Best Gaming Mouse Pads

10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

You are ready to hit the ground running and game following a long work week, but you are still using that stained, gaming mouse pad which does not offer proper grip. Gaming mouse pads offer a variety of additional features, and the correct texture and surface area required to maintain proper DPI, and crush the competition in battle and competitive royale gameplay styles.

Tech companies are notorious for throwing the term”Gaming” in front of a peripheral and acting like it’s suddenly exceptional to non-gaming options. That is why it can be somewhat surprising that something mundane as the mouse pad includes a gaming equivalent that truly matters. As a part of equipment everyone has but never thinks about, the amazing characteristics of gaming mousepads go unnoticed.

We rarely think about our socks having variety but you will certainly understand the difference between cotton and wool at a polar vortex! Gaming mouse pads mostly appeal to players by providing different feels, control and handling, and even unique features like RGB lighting. It’s difficult to tell mouse pads apart and the market is unknown to a lot of hardcore PC Gamers. It is simply not on everyone’s radar!

We are here to break down the unique factors that make a gaming mouse pad greater than a sheet of cloth and help you decide if a new mouse pad is ideal for you. Whether you desire the ideal mouse pad to get Fortnite or enjoy playing DOTA 2, you’ll find something on this listing for you.

The Best Gaming Mouse Pad

In this guide, you will discover the very best gaming mouse pads of 2019 in addition to a major breakdown of what makes a good gaming mouse pad. We moved into length answering market tech questions because several gamers really know what makes a mouse pad great. If you think you have the replies , go on down to our gaming mouse pad reviews under.

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad


Coming in on the silver stage is SteelSeries and their QcK, which gives you an excellent value (seriously, anyone can afford this mouse pad), although still giving you a top-level quality. The cloth top is smooth, and while you find yourself with a small surface area, in case you’re really ambitious, you can always click through and pick a size-up option, but it’s going to hit you using a greater price. This fabric does not fray, and while it is ultra lightweight, there is always a catch.

With time and humidity, this is going to warp, and eventually become fairly dilapidated. You have about one great year with this before that is even a possibility, which provides durability to the no-skid rubberized bottom. Absolutely, you get what you pay for, however that offers you a good time period of durability and saves you a ton of money. SteelSeries put their best foot forward, and if their bigger version, the QcK deserves a place on your gaming desktop.

  • Textured rubber underside keeps the mouse pad from slipping
  • The medium sized mouse pad is considered an industry standard
  • Very affordable
  • 20 years of solid quality mouse pads
  • Anybody can afford this mouse pad
  • Ultra smooth cloth top
  • Cloth material gets dirty fast
  • Small surface area
  • Warps after time plus humid settings

2. Corsair Dual-Sided Aluminum MM600 Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Hard Mouse Pad for Gaming

Corsair Dual-Sided Aluminum MM600 Gaming Mouse Pad


You know we love Corsair on this site, and with Dual-Sided Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad, it just doesn’t get any better. Aluminum is among the top options for gaming mouse pads on the market, and Corsair put their best foot forward with a quality double-sided sheet of it. You are able to utilize the high-control surface, or turn it over to use the low-friction side. Either way, you get rubberized grips in the corner to maintain your mouse pad exactly where you need it to be.

With that material comes just a tiny bit more on the purchase price , as you can imagine, however with those guys, you’re really getting what you purchase with each and every penny. Aluminum is much easier to clean than fabric, collects little to no dust in comparison, and of course, it is likely to last until only on the end of time.

If you ever encounter durability problems from this, it’ll be from your rubber grips in about five decades, which can be fixed with some DIY know-how. Corsair doesn’t build anything unless it’s meant to last.

  • Mid-range weight and feel
  • Rubber corners prevent this from slipping
  • Textured side for controlled gameplay
  • Smooth side for quick mouse movements
  • Comes with two surface options: high-control and low-friction
  • Corners provide zero slip
  • Hard edges can be a nuisance
  • A little too raised
  • Pricey

3. HyperX Fury Pro

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Pad

HyperX Fury Pro


You know how it goes: we have become the second-tier list, and with it, we all encounter several challenges that we hadn’t seen previously. For starters, you are likely to have less DPI capacities on HyperX Fury Pro mouse pad, making it prone to skipping around a bit. It’s nothing that’s going to kill your game, but if you are a precision sniper (the kind that place their significance on 100/100 simply to upload clips into YouTube, you know that you are), then you may notice a few minor performance issues.

Onward into the cost: we could not be more happy with it. While it’s not the cheapest on the record, you’re definitely getting more than what you purchase with it. When it comes to the fabric construction, it’s pretty comfortable on the balls of the wrist, but then come the borders. They are rounded, but not completed, and enough interaction could cause a little bit of chafing. As soon as it is not the most comfortable, you don’t come into contact with these often, and if you do, simply tilt the mouse pad. Our useful guide to the best touch pads attributes more great products like this.

  • Excellent cost for quality
  • Even if the logo fades, it’s 97% black cloth, so you won’t notice
  • Speed edition for those who want to run with very low DPI settings
  • Optical tracking is very good because of the woven surface
  • Not much separates it from SteelSeries
  • Edges can be a bit bothersome to your arm
  • Partial DPI skipping

4. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Best Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris


Corsair is king of RGB right now with a dazzling array of peripherals and some epic software to light up your parts. Most pieces sync with other Corsair gear to produce stunning lighting displays. The MM800 is an amazing mouse pad in its own right, living up to this normal Corsair has been setting from the gaming pad market.

We particularly enjoy the difficult edition as it’s a really good feel. The micro-texture gives only enough feedback to keep your mouse smooth and in control without feeling like you’re gaming on ice.

That’s important to note because a number of the best hard mouse pads feel too smooth for wrist-style mouse motions. Another feature we are lovers of is the USB pass-through for your mouse. This eliminates the requirement for one more lengthy cord snaking past the MM800. It’s also strange how such a convenient option isn’t standard. We did not examine it using a flash drive but it may make a simple to access entry point for data storage too. The RGB is so amazing as anticipated with Corsair and you’re going to adore the interesting things they’re doing with modern AAA names and lighting.

Our only minor complaint is that the RGB marketplace has very few options that exist beyond the conventional gaming mouse pad measurements. People who want a desk pad style gaming pad are most likely out of luck using Corsair.

This makes sense since RGB takes extra power and is expensive in its own right but it can be a bit disappointing for those who partnered with Corsair for everything else. You will find RGB desk pad options like the Prism but it’s another place Corsair should think about entering into.

  • Corsair offers some of the best RGB software on the market
  • Pass-through saves you from another unnecessary cord
  • Hard and soft versions for those who want a firmer feel or comfort
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  • No desk pad option

5. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

Best Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System


As one of the first premiere wireless charging pads, Logitech eventually removed the hurdle that kept most players out of going wireless. Charging. Nothing is worse than logging in to discover that your mouse is dead and needs juice. Worse yet, some wireless mice lose a charge slowly over gameplay sessions and also become progressively unstable.

This time between empty and a little charge may lead to terrible gameplay moments like the mouse locking up.The Logitech powerplay retains your wireless apparatus from dropping service and feels great. It’s the best charger available on the market.

Unfortunately it can only charge Logitech mice but for the most part, wireless charging or Qi charging has to make a dent in the mainstream industry.

We love the sense of the pad as well. It has quickly gone out of a new untested product to one of the best around. They do not shy away from being a premium option and provide both a soft and hard mouse pad to buyers too. If you go for Razer or Logitech for a Gaming Mouse, it is likely that you will never return to a mouse, even for office work. They’ve dominated the market and shown what premium peripherals do for management, pace, and relaxation.

We love the thought of utilizing the best Wireless Gaming Mice in the world for this pad. In our view, Logitech has come out on top with all the current G900 series and this mouse and incentivizes picking up those mice more.

  • A combination mouse pad and wireless charging mat: can it get any better than this?
  • Choose between a hard or soft surface for different games
  • The fastest and stablest wireless charging around
  • Logitech makes some of the best wireless mice as well
  • The powerplay comes with a soft and hard model meaning that you don’t have to choose
  • Will only wirelessly charge Logitech G wireless mice, not others
  • Warranty information is difficult to obtain and redeem on
  • Only works with Logitech Mice
  • Pricey

6. Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux

Best Wireless Gaming Bundle

Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux


Finally, we are getting into the RGB additives to those mouse pads. While it’s not the Firefly we want, it’s the Firefly we deserve: Razer put their very best foot forward to develop this 16.8 million colour mix RGB mouse pad, but before you get too hyped-up, it is just going to blend in with your other Razer apparatus.

If you have got the mouse and keyboard from Razer, using precisely the same RGB capabilities, you’re going to be all set. Otherwise, it isn’t going to sync with different brands, even though it still provides that epic display.

Alright, apart from the RGB function, it’s a fantastic cost to get a fantastic mouse pad. You just get the one size to pick from, but you do not experience crummy fray just like you generally get with additional mouse pads. Furthermore, you may plug it into your USB strip for power, so you are not wasting batteries or an outlet for an AC adapter.

This is going to outlast any other mouse pad you’ve had, and be fighting right along with the remainder of your keyboard warrior tactics. So lay back in your best gaming chair and let the games begin!

  • Excellent cost for the size and added features
  • No fray; you’re good to rock and roll until your mouse gives out, time and time again
  • Premium quality
  • Purchase contains both a hard and soft mouse pad
  • The bundle saves on the mouse and mouse pad combo
  • Inter-device sync only works with a full set of Razer products
  • If you have need for a larger mouse pad, there’s no additional sizes that this comes in
  • Very expensive setup

7. ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad


The ASUS Rug Sheath Gaming Mouse pad is a great selection for a premium quality mat which provides a fantastic experience for gambling. It features a slip-resistant and splash-proof substance and is also stain-resistant, which means you do not have to worry about casual beverage food spillages in your gaming setup. The surface of the pad itself features a textured cloth to match its smooth surface.

The mat also features anti-fray stitched borders using a solid rubberized base which makes it the ideal gaming buddy for all kinds of games. The mat is large, measuring 900 by 400 with 2 mm to cover your desk significantly, with more space on your computer keyboard. If you are looking for a simple yet highly functional mouse pad for your gaming, expect the ASUS Rug Sheath to provide that and much more.

  • You can eat and drink around this without worrying about coasters
  • It’s a desk pad that also protects your desk
  • The logo is pretty unsightly
  • No RGB

8. Turtle Beach X-Large Traction Mouse Pad

Best Mouse Pad for Csgo

Turtle Beach X-Large Traction Mouse Pad


They place”For PC and Mac,” as if these mice don’t operate on the exact same basic principle. If you couldn’t tell, Turtle Beach barely made the base of the listing, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Last but not least, these guys came in with a good price, especially considering that the large surface size, and a great response for your optical mice and DPI settings. Seriously, it does the key use of giving you excellent precision, which every passionate gamer wants for.

That being said, their emblem printed at the center of the mat will fade pretty fast, in about precisely the exact same time that it’s likely to take this awful chemical, plastic odor to dissipate. We don’t know if it’s the dye in the logo, or whatever specific protective characteristic they must apply to make it no-fray fabric and advantages, but it is something you’ll need to bear in the meantime in case you opt to go with this purchase.

If you’re still not certain what you need in a mouse pad, have a peek below in the buying guide, and circle back to this list to catch your favorite.

  • Excellent price to surface size ratio
  • Built for accuracy and pinpoint precision on the battlefield
  • That logo is going to fade very quickly
  • Chemical smell right out of the package

9. AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad

Best RGB Gaming Desk Pad

AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad


The AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Mouse fuses a very simple design with contemporary features to complement any desktop. Even for extended hours of computing, you can trust that the XXL offer unrivaled support for your wrists and hand as you work. The simply designed mouse pad comes with a smooth cloth surface backed by a rubber underside to enhance stability. Additionally, it provides great control and precision for many programs and can work with any kind of mouse.

The large size of this mat itself ensures you have enough room to do more, measuring about 17 inches by 15 inches. It is also machine wash friendly, making cleanup it easy. Another pro for this item is its cost, so if you are looking to acquire a mouse with fantastic value for money, the AmazonBasics XXL is a excellent place to get started.

  • RGB
  • Optimised surface
  • Pricey pad

10. Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad


Corsair came in with the best gaming mouse pad, albeit having a few troubles. This comes treated to attempt to prevent stains and damage, but it brings with it a highly chemical smell. In addition to that, the coloration you see about the marketing photos are fairly accurate: this will fade from black to white with age, which doesn’t impede on its own purpose, but remains unfortunate. Corsair did mark this at an incredibly low price, which makes it among the greatest values on our listing.

While you run into these small issues, you get gigantic horizontal space for optimum range. Even with that discoloration difficulty, the material never frays or slips, thanks to the quality construction and no-skid rubberized base. Wherever you place this down, it’s likely to stick.

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The textile-specific textured top allows you to keep precision no matter what, which makes this ultra practical, and intense for long-winded gambling sessions. If you’re into gambling, make sure you also check our guide to the best gaming routers.

  • Killer price
  • Nice and wide for tri-monitor use and maximum range
  • The chemical smell from the construction
  • Colour fading with time

Gaming Mouse Pad For Buying Guide

Despite being known as the flat surface we rest our mice mouse pads actually have quite a bit of significance from the PC Gamers arsenal. Swapping out an old pad to get a gaming pad itself won’t make you a world class e-sports professional or dramatically change your expertise, however they do provide a significant quality of life increase. Used along with distinct mouse traction fashions or forearm movement approaches, a new mouse pad might help you play differently and thus better.

Playstyle consideration is particularly important to those who play competitive first-person shooters, utilize multiple DPI ranges, or are plain tired of the mouse getting confused by polished substances. It’s hard to choose the best mouse pad for Apex Legends or the most recent FPS without knowing the technical details of the different mouse pads work better for different games.

Gaming mouse pads can also do very unique things like charge devices, creating an effective wireless charging platform. Both the control of your mouse and also the overall feeling of having fabric under your wrist for extended intervals.

We wrote a comprehensive guide and answered a ton of frequently asked questions regarding gaming mouse pads. Hopefully, you’ll learn some new things and see why they may be the little boost you have always wanted but never thought of.

Basic Features to Consider in Your Best Gaming MousePad

SizeWeight and FeelRaised EdgesComfortLightingTextureMaterial

The average mouse pad to get an office lacks the necessary room for gaming comfortably. Gaming mouse pads are generally two or three times the magnitude of everything you’d find in an office and may be as large as a complete desk (Desk Pad). Always think about your play style and just how much space your mouse moves use. The most effective high mouse pad with this listing will probably be sufficient for almost any gamer however those using unique play styles like forearm movements will want to think about a table sized pad.

Most players will need a thin pad because that jarring sense of moving the mouse off the beveled edge is quite obnoxious middle game. Some do exist that are thicker or weighted for that particular feeling you may crave. As a rule, try to get a mouse pad that will not slide around easily. This is normally accomplished with a decent rubberized base on most pads.

Some mouse pads provide raised advantages for more control for example placing a plastic border around the fabric area the mouse utilizes. This permits you to feel out the pad with your wrist and also play a little more inside bounds. Keep in mind that the plastic bevel can be annoying to rest your palm on but it’s far better than old mouse pads that have a drop as opposed to a raised border.

Some pads offer you a cushy pillow at the bottom that will help prevent carpal tunnel and feels decent. It probably will impede gaming by a little margin so that is a better option for those at risk for lymph nodes. Truthfully most gaming mouse pads offer comfort as a secondary benefit but the fluffy desk pads usually feel quite great to individuals who are sensitive to distress.

RGB options exist for pads in addition to mice, keyboards, and anything PC Gamers use these days. RGB lighting can look amazing and add a style to your set up.

The feel of a mousepad is really significant to your gamer. Add to this that mice react differently when they have various textures. Generally, super glossy pads without much texture are the most likely to freeze or catch when gambling. Texture helps with feel and control. Prevent pads with too much feel though since they can turn your wrists raw over the course of a marathon gaming session.

Normally cloth/fabric or even some kind of light metal like aluminum are your only alternatives. Some such as the cold texture of metal while others prefer the grainy feel of fiber-based material. It’s an adhesive based pad with a plastic style.

Gaming Mouse Pad FAQ?

The most elementary characteristic that most gamers consider when selecting a mouse pad is whether or not the mat is hard or soft. Soft mouse pads are almost universally some sort of cloth using a micro-texture for extra control. Tough mouse pads can be made of numerous materials with plastic and aluminum being the most frequent. The biggest differences come down to comfort and play style.

Cloth mouse pads most often focus on those who like to make slow orderly motions with the mouse for example wrist-based gamers. They also often feel a little more comfortable as long as you aren’t gaming fast enough to get rug burns.

Tough mouse pads may also be textured however they tend to provide smooth frictionless surfaces as well with the overall goal being rate. Players who use the forearm for motion or require great power to move the mouse have a tendency to prefer hard mouse pads.

It is highly flexible and many professional gambling mice offer insane DPI configurations. It is common to play at low DPI settings even with a top-tier gaming mouse since the quality is higher in mice owning a high DPI range.

Where DPI does thing is in selecting the dimensions of mouse pad you will want. Playing with low DPI needs more force on the mouse to maneuver quickly meaning large frictionless surfaces are best. Those comfortable with high DPI desire a small mouse mat using a textured coating. This offers control to the user.

What do you mean by saying that distinct mouse pads are for distinct play styles?

It’s not uncommon to see substantial gaming mouse pads when you see streamers or professional players. It is not because they simply love having a huge mouse pad. A number of the mouse pads we use actually have different styles for different functions. For instance, gaming mice possess distinct structural designs for the several ways that gamers use them (like hand and hand grip). This consequently affects everything from common sensitivity settings to the desired drive when moving mouse.

Professional first-person players often utilize very low DPI and low sensitivity. To compensate for the low DPI they use the mouse by restraining it with the forearm. This requires a larger space for the mouse to proceed and less friction. This destroys the ability to perform competitively!

Mice work by studying a surface in a short period of time. This can be accomplished by a variety of methods that have come a far way from the mechanical mouse chunks of the olden days. Surfaces can be hard for high-quality sensors to pick up. Factors like reflectiveness, a lack of grain or texture, or a poor quality optical mouse can cause hiccups and slow responsiveness. Contemporary laser gaming mice really are fantastic at studying a surface and may be calibrated for various surfaces (We don’t actually calibrate the mouse pad, so we calibrate the mouses detectors ). This keys in particular settings such as the users typical mouse speed, the play area, along with the feel of this mouse pad.

There are various schools of thought on mouse calibration ranging from”It’s entirely useless,” to”If you do not do this you’ll never play a game well again.”

Like most controller based difficulties. It is a rather abstract experience since calibration ultimately affects the range your mouse uses to sense movement on a given surface. Should you calibrate a face with strange mouse motion, it is going to feel different. It can be quite beneficial though for users who want control or feel something is off with mouse. Calibration also should be performed for every new surface as swapping out the pad or moving off the calibrated pad provides a different experience than a calibrated surface would.

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Usually your gaming mouse company will come with special applications. There are numerous options for mousepad calibration these days. Razer and Logitech offer simple quick software fixes which sync with mice and help calibration. The process involves moving the mouse across a surface slowly or in various patterns. This then educates the mouse what surface it’s on and helps calibrate it accordingly. It is a quick process and just takes a couple of moments supplied your mouse has software available.

How does a gaming mouse pad differ from a normal mouse pad?

This lip can be obnoxious to players as most mice will continue moving over it differently. Gaming mouse pads are all designed with specific gaming goals in mind like speed or control. They highlight comfort and come in sufficient materials to please everyone. Simply put, normal mouse pads tend to be worse than just using a desktop. When it’s built for gambling, you will notice the difference. When it is a hard plastic SteelSeries pad or the best large mouse pad, gaming mouse pads are designed to be read better by mice, comfy for long play sessions, and often possess RGB lighting.

Hold , aren't Wireless Gaming Mice awful?

If you have been about PC Gaming for any length of time, you have probably connected the dots about wireless mice. Traditionally they were awful. Not only bad. Terrible. In years past they fought to link to the PC effectively and had enormous lag spikes. Nowadays even though wireless mice are as good if not better than wired gaming counterparts.

And that’s where wireless charging comes from. The quality of wireless gambling mice is so great nowadays that outside features such as charging have experienced huge alterations. Now you no longer need to swap batteries or remember to plug into a mouse. Some such as the Corsair MM1000 can even bill your Qi charging devices too.

Can I purchase a charging mouse pad for my wireless mouse?

You are going to be receiving a top-notch pad no matter what charging pad you choose. They’re the premium mouse pad in most respects and generally offer you a tough and soft version with buy as well. It’s not mandatory but the annoying aspects of wireless gaming mice tend to surface with no newer wireless charging. This in turn can be mistaken for system or lag issues until the consumer realizes the mouse requires more juice. That is a standard weekly event that annoyed players for ages. Charging pads are a huge improvement on this.

Can a gaming mouse pad make me a much better gamer?

No. But it will remove hindrances to your play style. For instance, some mice struggle to read the surface of a glistening desk or painted surface. A gaming mouse pad will help eliminate mouse misreads. Those can be very frustrating especially when they cause your mouse to skip or match to hang for a moment. Another issue is that a regular office mouse pad is pretty small and raised. Often you end up moving the mouse off the mat and catching it on the lip of the mouse pad. Gaming pads are at least twice the typical size and thin so going off the mouse pad does not feel clunky and you usually have enough space to maneuver.

A: Absolutely. Gaming mouse pads offer better control and precision for all ids of matches, a characteristic a typical desktop would not typically provide you. Also, some gaming mouse pads include extra lighting effects that sync seamlessly with your system for gameplay impacts. A gaming mouse pad helps to maintain the mouse set up during gaming and is far better than using the desktop without one.

Can a mouse pad really make a difference in gaming?

A: It actually does. The overall gaming experience is made even better with a great and quality mouse pad, as it gives better effects generally. Even though most modern mice have sensors that adjust the various surfaces, it is often quite frustrating using your mouse on a rough surface whilst gambling, as it may not give the extra flexibility and smoothness a mouse pad provides. Therefore yes, mousepads created a major difference in gaming, and you need to get the best to improve your overall gaming experience.

Do I require a gentle or hard gaming mouse pad?

A: Both soft and hard mousepads are great for gaming. The key, however, is a preference. Soft mousepads are usually made from rubber or foam, and come coated and cloth. Additionally they have padded backing as well. Soft mousepads, however, offer more cushioning underneath the pad. For an ordinary user, laser or optical mice would perform considerably well on both the surfaces.

Why are gaming mouse pads so expensive?

A: Mousepads aren’t among the cheapest products you’ll find out there, and rightly so. They’re designed for a niche section and is therefore priced with the normal consumers and users in mind. Most avid gamers today make use of gamepads for various reasons, which range from a better gaming experience to comfort.

That can be a subjective question because FPS gamers vary how they play. Some LOVE playing with insane sensitivity levels and wrist motion while others love playing with low levels and using forearm movements. Regrettably, there’s no universally beloved option however for FPS games you’ll most likely want something with enough space for the play style and nothing too textured. This is because an excessive amount of texture can catch your mouse as it stinks. We recommend experimenting with a pad like the HyperX Fury S Speed and forearm established movement. The HyperX Fury S Speed has been our FPS oriented pick for best mouse pad. Those new to it will have to relearn all they know about mouse movement but often report superior control and speed with low DPI.

What is the best form of mouse pad for gaming?

This also depends upon the user as perform styles differ. The best mouse pad for gaming will provide you with a mixture of balance and control that you want without sacrificing speed. Any of our top 10 will do the trick but you’re going to want to find your playstyle first.

What's the best-extended gaming mouse pad?

Extended gaming mouse pads or desk pads are excellent options for people who wish to play with a low DPI. We recommend the HyperX Fury S pace for FPS players as well as also the ASUS ROG Scabbard for People Who Wish to try a controlled surface. As we’ve stated before, desk pads would be the greatest for FPS players who want forearm based control but also good for people who only need to stay away from the annoyance of moving from mouse pad to background to frequently.

What is the ideal razer mouse pad?

Razer has created a razer gaming mouse pad with all the legendary Razer Chroma RGB lighting, wireless charging, unparalleled comfort, and great design. The catch? It is REALLY expensive. If you want the best absolutely suggest the Razer Firefly but bear in mind that you’ll need a wireless mouse to make the most of the wireless charging attributes. Our item lists the Razer Mamba as well because you save cash when bundling it up and get a wonderful world-class gaming mouse.

Which size mouse pad is the best for gaming?

The ideal size mouse pad for gaming is subjective but you will want something flexible, long-lasting, and comfortable. The cheap but exceptionally great SteelSeries mouse pad is a great starting point for those experimenting with gambling mouse pads. The classic sense with a medium size will barely dent the bank account but gives you a pretty good sense for what gaming mouse pads would be like.

Does not inadequate mouse support trigger Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Based on several studies and medical professionals, CTS is often idiopathic and 90% of cases aren’t able to be clarified or linked to some direct triggers. We didn’t incorporate any mouse pads with a wrist rest attachment since the jury is out on whether or not they actually make a difference. We do think people that have wrist pain must see a medical specialist and choose the suitable advice but in general, mouse pads are not realistically the issue or solution to CTS.