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10 Best Ergonomic Mouse – 2024 Buying Guide With Full Reviews

“Ergonomic” is a word that manufacturers throw around loose and fast when advertising computer peripherals. In a market that can largely be defined by concrete and numerical specs, ergonomic occupies an ambiguous space. There is no certificate necessary to spot your mouse as ergonomic. Any fly by night company can plaster the word on their gear and improve its perceived value.

That means that locating the best ergonomic mice can be rough. Unless you enter the store and check it out for your self, you won’t understand how it actually feels, and the industry is overwhelmed with mice that have the designation tacked on. That’s why we’ve compiled these 12 goal ergonomic mouse reviews and made a manual to helping you find the best ergonomic mouse for your lifestyle.

So why an ergonomic mouse? Most people hardly give a second thought to the mouse that they use, preferring to focus their attentionand money- based on the latest graphics card, CPU, or even PC case. If you’re one of these folks, consider this- the computer mouse, besides the keyboard, is the only part of the computer you’re always in bodily contact with. As such, not giving it its due respect can have severe repercussions.

A good deal of individuals who spend copious amounts of time tinkering with their computers are complaining about pain in their wrists and palms. Many of them are also having back issues, but this isn’t the current topic.

The problems using CTS and tendonitis are for the most part because of repetitive tasks done all day while using a”normie” mouse. Hence today’s topic is all about the very best ergonomic mouse, i.e. a part of gear specially designed for people spending countless hours in their computers performing repetitive jobs. We all know, it seems sad and redundant, but that’s how life is.

Employing a well-designed ergonomic mouse will make all of the difference in the world in respect to both comfort and productivity, whether we’re talking about a wireless mouse or a wired variety. Obviously, if you would like to enhance the experience much more in terms of relaxation for your fingers and wrists, then it’s also wise to get yourself an ergonomic keyboard.

And speaking of ergonomics, a lot of people with CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) swear on vertical mice, but we’ll discuss that a bit later in the series, shortly after a short commercial break.

The Different Kinds of Ergonomic Mouse

If it comes to ergonomic mice, there is not 1 form variable that will fit everybody. The first step to picking out a comfortable mouse nonetheless is to know about your choices. In general there are four types of ergonomic mice currently out in the marketplace.

Ergonomic Horizontal Mouse

This is the most popular form factor by far, mainly because of users’ familiarity with the design. It comes with a contoured dome shape for relaxation, and uses either optical or laser to track motion. A horizontal mouse is possibly still the best alternative for productivity if that is the most important concern for you.

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

At a vertical mouse, the primary buttons are located on the side, with users supposing a”handshake” position to hold it. There is little to no twisting of the wrist, which might lower your chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is the corridor where the median nerves and tendons run through from the forearm into the hand, and constant twisting was connected to inducing CTS. A virtual mouse may take some time to get used nonetheless, with some people never becoming reaching the identical level of simplicity as a traditional mouse.

Trackball Mouse

Apart from needing less distance, trackball mouse also involves virtually no wrist or arm movements to operate, which may significantly lessen the odds of RSI related harms in those areas. A trackball mouse provides decent precision, though some users find general tasks such as cutting and pasting or drag/drop more difficult in comparison to other form factors.

Pen Mouse

To not be mistaken with a stylus, a pencil mouse is a regular mouse housed in a pencil form factor. This permits you to hold the mouse similarly to a pen or pencil, with hardly any wrist motions required to operate it. Some people with CTS and wrist problems who can’t operate a normal mouse have found a pencil mouse to be a viable alternative.

Joystick Mouse

A more radical form of the perpendicular mouse, a joystick mouse features a small but loyal following among people suffering from certain existing musculoskeletal difficulties. This includes people with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and arthritis. To operate the joystick, the user’s hand supposes that the cubicle”handshake” position, with the hand perfectly perpendicular to your desk. This results in no pronation of the wrist whatsoever. Precision appears to be an issue with this form factor for most people. The popular joystick mouse would be the 3M Optical Mouse.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Reviews for 2024

We’ve widely reviewed and compiled a listing of the best ergonomic mice for 2024 you should consider to lessen the odds of permanently damaging your system during the regular use of a regular mouse.

1. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

Best Overall Ergonomic Mouse for 2024

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse


The Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Mouse is our best pick for the best ergonomic mouse of 2019. Its innovative tilt feature, sculpted design and intelligently placed buttons make this the most comfortable horizontal mouse you have probably ever experienced.

What makes the Logitech ERGO punch outside to lead the pack? It is all at the adjustable hinge that lets you tilt the mouse up to 20 levels on its side for the most natural, comfortable place. This small change in angle may not look like much, but overtime it makes a massive difference for a great deal of people.

By minimizing any unnatural twists to your wrist as you use the mouse, you greatly reduce your chances of developing common ailments such as nerve pain, stiffness in the fingers and arms, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. No additional horizontal mouse we’ve reviewed so far has this feature.

We also love the sculptured look of this Logitech MX ERGO. It basically lets your hand completely break the mouse once in use, instead of clinging to it for the last hundred dollar bill. By conforming to your hand, the mouse eliminates the unconscious gripping and pressure on your fingers that gradually leads to nerve pain and other repetitive strain injuries. The soft rubber coating on the top of this MX ERGO is also a wonderful departure from the cold plastic found in other mice.

Logitech’s own study indicates a 20% decrease in muscular strain and effort utilizing the ERGO Wireless Mouse compared to other mice, and I am not surprised. As someone who experiences the occasional stiffness in the hand after a long day on the pc, I was shocked at just how rested my hand felt after a complete day together with the Logitech MX ERGO Advanced.

The mouse weighs just 5.7 oz, and the added bluetooth link (along with Logitech’s unifying receiver) for 2 different ways to wirelessly connect your mouse would be a welcomed addition for users that never appear to have enough USB ports to go around.

Another standout feature of the Logitech MX ERGO Trackball mouse is that the thumb controlled trackball. If you’ve never used a trackball before, it might take a while to get used to it, though from an ergonomic standpoint, it makes sense.

Instead of physically pushing the mouse across a surface to move the mouse cursor, a trackball reduces this strenuous action by allowing your thumb do the walking instead. By reducing the distance traveled and wrist motion involved, you greatly reduce your chances of wrist related pain and trauma as time passes.

All in all, the Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless is your very best bet for a comfortable mouse that masters the art of ergonomic layout. One of its greatest strengths, however, the trackball, may also be its shortcoming for you.

Some people simply will just never get used to a trackball, especially a small section of gamers or CAD users that are conditioned to move cartoons by physically moving the mouse. A trackball is also prune to sampling your last meal or snack binge, attracting grease and dirt that requires more cleaning than the average mouse for a smooth experience.

If you can keep your hands clean, however, the trackball is a durable component that translates into a mouse that should last you many years.

  • Innovative 20 degree tilt feature minimizes wrist bending when using mouse.
  • Sculpted shape supports most hands comfortably and allows it break the mouse instead of clenching to it.
  • Trackball for maneuvering cursor greatly reduces wrist and hand related movements that could lead to injury.
  • Both Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver connectivity with stellar battery life (rated 4 weeks normal use) on lithium battery.
  • Trackball needs more maintenance than regular mouse to clean
  • Maybe not everyone can get used to a trackball
  • Right hand users just

2. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Top Productivity Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse


The Logitech MX Master 2S is an ergonomic mouse designed with serious productivity in mind, and a striking design that’s apparently taken out of the pages of Star Trek.

Believe me when I tell you it is like magic when I drag the mouse between my large monitor that’s connected to the desktop, to my Macbook Pro laptop sitting next to it on my desk to control both at a whim. It is a massive productivity boost. One mouse, up to 3 computers. With the Logitech software installed on both devices, I can even copy and paste files, passwords, and any data between my desktop and laptop computers.

I constantly change between my desktop and Macbook, and its a godsend to be able to use one mouse on both devices seamlessly, as if it was simultaneously hooked up to both devices. And with the Logitech MX Master 2S in my Macbook has helped greatly reduce my hand and wrist strain.

Concerning design, the Logitech MX Master 2S features a large footprint and high profile, with a elevation peaking near 2.5 inches. This means that your hand will be completely supported regardless of size. The contoured layout and left thumb slot machine relaxes all five fingers as your hand sinks into it. We love the rubberized texture enclosing the thumb rest area that adds just the ideal amount of traction, not to mention superior texture.

Speaking of efficacy, the Mx Master comes with 5 buttons that are all programmable. Where the thumb rests you are going to find a back and forward button, plus an exceptional thumb wheel to easily scroll horizontally without physically moving the mouse left to right. For those who work with spreadsheets or Photoshop often, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Located at the top of the mouse is a similarity ingenious vertical scrollwheel that also reduces travel whenever possible. Its scroll mechanics automatically switches from ratchet to scroll depending on how fast you spin the wheel. Say you want to quickly scroll to the bottom of a lengthy record – a quick flick of the top scroll wheel is all you require, instead of putting your index finger on a grueling marathon series.

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We bestow the Logitech MX Master 2S using the very best ergonomic productivity mouse title, as it’s not merely ideally sculptured to lessen clenching and in turn combined pain, but designed to maximize your performance when working on everyday tasks.

The Logitech Flow technology is a feature anyone with more than one PC or laptop will come to appreciate greatly. The smart thumb and top scroll wheels takes a large bite out of the necessity to physically move the mouse around when performing certain common tasks, boosting your productivity.

And last but not least, the hand sculpted design and 4000 DPI resolution makes this mouse a dream to work with for everything from drag and drop, point and click, to gaming and CAD.

  • Magical Logitech Flow technologies to control up to 3 computers with one mouse
  • Excellent ergonomic design with a large and higher profile to cradle most hands
  • 5 programmable buttons, including a Innovative horizontal and vertical scroll wheels to reduce wrist movements and improve productivity.
  • Both Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver connectivity using stellar battery life (rated 70 days normal use) on lithium battery.
  • Poorly positioned and small back and forth buttons
  • Strictly for right handed users
  • Rather loud clicking sound

3. J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse

Best Overall Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse


If it comes to mouse ergonomics, the two main competing layouts are horizontal versus vertical mouse. We did a great deal of research in this subject, and it sounds even scientists cannot come to a consensus about which one is greater.

Make no mistake, however- for some individuals, a vertical mouse will feel more natural and comfortable to use over a lengthy period of time than a conventional one. For this category of mouse, we pick J-Tech vertical mouse as the hands down best ergonomic vertical mouse, not only for its excellent ergonomic design, but great usability and ultra affordable price point.

Supplanting our choice for the best vertical mouse of last year, the Anker 2.4gram Vertical Mouse, we locate the J-Tech mouse exceptional in just two ways. First is the overall larger profile of this mouse that makes the J-Tech a good deal more comfortable to use.

The J-Tech V628 is 5.8 inches tall and 4 inches deep, compared to Anker at 2.9 inch and 2.4 inches. The heavier profile makes the J-Tech a good deal easier to grip and rest your hands , compared to the Anker that feels like pinching at times. It doesn’t just cushions your wrist, but retains your wrist absolutely straight when operating the mouse. All these small details add up to make the J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse an extremely comfortable mouse to work with for hours on end.

On the right side of those J-Tech are two giant switches for left and right clicking, using a scroll wheel nestled between them both. On the left side you’ll find a conveniently located back and forth where your thumb rests to make cycling between webpages or files a breeze.

For all those of you that have not employed a vertical mouse, J-Tech’s design may seem radical, but this scientific form factor is meant to mimic a”handshake” in which there’s no unnatural twisting of the wrist to maintain.

The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome stems from pressure on the median nerve that runs out of your forearm all the way down to the hands. The”handshake” position essentially eliminates this strain derived from twisting your wrist and having your hands face downwards when holding a traditional mouse.

The mouse’s optical tracking is simply superb, and permits you to switch between 3 degrees of sensitivity- 600 / 1000 / 1600 DPI resolution- depending on the task at hand and personal preference. From an ergonomic perspective, some folks like to flip the DPI level down and use their entire arm to maneuver the mouse instead of the wrist to avoid putting too much strain on the prior.

A few things worth mentioning before you dive head first into the J-Tech Digital v628 Vertical mouse. Firstly, the mouse isn’t ambidextrous, making it only suitable for right handed people. Also, some people with small hands have complained that the mouse’s deep profile makes it hard to align all of the fingers with all the buttons while remaining in a comfortable position. Be aware of the potential shortcoming if that’s you.

Overall if you already suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or are searching for a radical departure from a traditional ergonomic mouse to see if that can further help with hand and wrist pain, we highly recommend the J-Tech Mouse, as it is simply the best designed vertical mouse at the most affordable price point we’ve seen.

Note that the J-Tech Digital V628 Mouse comes from either a wired and wireless version (using a nano receiver). The one we examined was wired.

  • Best in category vertical”handshake” design that prevents bending of the wrist that frequently leads to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Adjustable sensitivity- switch involving 600 / 1000 / 1600 DPI resolution
  • Both wired and wireless models available (review is for wired).
  • Really responsive Customer Support
  • Some customers report quality issues on arrival
  • Poor”back” and”forward” button placement can lead to accidental clicking.

4. HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Best Ergonomic Mouse for Laptops

HAVIT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse


The Havit is my favorite”compact” vertical mouse, with a smaller profile that goes with your laptop like carrots and peas.

Exactly how compact is your Havit Vertical Mouse? Its height is just 2.4 inches, compared to the J-Tech Digital V628 which comes in at over 5.8 inches tall. This makes the Havit the ideal mouse to throw into your backpack if you are heading to the coffee store, as well as your primary laptop mouse at home. Weighing just 102 grams, the mouse feels surprisingly premium, using a coated finish that’s awesome to the touch.

The Havit vertical mouse is wireless, connecting to a computer utilizing 2.4ghz frequency and a nano USB receiver you plug in to your computer’s regular USB port. As someone that frequently misplaces things, I love the storage compartment for the USB receiver if it’s not in use- it’s located inside the battery case protected by a cover.

Although it is bit of a hassle to remove the battery cover each opportunity to put away the receiver, then this eliminates any chances of losing the receiver, or just fumbling around your backtop to find it.

I spent over a week testing the Havit mouse, and in terms of comfort and ergonomics, overall this is one of the most comfortable mouse I have used. People with carpal tunnel syndrome or regular wrist pain as a result of non stop use of this laptop trackpad or traditional mouse will surely want to provide this Havit mouse a try.

Compared to my old laptop mouse where my palms are constantly clinched, with a significant gap between my palm and the mouse because of the flat profile, the Havit supports every part of my hand as I rest on it (see images ). The company invoices that this mouse as more suitable for people with moderate to large hands, though I have relatively small hands, and the mouse still fits like a glove. It’s only for right handed people however.

Let’s talk functionality now. The Havit mouse is relatively simple in that regard, unlike the Logitech MX Master 2s for example. Six buttons on the Havit Vertical Mouse allow you to perform all the standard tasks, such as back and forth when browsing.

The scroll wheel features ratchet scrolling to scroll through documents and webpages. The DPI switch is conveniently located at the top, letting you switch between 800/ 1200/ 1600dpi sensitivity.

Havit is a relatively new computer accessories company compared to heavy weights such as Logitech. Launched in 1998, its products have a youthful and cutting edge design to them that’s refreshing to see.

For those of you looking for a lower profile vertical mouse to go with your laptop or frequent travels, you would be hard pressed to find a better mouse than the Havit Ergonomic wireless mouse.

  • Compact and low profile for laptops or travel
  • Great ergonomic design that many people say helped with their RSI
  • Physical DPI Shifting buttons
  • Budget friendly, at less than $20
  • Potential quality issues, with mouse dying after a Couple of months for a Few
  • Needed 2 AAA batteries not included

5. Evoluent Vertical Mouse Regular Size

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis

Evoluent Vertical Mouse Regular Size


Evoluent is the original creator of this vertical mouse, and as such has more experience than any other company in coming up with designs that facilitate individuals with existing musculoskeletal ailments such as carpal tunnel or even tendinitis. In some ways this can even be considered as a medical mouse.

The Evoluent mouse features a sturdy base with a steep hand area that is sloped almost 90 degrees relative to the desk. This keeps your wrist in a completely, natural, untwisted position as you operate the mouse. A ideal lip at the bottom of the mouse supports your pinky finger therefore it never scrapes the desk.

So does such a radical design work for people with carpal tunnel and other RSI issues? Well, think about this: The Evoluent vertical mouse is the only mouse that has been approved for use by physical therapists at the health clinic at UC Berkeley.

Another feature of this Evoluent designed to ease operation of the mouse for those who have hand injuries is your adjustable optical sensor. A rocker conveniently located behind the main mouse buttons allow you to increase or decrease the speed of the mouse pointer on demand. People with CTS frequently will benefit from a sensitive mouse cursor that is much more pliable to jerky moves, and together with the Evoluent mouse, the cursor speed can be adjusted with ease.

As mentioned, the Evoluent can be seen as a medical mouse, together with many individuals experiencing CTS, tendonitis and RSI swearing from it. The price reflects this, as this is one of the priciest mouse on the list. The high-profile and radical design won’t suit everyone, but for that segment of people with hand injuries, this may just be the best mouse available for one to try first.

  • Only mouse approved for use by physical therapists at UC Berkeley
  • Convenient rocker to adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly
  • Particular right Eyebrow that cushions your pinky finger from scraping the desk
  • Expensive relative to additional mouse
  • Extended adjustment period for many people

6. MOJO Silent Bluetooth Vertical Mouse

Best Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse

MOJO Silent Bluetooth Vertical Mouse


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For those looking for a wireless ergonomic mouse that does not rely on any absurd USB receiver, the Mojo Vertical Mouse is among the best ones out there. It connects to your personal computer seamlessly using Bluetooth for a zero hassle encounter.

The Mojo Vertical Mouse comes with that familiar handshake design that minimizes any pronation of the wrist during usage. Many users have remarked their hand and wrist pain have gone away since switching into the Mojo mouse.

As mentioned, the Mojo mouse is based in your device’s bluetooth link to link wirelessly. This is primarily a computer mouse however- that the manufacturer has said the Mojo will NOT operate on many iPad, iPhone and other tablets. Two AAA batteries (which are contained by the way!) Give your Mojo around 6 weeks of usage before requiring a pit stop.

In terms of function and finish, the Mojo vertical mouse comes with the standard 6 buttons set up (2 primary buttons, scroll wheel, DPI switch, and back/forth buttons). The buttons are virtually silent when clicked, and making the Mojo great in shared office spaces. The end on the Mojo mouse is a sleek matt, which is wonderful to the touch and repels fingerprints.

To begin with, the two back/forth side buttons for web browsing don’t work with Mac computers by default, though that can be remedied via a 3rd party app (one user advocated the USB Overdrive app). Second, as mentioned, the Mojo mouse doesn’t work with most tablets, despite being a mouse. This is primarily a computer mouse.

The Mojo is one of the very best all around ergonomic bluetooth mouse in case you would like to use it together with your PC or laptop.

  • Contoured vertical Layout that many people credit for Assisting with their hand Accidents
  • Silent mouse buttons that are great in shared office spaces
  • Straightforward Bluetooth connectivity that does Not require a USB dongle to pair with computer
  • compatible with most tablets and phones such as iPad or iPhone

7. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse

Best Ergonomic Mouse for Small Hands

Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse


For people with small hands, finding a comfortable mouse can be complicated. A smaller mouse usually means smaller every thing, including the arch that supports the palm of the hand, making them a ton less ergonomic than their larger counterparts. Fortunately Jelly Comb does not have this shortcoming, resulting in one of the best ergonomic mouse on the market for small hands.

The Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse uses a vertical design that imitates a handshake, allowing smaller hands to wrap around the mouse completely without any twisting at the wrist. The mouse’s measurements are around 4″ long by 2.3″ wide by 2.7″ tall, giving it a span and thickness that carters well to anyone with modest to small hands. Many users on Amazon with these hand profiles have remarked on just how comfortable the mouse is compared to traditionally sized mice.

The mouse includes a traditional vertical scrollwheel on the very top, and back and forward page buttons located above the thumbrest. Clicking on the mouse requires very little effort, and is whisper quiet. We love the very low impact, high endurance design of their click mechanics, which Jelly Comb claims have been placed through stress tests of more than 5 thousand clicks. To put it differently, the mouse is built to last.

Another notable feature of the Jelly Comb vertical mouse is the 3 modes of DPI sensitivity (800 / 1200 /1600) that can be adjusted via a switch located at the tail end of this mouse. For people with small hands, being able to easily increase the mouse pointer’s sensitivity with a bit of a switch is especially helpful, permitting you to get from point A to point B on the screen a lot faster.

The Jelly Comb is wireless and operates on a single AA battery (not included). Instead of analog technologies, the mouse utilizes 2.4G wireless technologies to create that invisible connection. Simply plug in the supplied tiny wireless receiver into your PC or Mac’s USB interface, and off you go.

Some of you may decry the lack of a bluetooth connection, but the USB link is very stable, and works with any device with a USB jack, my aging Samsung laptop that doesn’t support . And when traveling, the very small recipient can actually be stowed away within a slot underneath the mouse, and it is a wonderful touch.

For those who have small hands that need an ergonomic and comfortable mouse, then the Jelly Comb is your best bet, using its compact vertical layout and dimensions that affirms your palm and fingers incredibly well.

  • Compact vertical design tailor-made for users Who Have modest to small hands
  • 3 adjustable DPI settings to easily change the mouse pointer sensitivity on the fly
  • Soft, low impact clicking mechanics tested for More than 5 million clicks
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Back and Forth page buttons don’t operate on the Mac
  • Single AA battery required not included.

8. UtechSmart Venus Precision Gaming Mouse

Best Ergonomic Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Precision Gaming Mouse


Gaming may be enjoyable, but debilitating hand injuries such as carpal tunnel and RSI certainly aren’t. For one of the best gaming mouse that actually takes into account ergonomics, look no further than UtechSmart’s Precision Gaming Mouse.

It includes all of the essential gaming related features such as high adjustable DPI levels and plenty of customizable buttons, but packaged in an ergonomic body that’s comfortable to use even after you have lost track of time saving the world from aliens.

The very first thing you’ll notice about the UtechSmart mouse is its large profile. At 8.9 inches long and 3.8 inches tall, the deep arch allows your hands to completely rest on it with ease. The surface of the mouse can be best described as rubber sand paper, which I absolutely love.

An exceptional feature of this gaming mouse would be the ability to change its weight with the 8-piece weight pruning collection (2.4g each) that comes with the mouse. Based on the type of game or task at hand, being able to modify the mouse weight can be beneficial both from a productivity and ergonomic standpoint.

Concerning power gaming features, the UtechSmart Venus Precision Mouse leaves hardly any stones unturned. 12 programmable side buttons let you create macros and shortcuts for each and every action imaginable. In fact, many users find that the UtechSmart a great productivity mouse thanks to those buttons. The mouse setup to 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, and 1000 Hz polling rate to counteract your enemies’ every move in a split of a second.

If there is one thing going against the UtechSmart mouse, it is the same thing that made it such an ergonomic mouse in the first place, and that is its large dimensions. For people with small hands, it may not shape to your hands properly, and as a consequence, defeat the purpose of its ergonomic design.

If it comes to gaming mice, ergonomics is rarely the main focus. Companies are quick to highlight their mouse large DPI levels or the amount of customizable buttons at your disposal. Ironically, what gamers need more than anything else is a mouse that won’t lead them to RSI, or carpal tunnel syndrome in only a few years. UtechSmart is an awesome gaming mouse that finally understands that.

  • The tall dome-shaped design supports your hands Completely as you operate it
  • 18 programmable buttons for creating custom macros and shortcuts
  • Customizable mouse weight Using an 8-piece weight Pruning Pair (2.4Gram each)
  • Super responsive Customer Care
  • Large size maybe not ideal for Those Who Have small hands
  • Software to customize the buttons and lighting not quite instinctive

9. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

Best Trackball Mouse

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse


Finally, an ergonomic mouse that caters to both left and right hand users! The Kensington Orbit using its symmetrical design means it supports the contours of the hand regardless of which one you grace it with. By spreading your mouse usage between both hands, you’re reducing the likelihood of both RMS (repetitive motion syndrome), which develops if you overly or repeatedly use a specific muscle.

The defining characteristic of the Kensington Orbit is also something that’s hard to miss visually- a giant trackball centered near the far end of the mouse. Whereas the Logitech M570’s trackball is located in the thumb area and utilized as an secondary way to move the cursor around, the Kensington Orbit doubles back on the tech, implementing a large trackball that is spun with your main index fingers and as the sole mean to moving the cursor on the monitor. In fact, the base of the mouse doesn’t even go, forcing your wrist to be completely stationary. In case you have any sort of wrist pain, that is Beethoven for your ears.

The fact that the base of the mouse does not move also makes is a godsend in tight spaces and on any surface that you feel like, even on your lap. It is important to notice, however, that the mouse is wired, so making it ill suited to use with your TV or even more distant devices.

One of the highlight feature of the Kensington Orbit is that the large scroll ring that makes scrolling through webpages a cinch. It’s positioned perfectly around the trackball that together just makes navigating web sites and long files that much easier compared to other trackball mice. In fact, the scroll ring is the main reason we chose to unseat our last year’s pick, the Logitech Trackman, together with all the Orbit instead for 2019.

Located along both sides of the Kensington Orbit are just two giant switches to function as both the left and right click buttons. We found them extremely responsive and aptly positioned.

If there is one flaw in this trackball centric mouse, then it is that it’s just not as precise as a regular mouse. This is not so much a specific problem with the Kensington Orbit as it is with trackballs in general. Many precision oriented tasks will take a bit longer to finish, from dragging and dropping documents, editing photos in Photoshop, to emphasizing a few letters inside a sentence in a document. For more generalized tasks such as launching programs or clicking on links, however, there’s little difference between the two pointing devices.

The Kensington Orbit is not for everyone, but if you’re trying to find a radical solution to reducing carpal tunnel syndrome, or perhaps already suffer with some form of Repetitive Motion Syndrome or arthritis and require a mouse you can operate without constant distress, this may simply be what you want.

Throughout our research we’ve come across many men and women who suffer with debilitating RMS or even paralysis at the hands that have given this mouse their effusive endorsement.

The ambidextrous design and large trackball that can be operated by multiple fingers as well as the palm of the hand means that you are not limited to one posture when operating this particular mouse.

  • Large trackball and solid base minimizes any wrist movement while operating the mouse
  • Ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left and right hand users, or alternate between hands to Decrease tension
  • Smooth, non racketed scroll ring that makes scrolling Extended webpages and Files a breeze
  • Comfortable Rubberized padded wrist pad
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  • Not as precise as a regular mouse
  • Wired connection creates some clutter.

10. CORSAIR Glaive Pro RGB Gaming Mouse

Best Ergonomic Gaming Mice

CORSAIR Glaive Pro RGB Gaming Mouse


Corsair is a legendary brand for gamers, and their latest Glaive Pro makes for an update of sorts of their already-popular GLAIVE RGB. Okay, the reality is that this is a true-blue gaming mouse (constructed for comfort, mind you), but as we’ve already told you at the preamble, gaming mice are just as excellent as”ergonomic” ones, i.e. the Glaive Pro would definitely fit the bill if you’re searching for a supremely comfortable mouse that’s also excellent for gaming.

Quality-wise, the Glaive Pro is built as a stone, featuring a soft plastic finish, and feels awesome in hand. As far as comfort and performance go, the Glaive Guru is here to provide, and we have to mention its own unique interchangeable thumb-grip feature, which adds tremendous value to an already affordable mouse, as well as its 18.000 DPI sensor (adjustable DPI, naturally ).

Corsair has updated its Glaive RGB gaming mouse, transforming it in the brand new Glaive RGB Pro. At first glance, the two mice appear nearly indistinguishable, however, the Glaive RGB Guru has a slight change in design, together with added rubber one of those interchangeable side grips, and a second DPI switch.

Inside, it also has an upgraded optical detector, switching from a Pixart PWM3367 into a Pixart PMW3391. The new Corsair Glaive RGB Pro starts at $69, while the standard Glaive RGB has had its cost reduced to make room for the new model. The Glaive RGB Pro cost puts it in close contest with some of the greatest gaming mice on the market.

The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro is a right-handed gaming mouse using a premium layout. Though it has a very curious blend of matte black plastic, shiny plastic, rubber, soft-touch-coated plastic, and a slick-looking aluminium front bracket, it manages to avoid appearing like a jumble of materials.

The palm of the mouse transitions directly into the two primary mouse switches, with gentle touch coating onto that whole section. The sides of the mouse utilize a matte black plastic using diamond-shaped rubber grips that work for palm and claw grips alike.

The left-side thumb grip is actually interchangeable with three distinct grips included with the mouse. While all 3 side grips comprised rubberized parts now around, just one felt like it provided enough overhang for my head to get under and pick up the mouse. The swappable sides are also tamer than the Razer Naga Trinity’s. They simply change the contours of the mouse, as both thumb buttons are built in above the side plate.

  • Comfortable design and good grip
  • Customizable appearance
  • Good performance
  • Great responsiveness
  • Swappable side grips add variety
  • Unconventional design
  • High price
  • The software has a learning curve
  • RGBs can get hot
  • Extra grips may not be useful long term
  • More expensive than similar mice
  • The software has a learning curve

Is an Ergonomic Mouse Necessary?

When you fail to invest in the very best ergonomic mouse possible for your needs, the consequences an be gradual but devastating. Cases of Carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage from the hand and wrist have only skyrocketed in today’s age of lengthy keyboard and mouse usage.

By investing in a good ergonomic mouse that fits the contours of your hand and natural position, you reduce your chances of developing these deliberating repetitive motion syndromes later in your life or if you already reveal early signs of it, stop it from worsening.

As mentioned at the start of this manual, there isn’t any one ergonomic mouse that matches all. What will fit like a glove for one person may never quite feel right for another. Productivity, comfort, and lack of any strain while using the mouse are the 3 most important factors to look for.

Having said that, it’s important to give any new mouse a while to see whether you’re going to adjust to this. This is frequently the case when shifting to a new type of mouse, such as a vertical or trackball mouse. There’s an initial adoption curve for this, though once you are past that phase, you may have a completely different opinion of the mouse.

What to Look for when choosing an Ergonomic Mouse

When selecting your next ergonomic desk, consider these factors:


The dimensions of this mouse needs to be an important consideration, to make sure it matches your hands comfortably. Too large, and your hands will not be rested in the ideal place on the mouse. Too small, and your palms with be clinched, using a large gap between your palm and the mouse. Both are detrimental to your hands. Before purchasing your mouse, first assess its dimensions and compare it with your existing mouse to obtain the correct view, as the product shots can be deceiving.


Don’t think a mere couple grams will not make any difference- it does. Some mouse such as the Utech Gaming mouse doesn’t make you choose, as they include a tuning collection you can add or remove to achieve the precise desired weight and resistance. Again, assess the mouse’s specs because of the own weight prior to making your purchase.

Wireless or Not

While a wireless mouse does away with all the mess of one more cable onto your desk, it is not without faults. It requires batteries to run (less eco-friendly ), usually employs a USB receiver to connect to the pc (that can be misplaced), and finally, needs to be”woken up” each time after some idle time. Think clearly about these drawbacks before settling on either a wireless or wired mouse. The biggest drawback of a wired mouse is obviously the added cable, which is especially annoying when you’re working out.

Form Factor

The form factor of a mouse is critical to how comfortable and ergonomic it’s. The traditional horizontal mouse will feel that the most familiar for many people, even though it’s well worth giving a vertical or trackball mouse a try, especially if you are starting to feel that the early effects of RSI in the arms or wrist, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. A joystick mouse should probably only be considered for people with an present RSI condition, as most users find it not as exact and harder to maneuver than another three kinds of mice.

DPI Switch

A high DPI setting translates into a more sensitive mouse cursor, responding to micro moves of the mouse. Gamers often demand a mouse that affirms an ultra high DPI setting therefore it is more responsive, though some studies have found a correlation between high DPI setting and carpal tunnel syndrome. A mouse with a physical DPI switch enables you dial down your mouse sensitivity on demand depending on the task at hand, and can be quite beneficial.

Number of Buttons

Beyond that, is more the merrier? From an ergonomic standpoint, extra buttons- especially ones that are customizable- can eliminate having to move the mouse to carry out certain tasks, reducing the chances of RSI injuries. At minimum, start looking for a mouse using a browser back and on buttons, as these are tasks normally performed every day. The Utech Gaming Mouse comes with 12 programmable buttons onto its side if there are other tasks in your daily routine that can use a shortcut.

Left or Right Handed

Most mice featured in our manual are for right handed individuals, though the Trackball mouse is ambidixoul. This means it can be used by both left and right handed individuals. The distinct advantage of an ambidixoul mouse is that it lets you alter between hands through the day to operate it, spreading the workload between your two hands and greatly reducing the chances of creating injuries. If you are disabled on hand, an ambidixual mouse such as the Logitech Trackball Marble also enables you to use another hand to operate it. This is something to consider.

Ambidextrous Design

If you are a”leftie”, you should understand that most mice are developed for right-handed individuals; however, some of the best mice out there feature an ambidextrous design, although very few are specially designed for lefties.

Vertical Design

Here comes the mother lode of all clickazoid ergonomics: vertically designed mice. The doctrine behind vertical layout is that your hand creates an arch or a contour when it’s at rest. A vertically designed mouse will reproduce that contour, thus allowing you to keep your forearm in a neutral posture, also referred to as the handshake position. This posture promotes both accuracy and relaxation. Now that we’ve cleared up things, let us see the contenders for the best ergonomic mouse.


Last but not least, cost is certainly an important factor when purchasing a mouse, even though not nearly as much as luxury items such as a laptop or monitor. Even the most expensive mouse certainly will not break the bank. Do not just look at the price when elavuating the legitimate cost of the mouse- look at the warranty period as well. An expensive mouse with a long warranty and hassle free yield is arguly greater than a cheap mouse that you are stuck with if it breaks in 2 months. Beyond warranty however, if a mouse delivers more comfort and better productivity than another one, that should be above all else the main deciding factor.

Selecting the Best Ergonomic Mouse for You

Our list of the best ergonomic mice is meant to cover the wide spectrum of users and differing preferences in regards to not only an ergonomic mouse, but mouse in general. Read the pros and pitfalls of each mouse above carefully to see which one covers all your requirements the best.

There’s not any one size that fits all in the sphere of ergonomic design, and at the conclusion of the day, the very best ergonomic mouse is one that doesn’t just conform to a body perfectly, however also your work stream as well to boost productivity.

You owe it to your own body to start paying serious attention to that small device that you grapple on many hours every day. Constant pain, nerve damage, and even disability could be in the cards when we don’t think about the ergonomics of the mouse we use day in and outside.

There is a perfect ergonomic mouse for you in our list; locate it before spending anther dime on the latest graphics card or glistening accessory to your PC.