6 Things To Know Before Buying And Installing A Stairlift in 2024

There are few more convenient ways to get up and down the stairs than with a stairlift. But considering that installing one can be quite expensive, it’s important to know exactly what you need before buying one.

And that’s why we’re here. With hundreds of thousands of Americans needing stairlifts in their homes, here are the 6 things to know before buying and installing one.

1. Know the Type Of Stairs

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This is arguably the most important thing to know before buying and installing a stairlift. If you miscalculate this one, then you won’t be able to install the right one – meaning you’ll end up making a costly purchase.

There are a few things to know with this one. For starters, this will help you figure out if the stairlift company needs to build a rail. Since the whole idea is for the stairlift to go along with the stairs, quite a lot of things depend on the type of stairs you own – like whether or not the type of stairlift can be fitted onto.

2. Know the User’s Needs

There isn’t a single type of stairlift out there. There are actually a couple of them and they’re designed to fit the needs of different people. But before you go out and splash the cash, it’s important to know what the person who will be using it needs.

Different models will appeal to different types of people. Some of these models come with extra features and gadgets that help smoothen the ride up and down the stairs. In many cases, some users won’t be able to use a particular model and can only use a model specially designed for their needs.

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For example, users that suffer from arthritis require a stairlift with superior ergonomics controls. It’s these small things that make all the difference in many cases. So another thing to know is the user’s needs as opposed to what’s the most affordable option.

3. Know Your Budget

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Let’s not beat around the bush – stairlifts are very expensive. The most inexpensive model can cost you anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000. Pricier models can go as high as $15,000.
The price generally depends on many factors. It depends on the type of stairs, type of chair, features, user requirements, etc. So in that case, it’s important to know your budget before you financially commit to buying and installing one.

For more information on what to expect from a stairlift provider in terms of models and price, make sure to visit https://ts-treppenlifte.de/
Since you or a family member needs it to get up and down the stairs, it makes it a necessity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy second-hand models or even rent in the short term. As one can imagine, doing this is the least expensive and might easily fall within your budget.

But the important thing is to indeed address how high you can go to afford the right model for your needs.

4. Know How Much the Insurance Company Can Cover

In many cases, your insurance company can chip in and cover some of the costs of installing a stairlift. This is especially if you need it because you’ve suffered an accident. Depending on the insurance coverage you have, you might even have enough to buy the perfect model. If money is indeed tight, then you can always settle for a second-hand model where the insurance covers the cost for installation.

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In some unique cases, the insurance provider will provide extra coverage and motivation if you indeed go for a second-hand model as opposed to a brand new one. If this is indeed an available option, then you should be going for it.

Second-hand models work just as intended, with the only difference being they’re older models. So buying a second-hand model doesn’t mean you’re buying a poor product.

5. Know What To Expect In Terms Of Chair

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While this isn’t the last thing to know, but everyone should have some idea of what to expect from the type of chair. There are many brands out there that create all kinds of stairlift chairs.
To figure out the chair, you have to look at the stairlift itself. For example, you can go for a seated stairlift which is perfect for curved stairs, or you can go for a standing stairlift that is perfect for shorter and quicker trips up and down the stairs.

Standing stairlifts are also perfect if you lack the space and if your stairs are quite narrow. Since plenty of residential homes have this issue, a standing chair is exactly what they need. Now, you might think that buying a standing chair will defeat the purpose of the stairlift, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Standing chairs come with all kinds of features that aid the user when going up and down. With all that said, we should mention that they aren’t 100% suited for every user. A person that’s broken both legs obviously won’t have an easy time using it.

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But it should be noted that different chairs bring with them a different set of advantages.

6. Know Whether To Rent Or Buy

We mentioned that you can indeed rent a stairlift. Renting is an excellent choice if you don’t like paying big to buy and install one and if you only need it short-term.
If the grandma has broken her hip, then you obviously buy and install as opposed to renting. But if a younger family member has suffered a fracture that leaves him in a wheelchair for a few months, then you should obviously rent a model.

Renting is ideal for short-term use and that’s exactly what you can do. Instead of paying thousands of dollars and polluting the stairs, it might be more ideal to rent.


That concludes our list of things to know before buying and installing a stairlift. We hope that you found this article useful and know exactly what to expect before dishing out thousands of dollars on a stairlift.