10 Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50 To Buy 2024

The best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars is not necessarily the most expensive one of the lot. If it comes to gaming keyboards, you need one that is user friendly but packed with features that will assist you to kick your opponent’s butt every time.

A normal everyday keyboard is just not going to give you the advantage you need to grind your enemies into the ground. Most budget gaming keyboards have many different programmable keys that will help you to get the most out of your personal computer gameplay.

Gamers frequently spend hours battling it out so most gaming keyboards are designed to be more suitable for long-term use. Possessing a proper game keyboard is like using a Ferrari to race as opposed to your Honda Civic.

These best gaming keyboards are designed to withstand the grueling long hours of gaming and offer a certain amount of wrist and hand support to decrease strain. There’s a massive amount of gaming merchandise available so we have narrowed it down to a listing of the most wanted gaming keyboards for below $50. Additionally, see our inspection on the best gaming headsets under $50.

The Best Gaming Keyboard for Under 50 Dollars

1. Redragon K552-R KUMARA

Redragon K552


The Redragon K552-R KUMARA is one of the greatest keyboard selections for players, coders, writers, and editors alike. This keyboard is economical, reliable and built like a tank for the gaming pc or gaming laptop. Not only does this provide a whopping 87 double-shot injection molded keys however there is no NUMPAD so it’s much more compact in size.

There are a total of 12 multimedia controllers, which can be set up round the 12 function keys. Holding down the FN or function key can quickly activate these keys. Red LED backlighting is spread over the whole keyboard and may be switched on or off and adjusted to a favorite brightness level.

Depending on what you are using the keyboard for, you can change between the positions of the arrow and WASD keys. This is a plug in and play keyboard, which mean that you do need to put in anything but the drivers can be found online.

A prime illustration of a necessity have budget gaming mouse and keyboard. The simplistic yet ergonomic layout is great for players and code authors alike. Its superior construction and user-friendly design rivals even the priciest computer gaming keyboards in the marketplace. This is the best keyboard for beginners thanks to this being plug and playwith. This means you don’t have to install extra software or programs.

2. Corsair K55

CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard


One other great gaming computer keyboard for under $50 is the Corsair K55. Equipped with intuitive backlighting styles and anti-ghosting, this board is the first step to enhanced gaming performance. Complete with six dedicated macro keys, multi-key and press management, this keyboard allows for simple control customization. The macro keys are fully programmable and multimedia controls allow you to directly access audio without disrupting your game.

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That is an ergonomically shaped keyboard that comes with a detachable soft-rubber wrist rest that helps to back up your wrist and protect against stress when indulging in a couple of long hours of gameplay. For uninterrupted gameplay, use the windows key lock style along with the flexible keyboard tilt.

You can assign single keystrokes in addition to complicated multi-key combos to some of the 6 committed macro keys. This may be done with no additional installations or software. The keys themselves are silent and responsive with a pleasing feel without sacrificing performance.

Corsair has come to be one of the dominating brands in every segment of the gaming market. For under $50 bucks you can enhance your gaming performance with 6 fully programmable macro keys and access your songs directly without disrupting your game play. This keyboard is an affordable and reliable addition to your gambling setup.

3. BlueFinger CM200

BlueFinger CM200


The BlueFinger CM200 gaming keyboard is one of the more striking looking devices you can find for under $50. Not only does this board seem the part of an average gambling apparatus, it plays the part also with its USB wiring and durable, high quality parts. It features a stylish cracked surface design in addition to a tri-color LED backlight that add into the novelty of the gaming board.

The backlight has three distinct breathing modes, which you can use to switch between blue, red and purple by tapping the purpose along with PS/PB/SL keys together. A whopping group of 10 multimedia hot keys is located on the very top of the keyboard. These hot keys permit you to access items like mails and your media player without interrupting any gameplay.

This keyboard comes with a mouse and is easily installed and applied via USB to most current operating systems like Windows XP/ Vista/ WIN7, 8, 10/Mac OS X. Blue finger also offers a 6 month return or exchange service for quality issues you may experience.

For just under $50 dollars, you can improve your game play performance on this particular ASB gaming keyboard. It’s been designed with serious gamers in your mind yet at an affordable price. Not only does this keyboard perform well, it looks fantastic too with its red cracked novelty cover which lights up in three distinct colours.

4. Redragon S101

Redragon S101


The Redragon S101 is a mouse and keyboard combo collection and as you will see, every piece has its very own name. The keyboard is named Vajra and the mouse is currently called Centrophorus. On the computer keyboard, there is a variable speed controller for typing, which can be activated and deactivated by holding that the FN key and also the Q key. Additionally, there are 12 media keys also which you can activate using the FN key as well as the F keys from 1 through 12.

The WASD and direction keys are removable but are also interchangeable by holding down the FN key along with the W key. This simply reassigns the WASD keys because your arrow keys and vice versa. This keyboard also utilizes 19 keys together with no battle. The Centrophorus mouse comes with weights for greater balance and movement throughout gameplay.

The cord, which is black and red, gives a wonderful aesthetic appearance to the mouse instead of your usual black gray wires. For this led backlit computer keyboard, the gap in the brightness depends on your DPI settings. This really is a 6-button mouse with two side buttons, which may be changed to perform whichever function you choose.

Among the most affordable keyboard and mouse combos on our list, the Rodrigo S101 is stuffed with features such as a 6-Button mouse and LED lighting. The WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable, which enables you to customize your game play easily. This is a great combo choice for under $50.

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5. HAVIT Rainbow Combo

HAVIT Rainbow Combo


The HAVIT Rainbow keyboard includes a solid yet light texture and is designed with a lot of typical gamer orientated attributes, which can be customized. It comes in black and white, with a great number of color choices for key backlighting. The cable is 160cm and is sturdy and robust. It’s a 2-level high-quality supporting foot as well as 19 anti-ghosting keys, which allow free match controller.

The non-slip and spill-resistant layout keeps your keyboard clean and safe while beneath the keyboard, there are two rubber treated holders to keep it set up. Holes in the back of the design shields your computer keyboard from any runaway fluids, which could be accidentally spilled during gameplay. Pressing FN + Esc together will alternate the 3 lighting manners.

The mouse features a straight aerodynamic design with the DPI switcher situated on the very best. There are 5 programmable DPI settings along with the Super laser motor innovation allows the mouse to move smoothly. The heavy layout of the mouse body gives you more control and greater orientation while playing.

The HAVIT Rainbow backlit wired gaming keyboard is most certainly one of the coolest looking mouse and keyboard combos available for under $50. The comfortable ergonomic design with alternating backlight can provide you endless hours of satisfying match play. This combo is available in black or white with a number of attributes, which is a pleasant surprise on a keyboard in this price category.

6. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Challenger

Tt eSPORTS Challenger


The CHALLENGER series of keyboards is not anything new for the TteSPORTS team, as there were five generations of the basic design previous to the latest design. The rubber dome keyboard comes in an affordable price, while maintaining its uniqueness. All of the CHALLENGER series keyboards are membrane based, are angularly styled, and all have thin profile framing that produces a distinctive, yet light and simple to use device.

There have been different attribute sets employed in various models, but the CHALLENGER collection of keyboards certainly has the best feature sets in comparison of any of the previous designs. For just under $50, we can assure you that worth is 1 thing you don’t need to concern yourself with.

The soft activation of these buttons isn’t muddy at all, although the total layout takes some getting used to. The rubber wrist rest is well designed, and although it’s removed for routine use in most cases, it does not get in the way as a permanent fixture to the design, because the tiny diamonds do help keep your hands directly in which they need to be.

7. Cooler Master Devastator 3

Cooler Master Devastator 3


The mouse is ergonomically designed, using an ultralow flat profile for advantage and a large mouse wheel for ease of use. The keyboard also features an ultra-low profile for diminished strain; while anti-slide rubber pads to prevent slippage during heated battles. The mouse and keyboard in the Devastator 3 Combo are RGB competent, with seven different backlight alternatives to pick from.

It is easy to personalize your set up using custom color pairings to mix and match to match your other gaming PC accessories. And should you ever wish to change colors, it’s as easy as a press of the FN button. The Devastator 3 computer keyboard includes custom membrane switches for elegance and performance.

This robust RGB led backlit gaming keyboard is meant to last you through the very stressful championships. Rubber side grips around the gaming mice improve stability and decrease wear and tear, whereas the key limits on the computer keyboard are laser etched and traction coated for minimal wear and optimum functionality. These peripherals just do the job tremendously well to bring you another deal keyboard for under $50.

8. Razer DeathStalker

Razer DeathStalker


Chiclet keyboards and gaming keyboards normally don’t overlap, but when there’s enough demand for a product, the market will find a way. Although most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards for their tactile responsiveness and wide range of change types, those looking for a gambling chiclet keyboard will locate one in the Razer Deathstalker the Deathstalker is the only major chiclet gaming keyboard on the market currently. Its well-spaced design helps the computer keyboard to feel much more responsive than many membrane keyboards.

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However, questionable onboard macro recording functionality makes it a challenge to get used to. Users can alternate between three degrees of green backlighting. The lighting looks pleasant and the ability to select between pulsing or steady light is a nice touch. This keyboard looks pretty slick and does have an adolescent-male seem common to Razer products. The Deathstalker is a super-fast computer keyboard and will help you kind to the very best of your skill.

The Deathstalker runs on the excellent Razer Synapse 2.0 software, which means you’ll be able to command its lighting, set parameters for the gaming mode and program macros. You could even set up individual profiles and link them with specific names, which is helpful if your tastes skew toward macro-heavy games.

9. EagleTec KG010

EagleTec KG010


The aluminum and ABS construction make it feel powerful and powerful and give it a professional look. The’ EagleTec KG010′ claims to have a 100% anti-ghosting attribute, which is a really bold claim for a computer keyboard under the $50 price range. The mechanical aspect of this keyboard has a pleasing audible click sound in addition to great tactile feedback. This gives it a really nice bouncy sense and also adds to the certainty of your clicks.

The LED-Lightning has customization options, which allow you to control the brightness and continuation of lighting on the keyboard. This is the best starter mechanical keyboard since it has no complicated applications, and is merely a plug-and-play computer keyboard.

Its price makes it a really attractive option if you’re not certain if mechanical keyboards are right for you, but you want to give it a try. Its quality stuff and performance really makes it feel like a much more expensive keyboard.

The purchase price of this keyboard is far lower compared to almost any other adequate mechanical computer keyboard on the market. It looks and performs like a computer keyboard double its cost and is certainly worth your while in the event that you feel like testing out a mechanical computer keyboard without spending too much money. This keyboard might surprise you even though it’s way under $50.




Together with 104 anti-ghosting keys, which makes it possible for multi-keys to work simultaneously without conflict. This lets you experience an entirely new level of gaming and typing. Blue Switches provide you with a”clicky” visual feedback to improve typing speed and accuracy and also gives you an edge over competitors with an accurate reaction.

FN Shortcuts permit you to easily access the media controls, like play, pause, previous and next track, calculator, email, browser without exiting the game.

This keyboard has a great build quality and is made from top-grade ABS material and contains a metallic base. The matte-finish texture adds to its sturdy and strong durability. The laser-engraved keys are not easy to fade and the keyboard is water-resistant with additional drainage holes. It has a very ergonomic design, which can help to keep users comfortable and strain-free for longer amounts of time.

The cascading keypad design fits your palm easily to prevent fatigue. It is suitable for Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA etc. The keyboard is backed by a 45 days money-back guarantee and a 12-month worry-free warranty.

The 104 anti-ghosting keys allow the Multi-Keys to operate simultaneously without battle, which permits the user to undergo a completely new level of gaming and typing. This is a stylish yet durable keyboard for under $50.