Best Gaming Mouse Under $20

7 Best Gaming Mouse Under $20 – 2024 Buying Guide

Get started with the best gaming mouse under $20. Picture this scenario: you’re sitting down prepared for the greatest gaming marathon, and the only bump in the road you’re encountering is that the inaccuracy of your cheap gaming mouse.

The stark reality is that consoles like PlayStation or Xbox include ergonomic controllers that are bound to make games much more immersive. What can you do to gain from fast movements, especially vital for MMO games such as Dota2 or League of Legends?

After a bit of researching, we have developed five best gaming mouse under $20 that may help summit your gameplay performance and comfort levels as well. The best part about those products is that their budget-friendly price –particularly considering they’re an investment that any seasoned gamer will want to make.

When you consider gaming, the very first thing that comes to your mind for a gamer is your fantastic grip and palm resting place of the mouse you want. Wrist and palm restlessness is quite common among those who have normal use of gaming and for work. This restlessness is brought on by placing your hand on the mouse for hours leading to nerve stress and wrist or hand pains.

Grip is another element that has to be analyzed before you pick the best gaming apparatus for yourself. You are very likely to enjoy gaming once the grip of this gadget is strong.

Hence, if you want your gaming to proceed smoothly then you need to choose the best gadget depending on your hand traction on it and how soft in touch it is. Gamers understand the real significance of gaming mice and also how it is essential as a gaming accessory by using their PC.

At times, people are inclined to confuse between a regular mouse and gaming mice. So we see a great deal of folks using gaming mice connected with their laptops for work (it’s solely their own choice) since they’re far more comfortable and reveal the best connectivity. Here we view how gaming mice are really different from ordinary mice.

Lighting effects, effervescent effects and black shapes would be the famous features of almost any best gaming mouse compared to the basic gadgets.

In addition, the additional specification gamers look for is the budget and whether the price goes together with the quality of the mice or not. We do have a very long list of best gaming mice but the budget matters a whole lot. Although, expensive mice are mostly great but a gamer should look at the demand of their game and choose a mouse-based on it.

Finding The Best Gaming Mice Under $20

So, if you would like to enjoy a comfortable and joyful time of gaming and so are looking for only the best, then as a gamer you appear for the most suitable and suitable gaming gadget which too under only 20 bucks. Most of the times, gamers change their mouses in line with the need of their game.

Here you go with the listing of the absolute best gaming mice for almost any notebook or MAC, purchasable under 20 bucks only!

1. Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Best Affordable Gaming Mouse Under 20

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Wired


A red hot color is sure to catch the attention of every customer. This is why the Redragon M601 is a fan favorite gaming mouse. The reddish color is super bright and instantly captures one’s attention. If you are among those people who prefer to stick to a strict budget, then this mouse is the best alternative for you. Not only can it be light on the pocket but also has an extremely stylish design.

Moreover, it’s designed in a highly clever manner. This gaming mouse has an ergonomic design. This ensures that it functions in an efficient manner and the clients stay satisfied. The ergonomic layout is the main reason for your highest comfort while using the mouse.

Before buying the ideal gaming mouse on your own, one has to consider two of the most crucial things. One is your hand grip while the other is the DPI. If the handgrip is not comfortable then it can lead to undesirable wrist aches. Most people have hands traction. Therefore, you have to understand what sort of grip you have before purchasing the mouse.

In addition, this gaming mouse has a DPI of 3200. The minimal DPI that a mouse needs to have should be of 150. Thus, this one is actually good. The DPI ensures maximum accuracy. The LED lights add to the cool design of the gaming mouse.

Another intriguing feature is reliable and strong Teflon feet. These toes are highly smooth to make sure a fantastic gaming control. Moreover, it has on the fly DPI adjustment. In addition, it also has a grip enhanced wheel to scroll the page down and up. This scroll wheel acts as a brief cut to easily scroll the page down and up.

Furthermore, the ergonomic buttons present guarantee that you are ready to play your game in a smooth and uninterrupted way. This gaming mouse has a ten million click durability. This feature is quite unique and makes the mouse one of its type of gaming gadgets. The mouse clicks are soft and don’t make a great deal of noise that leads to disturbance.

A fantastic thing is that this gaming mouse comes with a burden pruning pair and Teflon feet with reduced friction. These features make this the best gaming mouse on the market.

  • Comes with a weight tuning set (8 piece)
  • Has 5 memory profiles
  • Has 5 programmable buttons
  • Ergonomic design ensures efficiency
  • Smooth Teflon feet
  • Highly durable
  • Some gaming mice have a greater DPI


Best Wired Gaming Mouse With 4 Adjustable DPI Under 20



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Are you a huge fan of playing online games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty? Will you need the best gaming mouse on your own? You’ve come to the ideal place. We have everything figured out for you. If you have a strict budget to follow along, then this is the perfect option for you. In only $9, this gaming mouse includes a fairly higher DPI.

A high DPI means that the mouse resolution is excellent. This doesn’t signify a clearer picture on the screen but a high DPI guarantees more exact control over the cursor. Now you can point the cursor in an accurate manner. This means that you can accomplish your goal at a more clear and precise manner.

An intriguing feature is that the gaming mouse comes with four adjustable DPI levels. Therefore, now in the event that you want a high DPI, you are able to do that by adjusting the levels with this gaming mouse. This is a very fantastic deal in only nine dollars. There aren’t a lot of devices out there that offer the best quality in such a minimal price.

In addition, the ergonomic design makes it one of the best gaming mice. This design guarantees that the mouse functions in a highly efficient method. In this manner, you also have great control over the cursor. This feature is just one of the best ones in the gaming mouse.

It’s important for a gaming device to possess the perfect fit. This ensures that you’re comfortable when you play games for extended hours. This type of layout is especially best for hardcore players who play for long hours. Extended hours in front of a computer screen can be quite exhausting and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best gaming devices which ensure your ease and comfort. Now you can sit and play for long hours without any discomfort. Bid farewell to cramps and unwanted wrist pains.

The best part is that it’s highly user friendly and you don’t require any excess software in order to install it. The installation process is quite simple and simple. All you need to do is plug in and play. The simple fact it is appropriate will all sorts of laptops, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and every sort of windows makes it among the best gaming mice.

It comes with a USB interface that is best for connectivity. Moreover, the 6 buttons for programming ensure the best gaming result for the consumers.

  • Comes with colorful LED lights
  • Best ergonomic design
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Efficient gaming gadget
  • Highly user friendly
  • Plug and play feature
  • DPI could be more
  • Some people have issues with the DPI

3. UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse Rechargeable

Best Rechargeable gaming Mouses for a Computer Under 20

UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse Rechargeable


The Editor has reviewed and picked this mouse among other mouses since the best gaming gadget under 20 bucks. Considering the comfort and pleasure that comes along with this gaming mouse can also be important for any gamer out there.

As we see it costs us under just $20, it will have the best quality and features to attract the gaming audience.

Coming towards the best technical features and designs brought up in this specific gaming apparatus, you will find 6 programmable buttons present on it. These 6 buttons assist in multi-tasking, such as you are able to assign one command to one button and then use it later when you want it on urgent basis.

This is beneficial while gaming because sometimes, gamers need to operate a function in only milliseconds. A good illustration of it is of that it’s possible to function Digital Ink while operating PowerPoint, once you are in a game you are able to utilize a macro along with also a Magnifier could also be used if you’re using any other program.

Adding to it, its ergonomic structure and comfort layout brings more joy while utilizing a gaming mouse. Thus, which makes it among the best gaming mice. When it comes to the performance of this device, it is fairly different intellectually concerning gaming. Dpi is very important in a gadget.

The moving speed of the mouse can also be controlled simply by clicking on the dpi button. Movement of the mouse or rate is of high value and needs to be the best for gaming because too quickly or too slow speed will affect their gaming functionality.

Well, we have discussed earlier this device is a wireless and a rechargeable one. This implies that it is made up of a battery that’s rechargeable. Another benefit of attracted with this mouse is that the battery doesn’t have to recharge every time. Whenever you quit using it, it automatically goes to sleeping mode. So, your billing does not go to waste. This really is the best attribute.

This mouse would be the best because it doesn’t only have great functions but good looks too. It catches the attention of most gaming people due to the amazing and best layout also. It is wireless so it’s an off and on the button at the back. To bring and decide on a gaming environment, Uhuru wireless rechargeable understands the best way to its occupation. The 7 colors of LED lighting inside this gaming device are among the best things of the mouse in comparison to other mice.

Compatibility is another factor that requires an advantage over other gaming mouses. This gaming mouse can be used with almost all gaming devices, like all Windows, Mac and Linux etc. it may be connected with any brand of laptops, PC, Notebooktablets, etc. This is the most beneficial factor of this gaming mouse.

  • Best wireless rechargeable gaming device
  • Do not have to charge again and again because it automatically goes to sleeping mode
  • Movement of the gaming mouse can be handled through dpi button
  • Dpi ensures precision
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • There is no button to switch off lights on the gaming mouse (it is battery consuming)
  • There is no up down button for dpi, it keeps on scrolling

4. VersionTECH Gaming Mouse

Best Ergonomic USB Wired Optical Mouse under 20

VersionTECH Gaming Mouse


Want compatibility with almost any computer, laptops, or PC with all the programmable buttons under one shelter but something that is not as heavy on the pocket? Looking for some best up options? Version (Tech RGB gaming mouse) is the best alternative for you. Yes, you heard it right. This gaming device is just one of the best mouses in the gaming industry.

This mouse is ergonomically designed for gamers to experience their gaming in the best way possible. The USB wired optical mouse is composed of 7 different LED colors used at the back. For work and game intention, the day consists of 4 different settings. In order to switch off the LED lights, you may just click on the forward and backward buttons with the dpi.

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However, this gaming gadget is not just useful for players but for carrying out other works too. Daily activities and gaming actions, both may be fulfilled by this gaming device.

Now, as we concentrate on the beautifully designed features such as the CPI buttons that have a scrolling wheel so sleek that automatically brings comfort and pleasure. This gaming mouse, compared with other gaming mice (also Uhuru), is quite light in weight reduction.

Precision and comfort are provided to you at your hands when you are gaming. The growing happenings of this best gaming mouse are its powerful grip and the fantastic thrill that comes along with it. The user-friendly and work-efficient design and form of the gaming mouse, combined with the scrolling wheel that is covered with rubber provides you comfort. Therefore, you merely enjoy using this gaming mouse. Casual PC gamers find this wired gaming mouse as one of the perfect and best options to attach to their laptops.

There’s not any requirement for the installation of software and drivers since it has proved to be one of the easiest and fastest to use. Many of the features are integrated; 6 programmable buttons designed properly that have an adjustable top scrolling wheel which aids in processing properly. Budget, as we spoke before, is also very important to see if the material and design are worth the price of a specific gaming mouse. You’ll find this gaming mouse at the least expensive cost i.e. under $10 only.

Just like Uhuru wireless gaming mouse, this mouse is also compatible with nearly all gaming devices such as laptops, laptops, PC and MAC. Multi-grade dpi, wired gaming mouse, everything is functioning individually.

A significant difference of this gaming mouse with different mice listed is that it does not have backward and forward buttons not accessible especially for methods of OS.

  • Compatibility with almost every gaming device, laptops or PC’s
  • It is a USB wired optical gaming mouse
  • Backlights have 7 different colors
  • Has 4 types of settings for dpi
  • Dpi makes the gadget precise
  • This gaming mouse is not wireless
  • Backward and forward buttons are not available for OS systems on this gaming device


Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under 20



Are you looking for a modern gaming mouse? The VEGCOO C9s is a gaming mouse using highly developed technological features. Nowadays, everybody wants to work at a quiet and serene atmosphere. Thus, in order to avoid this, the VEGCOO C9 gaming mouse is the best alternative for you. This gaming gadget has a silent clicking feature, which allows you to work in a peaceful environment.

The noiseless pair of right and left keys make it the best gaming mouse for working at night. You don’t want to disturb those on your house or at the workplace together with the constant clicking of the mouse. Thus this silent feature makes it rather unique and one of a kind gaming apparatus.

In addition, the layout is also super chic and trendy. It is has a bug shape and is wireless. The wireless feature is truly terrific. Now, you no longer have to think about the hassle of tangled wires. All you have to do is control and join it and you’ll be ready to play. In today’s modern instances, wireless gadgets are quite popular. The VEGCOO C9 was created in a very comfortable manner which makes it the best gaming device.

Its design ensures that you are in a position to use the gaming mouse in a comfortable way. The best feature is that it may be used by everyone. Whether you are left or right-handed, you can easily use this mouse without any stress. Additionally the comfort you experience while using this really is unlike any other mouse. With this particular gaming mouse, you can easily sit and work for long hours with no unnecessary wrist or hand aches.

One other best feature is its incredible battery life. All you need to do is control it once and the gadget is very good to go for another thirty days. That is great as you do not have to constantly charge it. In addition, you don’t have to think about your connections dropping mid-game due to low charging.

The extended battery life ensures that the gaming mouse may be used for hours on end without its battery dying. Thus, this device is extremely dependable as it won’t stop mid-game and you may do your work without undesirable interruptions.

This gaming mouse includes a few other great features too. It’s three DPIs that could be altered based on one’s requirements. The DPI is around 2400 for your gadgets such as laptops, PC, and Mac Book. This means that you have good control over the cursor during your game. Even though there are several other gaming mice that have a far better DPI, this one is the best option too. You are not merely getting a wireless device but also an accurate tracking system around under $20. What more does one want?

  • Comes with trendy LED lights
  • Silent mouse clicking
  • Comfortable design
  • DPI is a little low compared to other mice
  • Some people believe that battery life could be more


Best Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse under 20 dollar



Durability is the trick to any best gaming mouse. You do not want a device that’s not hardy or comfortable to use. Long hours holding a gaming mouse can be very tiring. For one, you’re tired and your back hurts and second, your palms are sweaty as a result of mouse.

In order to avoid this undesirable fatty situation, you need to get the TENMOS T85. It’s among the best gaming devices that you can get at an inexpensive rate. Furthermore, this gaming mouse guarantees your palms are not fatty after long hours of playing a match.

This is unique and one of a type mouse. It is dirt proof, sweat proof and is able to withstand fingerprint stains. What more evidence do you need that this gaming gadget is just one of the best ones out there on the industry? This really is the best device for comfy and day use.

1 interesting feature is the battery is rechargeable. Now you do not have to worry about constantly replacing the battery. Matters have been made easy for you. All you have to do is plug it in and let it charge.

The auto sleeping mode and 2.4G wireless technologies are a couple of the best features in a gaming apparatus this affordable. This means that if the gaming apparatus is not is usage, then it will automatically go to sleep mode. Next, even the LED lights will shut down automatically. Furthermore, it includes a quiet clicking attribute that is best for when you’re gaming late at night. This ensures you do not disturb the people around you using the loud clicking.

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Furthermore, this gaming device has a steady wireless connection which ensures uninterrupted connectivity. This usually means you could play for long hours with no interruptions. In addition to these best features, the rate of the mouse can also be adjusted. It’s a DPI that may be adjusted up to three levels and also has six buttons that are programmable. This makes this gaming device one of the best gadgets to purchase when you’re focused on a budget.

What’s more, it is suitable for all your operating systems and computer apparatus. Moreover, this gaming device is also available in many distinct colors. Among the best things about this gaming device is the array of colors it comes in. This gives the customers a great deal of alternatives to get from. Thus making it among the best affordable gaming mice.

  • Has an automatic sleeping mode
  • Wireless connection of 2.4GHz make it the best
  • Silent clicking
  • Non-slippery
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Built in batteries can damage in hot weather

7. Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic LED Backlit USB Gamer Mice

Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse


Another exciting product designed from the Ajazz brand is that the Ajazz Watcher RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse. Featuring a similarly appealing design as the previously mentioned gaming mouse, the Jazz Watcher includes a moderate size and weight –making it an excellent option for extended gameplay or for gamers who are prone to possible wrist injuries.

With over 16.8 million colors, users can take advantage of the 4-level DPI choices effective at bringing more speed and life to each of your gaming experiences.

Comparable to the Ajazz’s Knight version, the Watcher doesn’t require any additional software or programs to function, making it effortless to use even for entry-level players that aren’t complex or know about higher-end versions. In general, reviewers are delighted with this item and its ability to supply high quality and dependable performance –along with the smart and one of a kind design that makes it a gaming mouse which stands out from its competitors.

  • Available in 3 colors (star white, star black, and black)
  • Medium size –suitable for a vast array of player needs
  • Seven useful button and adjustable DPI
  • Broad compatibility with multiple Windows systems
  • RGB LED backlights
  • Limited Customization options available

How to Buy Best Gaming Mouses Under 20 Dollars

It was a detailed review with respect to a branded gaming mice however the very affordable budget range. Most probably, the most critical issue in the range of best gaming mouses under $20 is its own DPI levels. More DPI amounts will lead to more precision whilst gaming.

Reduced DPI levels are useable too but aren’t of so much importance. It’s simply because many games such as Call of Duty, SIMS 4, Fortnite and PUBG require high resolutions such as playing with. So these kinds of games require greater levels of DPI degrees.

Next, the most important issue is, your hand is set on mouse switches for long hours while enjoying. So it needs a mouse that is more resistant towards friction, sweating and greasy levels. Thus, in my review, keeping in mind these problems, I recommended some under cheap gaming mouses under 20 but with the latest features.

DPI or Dots per inchLaser vs. Optical SensorErgonomics and Customization

DPI, otherwise known as dots per inch, is the phrase used to measure the resolution of a mouse. For example, if your mouse has 1300 DPI, then that means that the item is capable of moving at 1300 pixels. Whereas it is true that as a general rule of thumb greater DPI means more precision and quicker speed, this isn’t necessarily the situation. What it does mean, however, is the DPI will determine the sensitivity of your mouse –fastly moving a considerable distance throughout the screen.
The fantastic thing is that lots of mice manufactured now offer gamers the opportunity to play about and correct the DPI setting of every mouse. This feature means that you can choose between rapid or slow-moving DPI, depending on how much velocity or precision you need for a particular match or another.

If you aren’t keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to gaming mice, then you may not have heard of laser products. To start with, it’s important to be aware that the laser part is still an optical detector. Nevertheless, the laser feature makes the mouse more prone to high sensitivity when it comes to mouse pads meaning that a deeper surface is going to be picked up by the sensor, which may sometimes result in a poorer performance compared to optical mice.

As mentioned before, there is not any such thing as one-size-fits-all. In reality, research into ergonomics has shown our body is more efficient in doing the identical activity over and over again when comfort is involved –further reducing the risk or injuries like carpal tunnel or RSI (repetitive strain injuries). To put it differently, you’ll need to find a mouse that works in harmony with the natural and natural flow of your body, particularly thinking about the number of hours you may put into using it for gaming purposes.

By way of instance, higher-end gaming mice comprise detachable weights that you can fiddle with, based upon your preferences. Other products feature a plethora of side buttons mainly created for the multitasking needs of MMO games –being able to program quick weapon choice and other items. Many of these mice are present in professional tournaments of games such as DOTA 2 or LOL.


Gamers are well-aware that gaming mice are specially developed for version player genres, including FPS, RPG, MMO, RTS, and others. It’s also not surprising to hear that if companies market their products, they will claim that one mouse is much better than the other in helping you achieve greater game functionality.

Nonetheless, together with the best gaming mouse under $20 that can easily be discredited, particularly considering that different players have different grip styles and may be accustomed to one particular style over the other.

And thus the big secret about gaming mice is the fact that there is not one kind that you ought to pick for your gaming style, but rather what seems comfortable for you. This ergonomic quality is the one that will give you an edge over your competitors.

You can also check some other gaming mice in the same price range available on the market right now: