8 Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Design More Practical – 2024 Guide

When renovating your kitchen, you shouldn’t only focus on its aesthetic appearance and how it will match your dining or living room if it is an open space concept. Yes, this is important, but the functionality of this space is imperative. After all, you will spend hours here every day, cooking for your loved ones, so you need to be able to work easily.

Now, many people don’t understand that they don’t have to sacrifice the overall design for the functionality feature, and vice versa. Yes, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, here is how you can do it.

1. Make a list of requirements

Before you start researching designs and options, you need to understand how to organize the space in the best way. For example, if you spend a lot of time cooking and baking, you need a lot of counter space, so you can have everything at hand. Do you use appliances, such as a toaster or blender, daily? If this is the case, you should find a space for them instead of storing them in a cupboard. You can check out JuicingNation.com to find out the best juicers and blenders on the market now. Professional designers advise clients to plan the workstation near a window because of the natural source of light. If this is not possible, you should also consider where you can install lights.

2. Kitchen triangle

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Have you ever heard this expression? Don’t worry because most people don’t know what it is, but we will tell you. The kitchen triangle refers to the refrigerator, sink, and stove since these are the three appliances people use the most. Due to this reason, you need to go with a design that will enable you to move freely between them. In the ideal world, these are placed next to each other or in close proximity. However, sometimes this is not the case because of the plumbing or electrical work. If this is the case, you should consider hiring a professional to move these installations around.

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3. Think about additional appliances

While on the subject of the essential appliances in your kitchen, you need to consider the location of the dishwasher and trash bin. When it comes to the former, you should install it right next to the sink. This way, it will be easy for you to transfer dishes, and you won’t have to worry about the water dripping off of them every time you load the dishwasher.

Furthermore, you should place the trash bin near the designated workstation. Most people don’t think about this, and truth be told, they even forget to put the bin in their original layout. You won’t only throw away trash from other parts of the house and food packaging, but you will also toss the food scrapings when cooking. It is why it is recommended to place it somewhere where you will have easy access to it.

4. Storage space

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One of the most important features of your new kitchen should be the storage space. It doesn’t matter if you live alone, or on the other hand, have a large family. You need a lot of storage since you will accumulate items over time and need a place for them. Now, designing this layout can prove to be challenging if your kitchen area is fairly small. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. For example, you can install cabinets above the refrigerator and get extra space. In addition, you can also purchase long cabinets all around the kitchen to get more space, and don’t forget to utilize every corner in the area. These are only some suggestions of what you can do, and you can find others on nobiliakuechen-berlin.de.

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5. Kitchen island

Generally speaking, people love these, and everyone wants to have one in their kitchen. It should provide you with more storage and counter space, right? Well, typically yes, but in some instances, it can negatively affect the workflow. This can occur either due to the wrong design and space of it or its location. If you want to install one of these, it is crucial to consider the size of your kitchen. According to experts, if you cannot fit a traditional island in your kitchen, you shouldn’t even consider getting it. Even if you want to get a small one, it will do more harm than good since it won’t increase the counter and storage space, and it will only be in the way.

6. Lighting

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As already mentioned, you should have a workspace near the window, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about additional lighting. This isn’t only a matter of aesthetics but also safety. Naturally, you should start with the general lighting that will illuminate the entire room. You can choose between a single fixture or several pendant lights, whichever you prefer. Moreover, don’t forget to illuminate the counter space below the cabinets. You can simply do this with a LED light strip fixture you can install above the workstation or under every cupboard to boost their design.

7. Don’t forget about the outlets

It goes without saying that you need to have several outlets all around the kitchen. The best part is you can install these anywhere. For example, if you want to keep your toaster in a cabinet on a removable shelf and don’t want to take it out every time you use it, you can simply install an outlet inside the cabinet. What’s more, you should also hide some of these on the kitchen island. Surely you have seen these pop-up outlets online. This feature is not only practical since it will provide you with more space, but it will also boost your experience if you enjoy cooking with your kids. Now, everyone can have their own workstation.

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8. Proper ventilation

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Finally, you cannot forget to include ventilation in your design. We cannot stress how vital it is. Nothing can destroy your experience as much as stale odors can. Due to this reason, you need to install a range hood above your stove. It will instantly remove the smell of the food cooking from your kitchen. This system becomes even more important if your kitchen connects directly to the dining or living room. It will not only solve the above-mentioned issue, but it will also increase the air quality in your home.