Ultralight Mouse 2019 | 10 Best Lightweight Gaming Mice for FPS

10 Best Lightweight Gaming Mice for FPS – 2024 Ultralight Mouse Reviews

There is a new type of gaming mouse on the market: the ultra-light. These lightweight mice utilize honeycomb designs along with other steps to cut mass where possible, making for a more maneuverable mouse that is easier to aim.

Following the first releases by experts like Glorious and Finalmouse, many larger brands have now made ultra-light mice of their own with new sizes, shapes and features. A few of those mice even forgo the holey appearance, with internal modifications to bring the weight down and an outer shell that is intact.

After extensive testing of each ultra-light mouse in FPS games such as Apex Legends and CSGO, we’re ready to create our recommendations. Here are the ten greatest ultra-light gaming mice in 2024.

Note: for the purposes of this article, we consider an ultra-light mouse like any mouse which weighs 80 grams or below – although the lightest mice frequently weigh considerably less. The two honeycomb and conventional body gambling mice are eligible for inclusion. For comparison’s sake, most standard mice weigh at least 100 g; the favorite Logitech G502 weighs over 120 g.

Without further ado, here are the greatest ultra-light gaming mice for 2024:

For much more on ultra-light gaming mice, take a look at our post on why ultra-light honeycomb mice are the next big thing in PC gaming equipment. If you prefer a heavier mouse, check out our full list of contenders for the name of top gaming mouse 2024.

10 Best Lightweight Gaming Mice for FPS

Here is the way the mice rank concerning weight alone, plus some other key specifications – like the detector on board and measurements. We have also categorized the designs in two dimensions: “honeycomb” or”traditional” based on whether they’ve external holes and”ambidextrous” or”ergonomic” predicated on whether the right and left surfaces of the mouse would be comparable shapes. Symmetric mice are the only feasible option for left-handers, but a lot of right-handers favor this style too.

1. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse


The Glorious Model O stays our selection for the best gaming mouse on the current market, because of a clever design that combines a selection of modern styles: a weight-saving honeycomb design, an extremely flexible”shoelace” cable, a modern PMW 3360 optical detector and RGB lighting.

Additionally, it ranks highly as it’s a very inexpensive ultra-light, costing around #45 in the UK and $50 in the US. That’s because of its matte coating in black or white; a glossy coat is readily available for a small premium. The Model O is a great ultra-light for gamers with moderate to large hands.

ESports mice are a particular breed. Optimized for performance, they generally place speed, weight, and accuracy above all else, even at the cost of ergonomics, additional buttons, or even in the case of PC Gaming Hurry’s Glorious Model O, a chassis that completely covers all of its components.

That is not a dig, even if it sort of sounds like you. The Glorious Model O makes good on the promise of the easy eSports mouse — It is incredibly light and performs well in all sorts of games — and does this while offering a cool aesthetic touch with it’s”honeycomb” shell, which includes small holes throughout the top and underside of the chassis. There is a little gamer flare with some RGB lighting.

  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Good build quality
  • Flawless optical sensor
  • Super flexible cable
  • Great value for money
  • Available in both matte and glossy finishes
  • Some lighting transitions could be smoother
  • No independent lighting zones
  • Honeycomb design may lead to dust buildup inside

2. Cooler Master MM710

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse


The MM710 is another powerful option, using a unique stubby design and the lightest weight on a widely available mouse – the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is lighter, but was only available for a limited time. The tall hump in the back of this MM710 makes it a smart choice for claw grip players, fitting naturally into the base of the palm to provide extra comfort and control that is not possible using a flatter mouse.

The MM710 doesn’t include RGB light of any kind, a rare option in 2019 that will allow for small economies in weight and cost. The short but broad measurements make this a great selection for players with almost any hand size.

In case you’re in the market for an ultralight mouse, then the Cooler Master MM710 is among the most affordable and accessible options available. It is a simple mouse and did not make me a gamer immediately but it did feel more like an extension of my arm than any other mouse I’ve used.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I am less worried about the stability of the body than I’m the internals being subjected to dust and debris. Only time will tell on that one, but if you don’t need the flash of RGB and do not want to cover the premium to get a Finalmouse, this can be an adequate option.

  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Flawless optical sensor
  • Super flexible cable
  • Great value for money
  • Available in both matte and glossy finishes
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  • Stock mice feet not the best
  • Perforated design may lead to dust buildup inside
  • Shape favours smaller hands and claw grip; may not be for everyone

3. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate


The Razer Viper Ultimate is a very light wireless mouse, given its extended 70-hour battery life and non-ventilated layout with RGB lighting. The mouse uses optical mouse buttons, previously utilized in Razer’s optomechanical keyboards, removing the need for a de-bounce delay and so speeding clicks up by some milliseconds.

The Focus+ detector can be fascinating, promising improved responsiveness through calculating the sensor’s reporting into the computer’s polling rate. Behind all this technobabble though, there is a really performant gaming mouse with a comfortable shape and high detector – albeit at a very steep cost, exceeding even that of our other wireless alternative, the Logitech G Pro Wireless. There’s also a wired version, the normal Viper, that costs significantly less and weighs in at a much milder 69g.

Over the course of the previous couple of months, we’ve seen a number of really exciting gambling mice being dumped on the current market, and it seems like the race to innovate and push boundaries is fiercer today than ever before. Some time ago Razer released the Viper: a well-received lightweight gaming mouse that went somewhat unnoticed in a sea of additional (lightweight) releases.

The same can’t be said for its Viper Ultimate, nevertheless. From the moment it was leaked, enthusiasts started licking their lips at the potential for a lightweight wireless gaming mouse to contend with the ever-popular Logitech G Pro Wireless. A short while ago the Razer Viper Ultimate was declared and afterward released.

With a brand new detector, optical switches, a bunch of interesting attributes (including the fact that it is wireless) and a burden of just 74 g Razer definitely hasn’t been making any compromises, so it is no surprise that a great deal of players are giddy with excitement about that one.

  • Great performance
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Neat charging dock
  • Super lightweight
  • Solid software
  • Could be a little more comfortable
  • Stiff scroll wheel
  • Pricey

4. Xtrfy M4 RGB Ultra-Light

Xtrfy M4 RGB Ultra-Light


Xtrfy’s Project 4 mouse was announced in the wake of this Model O, promising a mouse that is”light yet top-performing and lasting… using a right-handed, ergonomic form.” A couple of months later, that’s exactly what’s been delivered, using a right-handed design that divides into the bottom of your mind to make the mouse easy to grip and a honeycomb pattern to keep the weight.

The cable, scroll wheel, sensor and buttons are solid, so if you want the shape and size you are sorted. The mouse can also be among the best-looking ultra-lights available on the market, with RGB lighting, a light-up Xtrfy logo inside and a choice of five colors – black, white, blue, pink and ‘retro’ beige.

Professional Counter-Strike players like Grayhound Gaming DickStacy rate the mouse with particular praise for its shape, slide and weight, but the M4 has yet to see usage at a professional degree despite Xtrfy’s sponsorship of two CSGO squads.

In this era, going lightweight has become the largest trend in regards to the market of mice. But with various products appearing, it can be quite hard to choose the best one for your needs. With this, you are going to need an entire package with superior clicks, fantastic shape, elastic cables, etc. if you would like to get noticed.

This season is a thrilling moment for gaming mice enthusiasts. And with impressive detectors available to most producers around, companies are looking for other means that will make their products to stand out in the audience.

It is an ergonomic, medium-sized mouse that stores all the primary components you’d need, and is lightweight at just 71 grams. However, with all of the claims about its prominent vital features and a thin body, is your Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse something worth it? Let’s have a look.

  • Claw grip often favours slim mice with elongated buttons.
  • Palm grip suits the larger mice with a wider body.
  • Tip grip works best with lighter and shorter mice.
  • Hand Size: Medium
  • Weight: 71g
  • Grip Style: Claw & Palm
  • Pricey

5. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra


The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is the most normal-looking ultra-light with this listing, with a conventional shell in an ergonomic right-handed shape that matches hands or claw grips. Despite its appearance, the Pure Ultra ranks alongside honeycomb designs such as the Xtrfy M4 in terms of overall weight, together with considerable savings having been made inside while maintaining gaming mice staples such as RGB lighting and a true optical detector.

The Pure Ultra includes a gentle touch matte finish which is very comfy to use. If you hate the look of holey mice, whether through real trypophobia or just preferentially, this really is actually the ultra-light for you.

When you talk about a light gaming mouse a lot of people will (rightfully) envision a mouse that has got a lot of holes in it, but it does not have to be the situation. Roccat’s newest entry in their Kone (Actual ) line combines the lightweight argument, but it does so without having any (visible) holes.

That’s not the only change, though. Some of the additional changes when compared to the Kone Pure Owl-Eye include a better cable and sensor, therefore in theory this should be a worthy update but how does it perform in practice?

Our reviewer had the chance to put the Kone Pure Ultra into the test and he has all of the answers in our full review.

  • Good Build Quality
  • Good Scroll Wheel
  • Software Inc
  • Nice Coating
  • Reporting High Latency In Some Tests
  • Cable Flex

6. G-Wolves Skoll

G-Wolves Skoll


Since FinalMouse popularized the honeycomb design using their Ultralight line it’s been evident that this’mouse with holes in it’ type of thing has become the gaming mouse hype of the past season or so. It is therefore not surprising to observe a lot of brands attempting to hop on the train by releasing mice with a similar design philosophy; proceed all-in on weight reduction whilst still supplying a superior gaming mouse.

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Today we are having a peek at a mouse from a brand that appears to have sprung up out of nowhere. The company G-Wolves was not really on anybody’s radar before they declared the Skoll: an ergonomic super lightweight mouse having a very flexible cable and a perfect 3360 sensor. It is an ambitious project to take on as one of the very first gambling mice, so let us see if they succeeded. More than our reviewer!

Like the Xtrfy M4, the Skoll employs an ergonomic shape in combination with a super-flexible cable, contemporary optical sensor and honeycomb layout. The Skoll is a larger option, which makes it a better match for those with bigger hands, and isn’t as pronounced in its asymmetry as the M4. The Skoll’s shape mimics that of the Zowie EC, so it is a fantastic option if you’re a fan of those mice but want something lighter using a more modern sensor.

The Skoll also looks great, with a variety of color options including an extremely attractive gray. We have linked to Amazon’s inventory below, however, if you’re prepared to wait a little longer for shipping, the best prices – including packages with mouse feet or true paracorded cables – can be found at distributor X-Ray Pad, that ships globally.

  • The tin box it comes in is awesome
  • the best part of the product
  • feels a bit cheap
  • Marathoner, 70-hour battery life
  • Light, 74 grams without the cheese grater look
  • Solid build quality
  • Fantastic charging functionality with dock
  • Buttons on both sides of the ambidextrous shape, good for lefties
  • The good textured grip on the side of the mouse
  • Flawless sensor with no wireless latency
  • 2-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Recessed side buttons can be a little difficult to hit
  • Pre-travel on primary buttons impact tactility a little gbit.

7. Endgame Gear XM1

Endgame Gear XM1


The Endgame Gear XM1’s unique claim to fame is having an extremely fast click reaction time, less than 1ms, but we didn’t observe a difference in normal gameplay. Instead, we mostly appreciated its high-end PixArt 3389 sensor, super slim PTFE mouse feet and its complete lack of RGB lighting.

Just like most other products and industries, the gaming mouse marketplace goes in waves. Nowadays it’s about the operation product. Gone are the days where companies are trying to market spaceship-looking designs finish with additional weights and a lot of additional buttons: stripped-down functionality is the title of this sport.

Endgame Gear is a German firm that fully agrees with this design philosophy, as we can see by looking at their very first product. The XM1 enters the scene with a few impressive specs: it is a lightweight mouse using a flawless detector, pre-sorted switches, PTFE feet and their patented analog technology which results in a reaction time of less than 1 millisecond. Is all this enough to consider looking at this mouse should you skip this one? Read our review to learn!

  • Extremely comfortable shape
  • Super light
  • Great sensor
  • Suitable for all grips
  • Cable isn’t braided
  • Button layout isn’t fully ambidextrous
  • Buttons feel a little flimsy
  • Sensitivity switch placed on underside

8. Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Finalmouse Ultralight 2


The Finalmouse Ultralight two is no longer being produced, but it is still possible to discover some units available on the internet. The mouse is well worth mentioning in a conversation of their very best ultra-light mice, as a result of its reduced weight, exceptional appearance and comfortable form. While the framework is little, skins provided in the box enable you to develop the mouse in various measurements – so you are able to create the back hump taller, the more clasp width thicker, etc.

It is an intriguing system that works well in training and enables this amazingly light mouse for use with a large assortment of hand sizes and traction fashions. An exceptional option, for certain.

The final mouse has yet another winner, the Ultralight two is an (even) lighter mouse at a more compact size made particularly for smaller hands, claw and suggestion grippers. It is still expensive, but you get a pretty damn excellent mouse with few defects, the buttons are sharp, the contour is comfy, the cable is excellent, the sensor is perfect and it’s super light.

There are a few drawbacks, the detector still just runs at 500 Hz, the infinity epidermis which allows you to alter the form and dimensions of your mouse is more clunky, ugly and feels just fine whilst incorporating a certain quantity of weight for your mouse.

Your most important choices to the Ultralight two will unquestionably be that the Model O- that appears to be a far greater value mouse, the more Zowie FK2 remains a competition here for a little claw mouse since would be the Logitech G305.

  • Ultra light for real: 48 grams without the foam skin
  • Thinner, still soft braided cable
  • Improved scroll wheel
  • Great buttons
  • Great shape for small hands
  • Solid smooth feet
  • Good build quality, no flex
  • Flawless sensor
  • 4 year warranty
  • Hard to find and expensive
  • Infinity skin is ugly and adds a good mount of weight
  • Sensor only runs at 500Hz

9. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


The G Professional Wireless was one of the first mice to make it to the 80g threshold, which is doubly impressive given that most wireless mice are significantly heavier than their wired counterparts. The low weight is achieved through the power-efficient Hero detector (letting a small battery), and a thin and comparatively small body that still suits all but the largest hand dimensions, especially in claw or fingertip grips.

Its symmetric shape works well for both left and right-handers, and even includes side switches which could be set up on either the left or right. This is one of the most well-known mice for esports, as a result of its reduced weight and trustworthy performance.

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The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a mouse that didn’t even require a formal statement to get the mouse community all giddy and imagining because of its eventual release date. Individuals were clamoring for Logitech to use their wireless technologies in a lightweight, safe-shaped package for a while, and when a few players ran their mouths concerning this mouse over streams they got the rumor mills spinning so fast they might have readily powered a small country.

When the official announcement eventually dropped it sounded like the stuff of dreams: a super lightweight mouse with a rechargeable battery, flawless sensor, configurable side buttons, and above all: a somewhat secure and non-offensive shape that, according to several of the professionals that had already been analyzing it, was nothing short of amazing. Since its release it has been taking ‘most used’ lists across a large number of our examined games, reaching the number one spot for Overwatch in record time.

  • HERO 16K sensor offers an large DPI range
  • Ultra lightweight; the lightest wireless mouse Logitech makes
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Excellent ambidextrous design with plenty of flexibility
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Fantastic sensor performance
  • The price will almost certainly be too high for some, if not many, PC gamers
  • Too small for some
  • High price

10. Gigabyte Aorus M5

Gigabyte Aorus M5


When you take stock of all its amazing features, it may shock you to understand the Gigabyte Aorus M5 is only $69. This stunner is one of the very best gaming mice of fantastic worth that we have tested this year. It’s also quite customizable, not to mention boasts amazing ergonomics and fun RGB lighting.

So far as features that will give you the gaming benefit, it boasts an adjustable weight distribution platform, on-the-fly DPI adjustments and Omron switches analyzed for 50 million clicks, to start. If you’re looking for a mouse that provides you more bang for your buck, this is it.

Mice could be the secret weapon of gaming as well as the Gigabyte Aorus M5 definitely proves its value. It isn’t the most expensive gaming mouse on the current market, but it is hardly the least expensive either. And that, coupled with its slightly flimsy construction, may make some potential buyers recall.

However, make no mistake. If it comes to functionality, the 69 / #59 / AU$79 Aorus M5 is a competition. This gaming mouse also touts a slew of features, as it should be given its price, and most these are aimed directly at the needs of gamers. Including everything from highly customizable RGB light to on-the-fly DPI switching and adjustable weights, making it very flexible and a good gaming mouse for enthusiasts of unique styles, tastes and levels of relaxation.

  • Very good optical sensor.
  • Adjustable weights.
  • Bright RGB lighting with a range of effects.
  • Attractive design.
  • Comfortable shape suited to most grip styles.
  • Glides well and comes with spare feet.
  • Body is quite plasticky in some areas.
  • DPI indication light is not very bright.
  • Software needs improvement.

Ultralight Mouse for FPS Lightweight Gaming Mice (FAQ)

The best way to quantify hand size for an ultralight gaming mouse:

Your hand size will decide how comfortable a given mouse would be to use. Most ultra-light mice will be perfectly usable for the huge majority of hand sizes, but if you have particularly large or small hands then deciding on a matching mouse may offer the best outcomes. To find your hand size, keep your palms together and measure from the tip of your longest finger into your wrist.

  • Small palms: Less than 170mm (6.7″)
  • Medium hands: Between 170 and 195mm (6.7″ – 7.7″)
  • Large hands: Over 195mm (7.7″)

You can also measure your hand width from the bottom of your hand, across your knuckles and beyond your thumb. You can compare these two hand dimensions, length and width, using a mouse that you are considering. A mouse that’s about 60 percent in both dimensions should be suitable for your hand size.

As an example, my hand size is 200mm x 100mm, therefore that I look for mice that are around 120mm x 60mm. Different grip styles may also affect your ideal mouse size; claw and fingertip grips will probably hover around the 60 percent mark, whilst palm grips are flatter and therefore mice that are closer to 70 percent of your hand dimensions is going to feel more comfortable.

<strong>Can not Dirt Get in the Holes?</strong>

I don’t think that it matters. I’ve been analyzing ultra-light mice because May 2019 and I can’t see any visible dust or grime in even my oldest mice. In addition, I have not seen any change in functionality over time. If I do, I’ll update this article accordingly.

What’s more, there are not any elements under the holes that would be affected by dirt – only a PCB and potentially RGB lighting, together with moving components like button switches normally covered up. I would not advise eating messy foods or spilling beverages on an abysmal mouse, but that I wouldn’t recommend that with any other sort of computer peripheral.

<strong>Are Ultra-light Mice Worthwhile?</strong>

Yes, I would say so. You'll see the greatest benefits to a milder mouse at fast-paced FPS and battle royale games where aiming fast and correctly is of paramount importance. Outside of these games, each one of the moderate to big ultra-light mice I have tested have been perfectly comfortable for overall computer usage as well.

Many retailers will accept returns in a particular time window if the mouse is in a saleable condition, therefore if that is the case for you then it is well worth trying out among the ultra-lights we have highlighted just to see how you get on.

What do you think of these positions and ultra-light is your favorite? Let's know - and if there is an ultra-light mouse that you believe we missed.[/su_spoile