How to Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Living Room

The living room is a place where you meet your friends and spend evenings with family. Therefore, it should look as best as it could only be. Wall decoration is your true helper in this matter. Artworks can transform a dull space into a chic stylish place to hang out or simply rest.

Dozens of wall hanging make it difficult to decide which would suit an interior the best. Different themes and color schemes complicate the process of home styling, even though it should be easy and fun.

In this article, we are going to give several tips on how to pick a wall decoration that not only appeals to you but radiates the vibe you enjoy and sets the mood you’d be energized with.


The first rule while styling your house is to follow the senses and get surrounded by the things you genuinely enjoy. Interior that is made up only of trendy decor and furniture is cold and has no soul. But getting a few specialties of yours can set a welcoming and warming atmosphere in a living room. That way you are adding your personal touch.

Art has to evoke positive and pleasant reactions. Make sure you pick a piece that raises certain emotions in your heart. Whether it is happiness, joy, or calmness.



The wall hanging can simply increase the beauty of your living room. With the help of bold artwork, you can show your personal taste and express yourself. With visually aesthetic decor you can make a place comfortable for you and your guests.

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There are several main themes that homeowners like to complement their places with:

  • adventures and personal experience. A canvas that features the world map with the places you have visited and those you’d like to explore would motivate you every day. You can create a cool gallery wall featuring photographs and happy life moments.
  • nature and animals. What can be more calming than the greenery of the forest and the purity of the blue sky? If your main aim is to create a tranquil space to escape from the everyday routine, this is a perfect choice. Wall art that depicts landscapes and the beauty of nature transforms the living room into a lounge where you can sit and relax.
  • contemporary artworks. Modern pieces challenging the world – bold and vibrant, is the best choice for a living room interior styling. From reproductions of famous artworks to creative graffiti on canvas, cityscapes showing the greatness of night megalopolises, and abstract works – each of them is created to please an eye.

Of course, there are many more cool decorative solutions for home. At TexelPrintArt you will find dozens of quality canvases and a special offer for all clients. You can get your wall decoration personalized and changed according to your interior and needs.



Always consider the size of your living room and the art you want to complement the interior with. A small piece of canvas hanging on a huge blank wall, no matter how expensive or unique it is, may break the overall look. You do not want that to ruin your interior!

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Large-scaled wall decoration is always a great idea for spacious rooms. It adds color and a focal point, brightens, and livens up the atmosphere. Multi-panel composition is another bright solution for a big living room. Four or five pieces making up the vivid picture will attract your guests’ attention.

For a small space, it is better to go with medium, small or mini wall hangings and limit the number of pieces. A framed artwork would look elegant and appealing. Simplicity is always a winning choice.


Color combination is one of the most important things in creating a desired balance and setting the mood. If you want your living room to be more lively and bright, pay attention to radiant colors and tones. Wall decoration in monochrome, black and white tones, would set a minimalist look. Such an artwork would not overwhelm the space with extra colors but makes a nice addition to the interior.

Colorful wall decor is a perfect thing to use if your walls are neutral. In such a way, there would be a contrast, a wow effect is easily achieved. Bring boldness and make your living room unusual.

For a calming look, use neutral colors, a palette that complements the dominant color in your room. Consult a color wheel to pick the best matching tones and hues.



It happens sometimes. You stare at a blank wall and wish it would be more appealing. Why only wish? You can revive the atmosphere of your living room in several minutes by just hanging a wall decoration you adore. Here are some tips you could use while picking up a space for your beloved decor.

  1. Most obvious – a bare wall. This is a blank canvas for your projects. Make a gallery wall composition, hang an oversized artwork, or multi-panels. Do not forget about the proportions of your room and the artwork itself.
  2. Sofa or stand. Classic yet tricky space for hanging decor. The width of the art shouldn’t be bigger than the width of the sofa. Bear in mind to keep at least 15 cm between any furniture’s surface and the bottom of your wall art.
  3. Fireplace. A traditional way to create a focal point and diversify the interior. You can lean a canvas to a wall, not hang. It would create an easy and relaxed vibe. Art, once framed, could add an elegant touch.
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These were the main tips that can help you navigate in the sea of cool canvases and prints. But the most important thing is for you to follow the heart and hang the art you genuinely love. The home styling process should be fun and inspiring. Only you have to decide on the theme, color, and size of wall decoration to hang in your living room. Let it be fantastic.