How to Stage Your Home On A Shoestring Budget

You don’t only spend money when you buy a home. In fact, you also need to invest in sprucing up your home if you want to sell your property fast. Thankfully, you can rely on digital staging to make your house look more inviting for a buyer. You can look up Bella Staging to see how modern couches and well-placed decors can make a room pop. And no, you cannot skip this part because presentation matters if you want to make a quick sale.

Besides, studies show that staged homes sell 95% faster than non-staged ones. More importantly, you can command a higher selling price. Thus, spending a little bit of money to artfully decorate your property for selling serves as a great investment. But fret not; even if money is tight, you can still stage your home beautifully without breaking the bank. From borrowing key items to using software, you can do it within budget. Here are tips and tricks to help you do the staging tastefully with limited funds.

Remove All the Clutter in Your Home

The number one tip that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is decluttering. Before you begin traditional or digital staging, you must declutter. Clutter eats home value and equity. When it looks chaotic, it doesn’t look appealing at all.

Besides, buyers will assume you don’t have space for your stuff, so neither will they. As a result, they veer away or give a lowball offer. Besides, you cannot truly stage your space until you remove all the mess in your tables, counters, floors, etc. Remember, this power move will not cost you anything, but it is the best thing you can do for your place.

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To help you out, you can:

  • Sort stuff and donate them
  • Purge out non-essentials
  • Make money on items that are easy to sell
  • Pack things in boxes and store them to jump-start your move


Ensure Your House is Professional-Level Squeaky Clean

Most agents recommend doing a professional-deep cleaning for the property, whether traditional or digital staging. After all, your hard work in sprucing up the kitchen will be for naught if your home looks grimy and dusty. Homebuyers are quite finicky, so they readily notice layers of dust and even cobwebs. But if you cannot afford the pros, you can cut costs by:

  • Making your DIY cleaning agents
  • Doing a thorough cleanse yourself
  • Renting a professional wet and steam vac


Foster Excellent Curbside Appeal with Affordable Items

Today’s market scouts listings online, so traditional and digital staging must go hand-in-hand. Thus, you need beautiful digital pictures that catch your attention. It will be the determinant if they reach out to you. Usually, buyers will drive past your home before they reach out to you. For this reason, you must create an inviting look that beckons people to come. To help you with this, you can try the following:

  • Perform basic lawn care by mowing, trimming hedges, and adding mulch.
  • Soften tough-looking outdoor areas by throwing a simple rug on your patio.
  • Make the outdoors well-lit with affordable LED string lights or solar lights to line the walkway.

Rearrange Your Furniture Pieces For a Seamless Flow

Part of traditional and digital staging includes ensuring the paths around the home are free. You want a seamless flow of traffic, whether it is coming through your front door or walking around the different areas of the house. To get things right, you must:

  • More furniture around and remove those that don’t serve a purpose
  • Allot 30 to 48 inches of space for high-traffic areas
  • Provide 24 inches for low-traffic ones
  • Ensure you measure from the back of chairs when they are pulled out
  • Ascertain the couch and coffee table have 18 inches of space to fit the knees
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Go Shopping In Your Own Stock Room

Before you start shopping for accent pieces to stage your place, take an inventory of what you have. This will help you even if you intend to do digital staging because you can take better photos before fixing it up with software. Then, when you shop in your closet, you don’t have to spend an extra dime. For example, you can do the following:

  • Swap ugly towels and use the nice ones from your linen closet
  • Display a cookbook in a book holder in your kitchen for a more personal touch.
  • Spruce up utility places by keeping them neat with baskets and putting detergents in decorative containers from your pantry.
  • Use the nicest china and glassware from your cabinet, then fill them up with fruits.


Incorporate New But Affordable Accent Pieces

When mixing traditional and digital staging on a budget, you must also invest in a few accent pieces. This will make your home look more inviting when potential buyers come for an open house. Thankfully, you will find many cheap but classy items online. You can even borrow them from family members if you truly want to save them. Check out these affordable items that help you make a great impression:

  • Utilize luxurious bottles of hand soap for added flair and style.
  • Add fresh flowers throughout the house (buy cheap at the grocery or pick from your garden).
  • Use a new shower curtain for a quick pick me up.
  • Add indoor plants from your garden because greenery is calming for the eyes.
  • Put up pretty tea towels in your kitchen for a fun pop of color.
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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint Before Showing Off the House

Digital staging will make your home look beautiful using innovative software. However, you must make sure the buyers don’t get disappointed when they see the actual house. Doing a DIY fresh coat of paint to the most used rooms will help. You should also do this for rooms that have a very distracting color. It would help to stick with a neutral shade like beige as it matches everything. Once you’ve got a neutral backdrop, you can use affordable textiles to add personality. For example, you can use:

  • Throw pillows
  • Small accent rugs
  • Mirrors
  • Parting Words on Digital Staging


Finally, another cheap trick includes revamping big-ticket items. Of course, you want to save money when you are all set to move. But this doesn’t mean you have to make do with old stuff. Instead, you can refresh existing items. For example, you can add a slipcover to your couch, put on new cushion covers, or slip on a new duvet. Remember, think things through from the eyes of a typical buyer to make your house truly sellable.