How Much Does It Cost to Move a House in Montreal – 2024 Guide

Moving is never easy. Leaving one place for another can be done for many reasons, both good and bad, but neither makes the action easy. People are beings of location and once we get used to a place moving away is never easy. Even if we’re moving onto better places and better things, making everything happen smoothly is not always possible. When moving places you need to ensure that everything is done the right way. If you want things done this way, the best route to take is to hire professionals.

While this is the right move, for some people it might seem like it is a service that’s too expensive. While it does come at a price, you first need to look around for the best option. If you’re living in Canada, and to be more precise in Montreal, maybe we can be of help. Now, we can’t move your house for you, that’s not what we’re talking about, but a push in the right direction might be what you need. If you are living in this area, and have a home to transfer you probably popped the question – how much does it cost to move a house in Montreal?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. That’s why we have devised this little 2024 guide. After the coronavirus pandemic the landscape of moving changed as it has in many other businesses and industries. So, this article will also serve as a little update in this department. The price can’t be fixed when it comes to moving, and this much you ought to know by now. It all comes down to where you live, how far are you moving, and how many things you carry with you. There are also a few more perks, but more on it below. Let’s start.

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What Determines The Price?


As we said, the price can’t be fixed. But, once you know all the factors, you can determine a number that will be approximately what you have to pay. One thing you need to know is that it doesn’t come for free. Even if you do it by yourself it has a cost. The estimations are not done solely by you, even if you could, but the last word is in the hands of your movers. If you want fair treatment, and good prices you are better to work with established professionals such as and leave a fair share of worries behind you. Regardless of the company of your choice, the factors that go into the equation remain the same.

The first thing that matters is the date of the move. You have the season of moving, and the off-season. As you could guess the tariff is not the same in the summer and the winter months. We’re talking about Canada after all, where winter is known to be cruel. After you decide on the date the distance comes into play. You have the starting point and the ending point. The distance from point A to point B is what will create the price as the most important factor. You already know that if you’re moving across the state there’s no way it will come cheap. Canada is a vast country, and distance plays a huge factor when it comes to moving.


Once the date and the distance are in place, we need to talk about the number of items you’ll be moving. The more items you have to transfer the bigger the price will be. If you have things that will fit in a van, that’s one tale. If you need two moving trucks, well, that’s another story. Furthermore, this brings another factor into the story. The more items you have the more movers you’re going to require, both to load the truck and to do the delivery. As you can see, one thing leads to another, and that’s why it’s called moving.

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The price of the movers is also a big factor because they’ll charge more if there’s heavy lifting included and if there are stories of a building to cover without an elevator. It is not the same price if you’re moving into a one-story house, and the heaviest thing you have to move is a sofa. Or, if you’re entering a fourth-story condo with a need to bring a piano upstairs. You understand why the latter one cost more.

So, while there’s no fixed price in this department as many factors are playing in, we can tell you one thing regarding the price of moving to Montreal. On average, the moving services in this area are charged at $75 per hour, but only for a truck and a driver, without any movers included. You can try to find a better deal, but with these factors included no one can tell you straight out the price after a first conversation.

How to Pick The Right Moving Company?


Of course, these days it is all based on reviews and recommendations. You can find the most important things about any company online. But, before starting to trust the reviews, you need to look at one thing – how long is that company on the market? If they have been around long enough that you can trust them, then you can trust the recommendations. After that, you need to look at what they offer in the staff and vehicle department. You need to ensure that they have big enough trucks for all of your belongings, especially if you’re moving large items. This is where the experience of the staffer’s matters, and you want your items to be handled with care and professionalism. Also, it matters if their communication skills are on pair, as you might encounter both French-speaking and English-speaking movers. When you have all of this in line, you are free to start comparing prices. You’ll already know which factors you need to count in, and this might be the difference between one company or another. After all, the price dictates the markets. But do not let the price deter you from the better and more quality option.

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