.

Although they have a natural resistance, you can additionally treat them to improve the fire retardance, complete fireproofing is not possible. In addition, the woods can crack so you will have to be careful and purchase high-quality shingles from a trusted manufacturer.

Due to the natural properties of the wood, it is a good insulator that contributes to great energy efficiency. In addition, they are completely natural which makes the wood roofing materials highly sustainable.


Source: contractorsfromhell.com

As another durable roofing option, metal roofs stay intact for up to fifty years. For their production, steel and aluminum are the most common materials. This makes them slightly pricier than the previous roofing methods. However, their durability is better than theirs.

Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions and come with a good impact rating. You’ll need to do less maintenance, and the sound produced from raindrops hitting the metal just contributes to an ambiance that will make you instantly fall asleep.

In addition, they offer great insulation features which make your home more energy efficient. If you are conscious of the pollution, bear in mind that these roofs are completely made out of recycled metal which is a huge plus.


Source: faniaroofing.com

According to domroofing.com, the approximate longevity of hundred years makes slate one of the most durable types of roofs. That is the reason behind its costlier price.

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The durability that it offers can hardly be matched since it is both resistant to fire and withstands all weather conditions without any problems. However, the slate has to be professionally installed since the tiles can break if you step on them.

When it comes to pollution, you cannot expect any pollution since this roof stays intact for more than a century. That way, you don’t need to replace it often, if ever.

The production of the slate does not require special processing and is performed without the participation of certain poisonous matters. Due to its density, the insulation is great and contributes to keeping and regulating your home temperature.


Source: polychem-usa.com

As a material that lasts a long time, polymers are surely a great roofing type. With that, you can expect longevity of around fifty years from this roof type. The plastic pieces are made in a way to resemble other roof types for aesthetic reasons although they don’t require that much care.

With a high impact rating, the plastic roofs can withstand all harsh weather conditions including strong sun exposure as well as storms and heavy rains. However, this is not a sustainable material if that is what matters to you.

If this is an option you highly consider, be sure to look for manufacturers who produce plastic roofing material by recycling. In addition, plastic roofs offer great energy efficiency since they are reflecting the outside energy keeping the condition inside your home right.

Solar roofs

Source: Solar roofs

Solar roofs become a revolutionary and modern roofing option we had to mention. Since they last forever, their durability should not be questioned. However, even though there are lots of solar panel factories, only one company produces solar glass.

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The glass comes with an exceptional impact rating and it further has a warranty for a lifetime. Although the solar roof costs a lot it is extremely energy efficient. The installation process is rather expensive, but depending on the politics in your country you can manage to get subsidies for such green roofing options.

This roofing type provides energetic efficiency that cannot be matched by other materials. While all the other options are preserving energy, solar glass is producing electricity. This contributes to this roof’s high sustainability and is surely a good investment for you to consider.


Choosing the roofing type should be done by considering your funds and preferences. Although asphalt and wood are affordable options, replacing them after around thirty to fifty years would be needed. For a medium budget, metal and plastic materials are a great choice. And for bigger funds, the slate, and solar roofs.

All of these materials are durable enough for their price points. However, without proper installation, their longevity is not guaranteed. For that reason, be sure to find an established roofing firm and consult with them about everything that interests you.