6 Cost-effective Ways to Decorate Your Beach House

So, you have a beach house now? Congratulations! You must be excited to witness the oceanfront whenever you want. Also, the struggle to find a hotel during summer is over (finally!).

But wait, have you decorated your beach house yet? We know most of you must decide to visit the place once in a while to revitalize your mind, but what’s a beach house if it’s not decorated? In fact, the ambiance of your beach house builds up the summer mood in most cases! So, if not much, minimal decoration is a must.

We understand that you do not want to spend a fortune on decoration. That’s why we have come up with some incredible and reasonable ways for your beach house decor. Try them out, and we are sure you won’t regret it!

#1 Beach Wall Paintings

For a beach house, the living room is quite important. That’s because it’s the area that people mostly look out for. Say, if you are planning on a vacation with your friends or expecting guests, the living room is the space that can get you compliments.

And you know what the best part is? You do not have to do much to decorate your beach house living room. Just a few accessories with a beach wall painting would do.

Take the above beach wall art, for example. The scenery perfectly depicts what a fun day at a beach would look like. Everything looks so vibrant, whether it’s the coconut tree, the blue ocean, the surfboards, or the tropicals.

If you get this wall painting for your beach house living room, you wouldn’t need anything else on the wall. It has the colors, the vibes, and most importantly, it’s related to the beach.

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Alternatively, for something serene yet beautiful, you can try out the bird’s wall art (below). The idea of using multiple colors for the birds and yellow shade for both the sun and the sand is absolutely gorgeous. Also, the white background makes it ideal for placing on any wall color.

Want more artworks like these? Click here to buy beautiful beach paintings of all time!

#2 Wooden Seaters for the Dining Area

Nothing looks as fantastic as a beach house with a wooden dining table. While a pure wooden dining table may cost a little high, a wooden seater would be a reasonable pick. These are similar to benches and can fit enough people.

For these seaters, you will have to focus more on the quality. If the quality of the wooden seater is good, you wouldn’t require a replacement.

Also, we recommend you to place these seaters just beside the window of the dining area so that the oceanic wind can enter the space. Not only will this give a beachy vibe, but it will also freshen up the mood of the person sitting there.

#3 Swing Chair for Balcony

Source: homedit.com

Beach balconies have a beautiful view themselves. So, you wouldn’t need many components to decorate them. But, ofcourse, you would need something to sit on while enjoying the scenic beauty. For that, you can choose a swing chair.

They are cost-effective and look stunning on beach house balconies. You can attach these chairs to the ceiling of the balcony and place a small table in front. The table is optional. You can skip it if you think it costs more than your budget.

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If you do not have a balcony but a sandy area in front of the house, then you can ditch the swing chair and go for a folding chair.

#4 White Wall Colors for the Bedroom

Most people would recommend you to paint your beach house bedroom wall with oceanic shades. Say, sea green or blue! But, trust us, there is no shade as perfect as white to highlight the magical hues of the beach house.

A majority of the time, people like to decorate their beach house with vibrant color accessories. Everything seems vivid whether it’s their furniture, ceilings, or floor. With such decoration, the combination would look incredible if you added white walls.

In fact, white walls also look outstanding with sophisticated beach house decoration. Say, if you are more into mute and pastel colors for your beach house decoration, white walls will also match up with that.

#5 Easy to Clean Rugs

Beach means a lot of sand. In that case, you wouldn’t want your rugs to get dirty, would you? So, the best solution to fix this dilemma would be to get easy-to-clean rugs.

Materials like wool, jute, and seagrass are some of the easiest rug materials to clean. You can also try out rugs made of polypropylene (olefin), as its synthetic material is both stain and water-resistant. This means you can use it for both indoor/outdoor requirements.

Just like that, Nylon is also a good material to withstand dirt and accumulations easily. It is also easy to maintain. In most cases, you would just have to vacuum its surface once every 1-2 weeks, and that would do!

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We would also recommend you to choose dark-colored rugs for the beach house, as they have less chance of getting dirty.

#6 Curtains, Plants, and Ventilation

A beach house is incomplete without white curtains and vibrant green plants. You can try our white sheer curtain panels that are wider than the framework. This is especially if your windows have a beautiful view of the ocean.

For plants, you can choose varieties like the Globe thistle, Yucca, or African Iris. Lastly, keep all the windows of your beach house open to ensure enough ventilation within the rooms.

That’s All, Folks!

Hopefully, now you know how you can decorate your beach house without spending too much money. It’s best not to over-stuff your beach house with items you may not need. Add the important elements, but place it flawlessly to get that amazing beach house outlook altogether.