How To Plan and Organize Your Move From Start To Finish?

Moving is not easy. There are a lot of steps involved and the entire process can be stressful at times. Though, some ideas and strategies will help you streamline the entire process. No denying the fact that the thought of moving into a new home is both exciting and fun-filled but a lot of other things are involved.

The thought of moving the entire home from one place to another makes even the calmest person anxious. Juggling the different tasks in the moving phase is not easy. If you have the right know-how to organize things, the process becomes smooth and easy.

Another way to make things a lot easier is by hiring professional movers and packers. Visit here to know more about what they can do for your move, and how they will make things easier for you. Today, we discuss a few tips and resources that will help you get things organized, before, during and after the move.

Create A Binder For The Moving Procedure


Building and then maintaining a master binder for the entire moving procedure is quite helpful. It also helps the movers to stay organized in the best possible manner. They not only help track the receipts and contracts of moving procedures but also helps keep track of all moving tasks in one place. Inside your moving binder, you can store a lot of items such as the checklist, contact numbers of the utility company, medical records, school records, paperwork of the moving company and more.

Color Coding The Moving Boxes

You can label all your moving boxes and also color-code them based on the corresponding rooms. Also, color coding will help you sort things and know which box contains what items. It will also help you spot and search for things very easily when opening boxes in your new home. To color code the boxes and labels, you can also use coloured tapes for ease and convenience. For instance, put yellow coloured tape on all boxes that contain kitchen stuff, whereas pink tape on the boxes that have bedroom elements.

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Printing Customized Checklists


Have a checklist and keep building it. That said, whenever you remember something that needs to be moved to your new home, add it to the checklist. There are several phases involved from start to finish when you are moving to a new home. From handling several financial obligations to dealing with the company, there are a lot of things you need to keep track of.

It means, the task of figuring out what needs to be done and when is not easy. This is where a checklist comes into the picture. It is quite helpful when you have to plan for what things to pack and take, and the tasks that you need to do. A to-do list will enable you to manage things smoothly. When hiring a company, you can create a customized, compact list for yourself so that you can keep your tasks organized.

List Down The Items Contained In Each Box

As you pack a box, list down the items that you have packed in it. This way, unpacking will become easier. Additionally, it will also help in locating the items that you will need immediately after you will be moving. One of the best ways of doing it is to give numbers to all the boxes that you have packed so that you will know which needs to be opened first and which one at the last. Another way to do it for your convenience is to paste the list of items contained in the box, on top of it. This way you will know what is contained in what box, and so searching for the stuff becomes easy.

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Tie Up All The Cords And Put them Inside The Baggies


If you have experienced the move of electronics from one place to another, you already know the mess that cords make. They get tangled and twisted up with each other making things more complicated than they are. If you are not looking to spend several hours untangling the cords, we recommend you tie them up nicely and then place them. You can do this using a twist tie. You can also use a zip lock bag for placing the wrapped cords and then label them using a marker.

Keep The Contact Number Handy, Of The Utility Companies

While moving, you may have to transfer or cancel the utilities that you were previously taking. You can keep the utility details and their contact number organized by keeping their contact number handy. This way you can call them up whenever needed. Some of the utilities that every household has include, gas, sewer, cable, Wi-Fi, security system, phone, etc. After compiling all your contact numbers we recommend you list all of them in one place and then move them inside the binder. It will keep your utilities and the entire process organized.

Pack Essentials At One Place For Moving Day


Keep one box separated for the moving day so that you don’t have to juggle between the boxes. This box will contain the items that you will be needing on the moving day itself. Without this box, there are possibilities that your experience may turn into a not-so-pleasant one. You should first jot down the essentials in a checklist and then start collecting things.

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This way you will remember to keep all the important stuff and not forget the important ones. A few examples of the essentials include important documents, trash bags, toilet papers, pet essentials, medicines, extra attire sets, etc.


Are you ready to move? We have helped sort out things for you and make things so smooth and efficient. Keep the points discussed above in mind to make sure you don’t have to tackle things at the last moment. Moving professionals will also make the process smooth and easy for you. Though, you need to organize things as well so that after moving, unpacking is easy as well. Happy moving and congratulations on your new home!