What Type Of Cotton Is Best For Bed Sheets – 2024 Guide

For a comfy and smooth feel of your bed, it’s not always the material of the mattress. The bed sheet that you use highlights the feel of the mattress. If your mattress is good, but your bed sheet is rough, it’ll not feel good. If your mattress is not as good, but your bed sheet is very comfortable, it’ll not be as bad.

The material of your sheet matters for various reasons; it can affect your sleep, skin, and hair – if you don’t use a pillow and your body as well. When looking for cotton sheets online, you can visit this site. When buying cotton sheets from online sites, the offers and return and exchange policy are reasonable, and you can return them if it’s not to your liking.

The primary focus while looking for a material bed sheet should be its material and the thread count. These two together can make a big difference to the bed sheet and its pricing. Whether the material of the bed sheet is cotton or not, the thread count and the quality of that material can change the desirability of that bed sheet.

How To Choose The Material?

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When choosing the bed sheet material, just going for fiber is not enough. There are different types of cotton, varying on how they feel, where they come from, and so on. After that, you also have to look out for the thread count of the material. Last but not least, the bed sheet has various sizes intended to be bigger than a single bed but smaller than a double bed and so on.

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Out of all of the above, we need to look out for the sheet’s thread count especially. Be it cotton or any other bed sheet, they all need to have a good thread count. Usually, a higher thread count means good quality, but it should not be too high as it can be represented as a marketing gimmick. In simple words, it is the number of woven threads per square inch.

Other than choosing the best material for your sheets, the thread count can act as a meter for the bed sheet’s quality, smoothness, and durability. Choosing the bed sheet according to the thread count is one of the best methods.

Types Of Cotton

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In different parts of the world, different types of cotton are grown, and different environments account for different properties of the fiber. With the change in the soil, there are varieties of cotton growing all around the world. Below are a few types of cotton, which are a mix of the best and mediocre quality cotton for your sheets.

  • Egyptian

This fiber is the best for bed sheets and is well known for its various benefits. It also has a very feathery feel, and with the long fibers, it creates a strong and durable weave which accounts for better quality.

  • Pima

It is one of the high-end materials for your bed sheets. They have very long fibers compared to the regular fibers and make an excellent weave, providing longevity and a soft feel to the bed sheet.

  • Supima

Out of the total cotton grown in the world, Supima is barely 1% of it all. You can never find Supima to be cheap. This type of fiber will always be a trademark for the best color retention, softness, and weave strength of the fiber.

  • Upland

This type of fiber is a short or a medium-length fiber. It is way cheaper than Supima or Egyptian fiber and is usually grown in America. The short strands don’t last as long and can be rough to the touch after some time.

  • Micro

This type of fiber is a premium quality fiber and even has a similar weight to that of Egyptian fiber. It is typically woven in large loops, which enhance the softness and give it a luxurious feel. It has outstanding quality, and you can easily obtain a lighter version in the market.

  • Cotton Jersey

This type of fiber is quite comfortable but is on the cheaper side. This fiber is usually single knit and is very stretchable and soft. Sheets of this material can be easily found in the market.

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Which Cotton Is Best For Bed Sheets?

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There are various types of cotton available in the market. Be it Egyptian, or American, the market is filled with various types of cotton, and the slight variations in pure fiber are easy to find. It would depend on the thread count and the material when looking for the best cotton sheet. Choosing cotton for your bedsheet material does not mean it’s the best material.

Usually, when 100% cotton is listed on the label tag of the bed sheet, it is American fiber. It is not smooth but rather rough and less expensive. The most expensive and the best quality cotton is 100% Egyptian fiber, and the second to that is 100% Supima fiber. These fibers are the best because they produce one of the smoothest and thin but very strong. Not to mention that they are not prone to pilling as typical as American fiber.

Even though Egyptian cotton sheets are expensive, the type of weaving they have can also increase or lower their cost. These weaves are namely percale or sateen and can give the bed sheet different looks. But the type of weave does not alter its quality, and hence you can choose any weave according to your liking.


It is without a doubt that cotton is a good material for your bed sheet. But what kind of cotton? The answer is simple- Egyptian fiber. It has suitable long fibers that produce good quality sheets.

Just because the best kind of fiber is expensive doesn’t mean that good quality cannot be for everybody. Various alternatives in the market strive to give a similar feel and look to that of the Egyptian fiber at a lower cost. Those who can go for Egyptian fiber would go for it, whereas others could look for cheaper and similar alternatives.

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