6 Benefits of Power Washing Your House Every Year!

The thought of power washing your home may seem like an extravagance for you at the first instance, but do you know, it has several benefits to offer that many of us are not aware of. This chore must be a part of every homeowner’s routine, and they should consider getting it done at regular intervals.

The exterior of our home stays exposed to harsh weather conditions and other similar elements that damage its shine and appearance. Natural elements like wind, sun, UV rays, birds, etc. Not to mention there are other elements too, like, pollutants, smoke, rain and car exhaust. All of these continuously beat the exterior of your home and contribute to its discolouration, soiling, and damage.

Power washing is one of the most efficient and effective ways of cleaning the exterior of your home and safeguarding the investment that you have made to build your home. At the same time, it ensures quality time with your family for years to come, in the same space. Find out more about this concept.

Let us go over the benefits of power washing and why homeowners should consider getting this service at least every year.

1. Helps Protect Your Home From Damage:

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Like discussed above, with time your home accumulates dirt, dust, and other elements that damages its functioning and appearance at the same time. If you leave your house untreated for a long time, the siding gets damaged and also impacts the other aspects of your home. Also, over time other buildup also gets formed on the exterior of your home that include mold, algae, and mildew growth.

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All such elements just lead to expensive replacements and also lead to several health issues. However, when you choose to have your home power washed for at least once a year, it helps prevent buildup and also gives you a more cleaner and relaxing home, from inside and outside as well.

2. It Provides A Healthy and Happy Home:

No matter how clean air seems to be, it has several airborne contaminants that end up in your home and it can be very harmful at times. For instance, mold spore is a kind of contaminant that can lead to several symptoms similar to that of asthma when inhaled. If you don’t consider power washing of your home, it builds up algae, mold, and other contaminants that are again harmful for health, especially for the kids and olderly.

Power washing helps homeowners get rid of algae, mold, and several other similar contaminants that are knowingly or unknowingly harming the health of your family members. This way even if they start building up, they will not get a chance to grow further.

3. Enhanced Value Of Your Home:

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Not to mention that power washing does increase the curb appeal and the appearance of your home, both from interiors and exteriors. It helps enhance the value of your home in quantifiable ways as well. If you get your home power washed, the value of your home increases by almost $15,000 over and above the sales price. On the contrary, the price of a home that is not being power washed for a long time, can decrease drastically.

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Hence, it is recommended that you should invest in power washing to enhance the value of your home, if you ever choose to sell it out.

4. Helps Save Money In The Long Run:

Your home will accumulate contaminants with time, and if left untreated it will only damage your home over time. When damaged once, you will have to opt for its replacement of repair and this turns out to be an expensive affair. The cost that you will have to incur to get the sliding, shingles or any other aspect replaced is much more than what you have otherwise spent on getting your home power washed.

When the different areas of your home are cleaned regularly, you will not have to worry about the repair and replacement of the different parts of your home. This helps save a good amount of money in the long run for homeowners.

5. Enhanced Curb Appeal:

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Homeowners like to have their home power washed and cleaned, so that they return to a more appealing and fresh home after a long day at work. Also, they take pride in owning an attractive home that is power fresh and free from contaminants of all kinds. When you pull into your driveway, looking at your completely cleaned home makes you feel great. Also, power washing helps you keep your home well-maintained and appealing to the eyes of visitors and passer-bys as well. Having a shining, bright and clean home in the block feels great.

6. Helps Save Time:

Sure you can choose to clean the exterior of your home by yourself using a scrubber. That said you can clean every inch of your siding using a scrubber, a brush and a high-quality cleaning solution. Though, when you get set with doing so, have you ever imagined the time it will take to clean every inch of it. Moreover, if your home is more than one story, how would you reach the top floor?

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That said, power washing helps save time to a great extent, as compared to the other washing solutions and cleaning methods. It helps cover a good space in a shorter time duration, and penetrates deep into the surfaces. The best part is that you will not have to scrub too hard to get the job done. With power washing, you can clean the same areas in only half the time.

The Bottom Line

If you are yet to consider getting your home power washed, we suggest you should go for it, simply because of the benefits it has to offer.

We have already listed numerous benefits above, and there are several others that you can take into consideration. Professional power wash is worth the time and investment, and hence you should get it done at least once, for your home.

When choosing experts for the service, make an informed choice to make sure you get the best results.