Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

12 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos – 2024 Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo which you can depend on for browsing, working and gaming? Wireless keyboards and mice are extremely portable and versatile, making them a great option if you’re a person who travels a lot or simply enjoys more maneuverability and cleaner desk area.

A wireless mouse and keyboard combo is also a great alternative for players who already have a gaming control and only require a mouse and computer keyboard for the basics. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive and simple or advanced and fashionable, there are plenty of options for buying wireless keyboard and mouse combo which satisfies your requirements.

Choosing the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Having the best wireless keyboard and mouse can make your computing life a great deal more convenient, portable and pleasurable. However, you want to make sure that you’re investing in a keyboard that addresses your preferences for battery life, connectivity along with personal comfort. Here are some things to Think about, especially if You Would like to find wireless mouse and keyboard for gaming:

Key FeaturesMouse TypeBattery LifeKeyboard Shape and Design

Many keyboards come with a range of programmable hotkeys so you can assign certain buttons to open frequently used apps in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, some keyboards additionally arrive with easy-access multimedia keys so it is possible to adjust volume, screen brightness and more without needing to interrupt what you are doing on the monitor.

Most of the finest wireless mice have rubberized or textured grips with a contoured, ambidextrous design so you can easily and comfortably use the mouse for long periods of time. Others might just be suitable for right-handers, so be sure to look out for mouse design when this is an issue. Also, take some time to take into account the size of this mouse in regard to the size of the hand. Possessing a mouse that is too large or too little may have a large influence on your gameplay and comfort, so choose a mouse that fits you and your playstyle.

Most wireless keyboards and wireless mice are powered with AA or AAA batteries. Some may be rechargeable; there are some solar-powered choices that only need light to operate, so you don’t need to think about changing the batteries in any respect. Good wireless keyboards can usually run between 15 months and 3 years with a single pair of batteries. Top wireless mouse choices usually range between 8 months and 2 decades. It is important to note that this all depends on how much you use the mouse. If you plan on using your wireless mouse frequently for gambling, Make Certain to Pick the choices with the maximum battery life while also considering overall reliability.

Wireless keyboards come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, weights and designs. If you are more likely to wrist exhaustion or you are on the computer a great deal, look at choosing a wireless keyboard with a textured wrist rest and an ergonomic design. There are also plenty of options for simple, clean and slender keyboards for those that are looking to keep their workspace as clean as possible. If you are shopping for the best gaming keyboard that will keep you comfortable through hours of gaming, pick a powerfully constructed keyboard with integrated wrist rests.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Buy in 2019

Best wireless keyboards and mouse: Hand-tested reviews of Bluetooth and USB. Logitech MK540 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

1. Logitech MX900 and MX Master Mouse Combo

Worthy Upgrade over MX800

Logitech MX900


The new Logitech MX900 and MX Master Mouse Combo is the successor of the older MX800 and needless to say, it makes for a premium/high-performance wireless kit aimed to meet and surpass any normie’s expectations.

We are only kidding a little bit, but the truth is that the MX900 MX Master combo is built with performance/productivity in mind as well as the greatest standards, as we may say since we’re talking about Logitech, the granddaddy of PC peripherals.

The wireless keyboard features retro-illuminated laser-etched keys and a well-designed hands break. To connect it to your PC, you will need to use Logitech’s glorified unified receiver, and the power is provided by a built-in rechargeable battery; we must also mention that the keyboard is excellent for typing, attractive and relatively slim, i.e. it will match perfectly on any desk.

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The 1600 DPI sculptured laser mouse feels adequate on your hand, i.e. it’s ergonomically designed, and the scroll-wheel activity produces an exact and satisfying click.

2. AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Art of the Best Deal

AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Keyboard and Mouse Combo


If you’re looking for a bargain, the AmazonBasics brand comes to mind, and yes, this time we’ll urge you Amazon’s in-house made wireless keyboard and mouse combo, because, after all’s said and done, where in the world are you going to find a better deal?

So, the point is that: for just a little bit under twenty dollars, you’ll find a perfectly functional mouse and keyboard kit, wireless even, that is designed to get the work done with flying colours; nothing fancy, mind you, but a tool for enhancing one’s productivity at a very affordable price, and backed by one year guarantee from one of the world’s largest corporations.

So here is what you’ll get: a full-size keyboard using US layout, 20 shortcut keys along with a generic numpad. The mouse is comfortably contoured and includes textured rubber grips for better”handling in corners” (just kidding), in addition to the obligatory forwards and rear thumb buttons and a relatively smooth fast scrolling wheel.

Keep in mind that if you’ve got big hands, this mouse may not fit you perfectly, being quite small; about the bright side of the news, this keyboard/mouse combo simplifies your data together with 128-bit AES encryption, as long as you care about such things.

3. Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo With an Ergonomic Design

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550


In the event you require something extremely comfy contemplate Logitech MK550 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Its ergonomic wave design will just make you fall in love with it and its reasonable price will persuade you to purchase it instantly.

So, what’s so special about this wireless mouse and keyboard combo? It comes with an integrated palm rest which is a must for those who spend hours typing or gaming. You can even adjust the height of the keyboard as there are three distinct ways for its legs. This minimizes hand and wrist strains and as a result helps to maintain your health and mood.

Except for its convenient and comfortable layout this combo includes a precision-laser mouse to get true performance. Its countered sides and soft rubberized grips allow you to feel comfortable and allow you to enjoy its high response level. Be aware that this Logitech mouse can operate on various surfaces.

Logitech MK550 has a long-lasting battery. Its computer keyboard can work up to three decades and its mouse can be used up to 2 years. By the by, this combo is very simple to establish. Also as Microsoft 2000 it also secures your data together with 128-bit AES encryption.

4. Dell LP KM717 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

One of the Best Mouse and Keyboard Combos Out There

Dell LP KM717 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


There are lots of cheap mouse/keyboard combo out there, but this Dell LP KM717 Premier is definitely among the very best, and when compared with other”premium offerings” (read Logitech MX Master/900), it comes at a really attractive price point. To begin with our favourite, the computer keyboard is completely amazing for typists/programmers/coders/what are you.

If you are familiarized with notebook keyboards, you need to learn that this one is basically a notebook stuck inside a”desktop enclosure”, using a Bluetooth transceiver slapped around its face.

So, yeah, the keyboard is incredibly light and slender, with short travel keys and a pleasure to use for enthusiastic typists like yours truly. The mouse looks and feels fairly generic, but it’s decently constructed and ergonomic; nothing to write home about, actually, but it gets the work done with flying colours, provided that you don’t have unrealistic expectations out of this”Premier” combo. And yes, by that we do mean”not suited for gaming”.

5. Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Right-Hands

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo


This is yet another outstanding combo of wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech. As well as MK 5500 MK345 model has a reasonable price and comfortable use. Its full-sized keyboard provides quiet performance. There’s also a major palm rest to help you avoid wrist and hand pressure.

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As a result of this spill-resistant design this keyboard is not afraid of the tea or coffee drops. On the whole, it has a handy layout as it includes easy-access networking keys such as drama, mute and volume. Because of its battery lifetime, it reaches up to three years.

Though its mouse is not an ambidextrous one, it’s quite comfy for right-handed users. Its countered shape provides smooth and precise monitoring. The mouse battery life comprises 18 months. Logitech MK345 combo provides secure wireless connection inside 33ft and as a result quick data transmission.

6. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

Great Microsoft Combo With Quiet Keys

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900


Microsoft has one more great option for users looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Unlike the pre-cited Logitech MK345 it will suit every sort of user as it’s an ambidextrous design. On account of this high-grade 128-bit AES encryption, this combo is not just universal but also secure, which means you may not worry about the security and privacy of your data material.

A keyboard includes a slick and glossy design. Its keys are silent when you press themso you won’t get annoyed from the constant clicking noise when typing. Additionally, there are easy-access hotkeys to make it more convenient in use. In any case, the keyboard contains a few customizable buttons to get the most frequently used Windows features.

This Microsoft combo has a full-sized mouse which is comfortable to use for consumers who have different hand types and sizes. The battery life of this keyboard and mouse is just two years. Incidentally, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 includes a easy setup and provides dependable link within 30ft.

7. Logitech MK750

Best Solar-powered Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK750


Searching for something extraordinary? How about a solar keyboard from Logitech? Logitech MK750 is a combination of wireless solar keyboard and mouse. Its sleek and unusual design will draw your attention immediately.

The keyboard is powered by light, which means you don’t require any batteries for it. By the way, it doesn’t mean that this solar keyboard may function only through the sunny weather and once it’s rainy you want to acquire the other keyboard to operate on.

Actually, it works from any source of light and it’s not simply the sun that gives it power. The light source may keep the keyboard charged for up to three months. The keyboard has quiet strokes and concave keycaps for comfortable typing.

Regarding the mouse, it requires batteries but its battery life is long — three years. The laser mouse provides precise cursor control and hyper-fast scrolling. Note that it’s a plug-and-play combo that includes a unifying wireless receiver which connects a mouse and a keyboard. There’s also 128-bit AES data encryption. Note that this combo is more appropriate only for devices with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later operating systems.

8. FENIFOX DF67-SL Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

No-Nonsense Wireless Combo

FENIFOX DF67-SL Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Together with the FENIFOX DF67-SL, we’re getting back to the”normal world”, i.e. that really is a budget-oriented wireless mouse and keyboard combo aimed at users who only want to take the shortest road to productivity heaven. This combo stands out from the crowd because of a pompously named FENIFOX Double System Switching feature that allows you to, well, change the operating systems of this device by pressing Fn+Q and Fn+W combination keys, so they claim.

All jokes aside, this is a good combo for the cost, ergonomically designed and all that, and on top of that, it comes at a really attractive price point, which is kind of important if you’re searching for a no-nonsense kit to get the job finished.

9. Rii RKM709

Best Cheap Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Rii RKM709


Rii RKM709 is most likely among the cheapest wireless keyboard and mouse combos on our listing. Despite its low price, it has a set of options which make it one of the best combos you can find on today’s market for such a low price.

It provides stable 2.4GHz wireless signal within 33ft. Its plug-and-play merged nano receiver guarantees fast and effortless installation.

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Rii RKM709 can also be an extremely compatible combo since it supports most of popular devices in addition to operating systems such as not just Windows, Mac and Linux OS but also Raspberry, HTPC, IPTV, Google Android Smart TV Box, Amazon Fire TV stand as well as wise TV.

Furthermore, Rii RKM709 can boast of strong and durable construction which is usually not expected by customers for such a reduced cost. The keyboard is designed with hotkeys that may be customized if your device has Windows OS. Additionally, there are power/sleep and volume/mute keys on the top edge of the computer keyboard.

10. Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Style Meets Ergonomics

Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Finally, he’s a fashionable mouse/keyboard combo from Jelly Comb, wireless naturally, also, to make a long and boring story short and sweet, I need to mention that if you’re searching for superbly designed and very affordable equipment to squeeze the last ounce of productivity out of the own machine, well, you have just found it.

Everything works plug in and play, i.e. you will not need an IT level to generate the damn’ matters operate, the dongle gives a secure wireless connection by means of a nano-receiver that may connect the keyboard and the mouse (at precisely the exact same time, that is significant ) for a PC from up to 10 meters/30 feet, whereas the keyboard’s whisper-quiet functionality will continue to keep your colleagues/room-mates content.

The mouse includes 3 adjustable-on-the-fly DPI degrees and boasts a laser detector, which translates to smooth monitoring performance on almost any surface, but it lacks at the”ergonomics department”, being sort of horizontal for our preference. The point is, if you are searching for a fully operational, quiet and lightweight combo, this Jelly Comb merchandise has your name on it.

11. VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $20

VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


VicTsing wireless mouse and keyboard combo has an superb wireless signal within around 49.2feet and no dropouts. In any case, its battery life can be great and reaches around 15 months while the battery life of this mouse is much more striking and covers 24 weeks of frequent usage.

This ensures responsive and visual feedback in addition to smooth and convenient scanning. Both mouse and keyboard provide silent performance. This VicTsing wireless combo includes a unifying nano receiver that joins both apparatus. Furthermore, there’s not any need to receive extra software for its own setup.

12. Anker 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Good Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Anker 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


To get a more cost-conscious option, have a glance Anker 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Anker has made a name for itself with high-quality, inexpensive accessories. And this Windows-compatible combo continues that tradition.

Both the full-sized keyboard and mouse connect to a pc with a nano receiver that plugs into a USB port. It’s possible to use both around 26 feet away from your receiver. With an average use of two hours every day, you can opt for up to three months without needing to control the combo.

A battery status indicator on the keyboard will inform you when its time fee. The keyboard offers low-profile keys for comfortable and quiet typing, while the mouse involves a scroll wheel.

  • Very light on the pocket; not at all expensive
  • Keys of the keyboard do not make a lot of noise while typing
  • Mouse also clicks silently
  • Has a very practical design (compact)
  • Full-sized keyboard
  • Comes with a silicon protector to protect the keyboard from external damage
  • Does not support iOS
  • Is only compatible with the Windows operating system
  • Small battery life (only three months)


Whether you are a student in need of advantage, a gamer that wants a great deal of space or someone who prefers wireless products, there is plenty of choices when it comes to buying the very best wireless keyboard and mouse combo that is most acceptable for your budget and style.

However you spend your time on your computer, having a comfortable and practical computer keyboard and mouse is vital. If you are going wireless, picking wireless mouse and keyboard combo comes down to picking something that’s reliable, functional and value your investment!