How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last?

For many who own swimming pools – those made of fiberglass are perhaps the most attractive. We must point out at the beginning that these are pools that do not require excessive maintenance – so it is not surprising that they are popular. Also, their installation is relatively fast compared to other types of pool structures. However, the question that many ask themselves before installing such a pool is: What is the durability of a fiberglass pool. We will try to answer that question.

Fiberglass Pools


Pools are closed structures filled with water. Depending on their purpose, they are used for swimming, sports, recreation, and relaxation. Pools are usually divided into the skimmer and overflow types – as well as according to the building and waterproofing material used. In recent years, especially popular pools are made of fiberglass – because their installation is somewhat simpler. They can also look very attractive – and according to user experiences, they are also very durable. The advantages of such pools on the market are fast installation – and a guarantee of the longevity of the elements. In the offer, you can find all types, sizes, and shapes of fiberglass swimming pools – in standard and additional equipment, according to your needs.

Durability Of Pools Made Of Fiberglass

This is one of the biggest advantages of this type of pool. Namely, such a pool can last a very long time – even up to 50 years or more. However, this is not always the case, as its durability depends on the way it is maintained – but above all on the construction. So how do you know how long your fiberglass pool will last? For the good durability of your pool – you need to take care of two key things. One is to choose a reliable manufacturer – and the other is to have your pool installed properly and according to existing standards. The company you hire for the installation of the pool should use materials of high quality in its work. The installation itself must be done very thoroughly. Beginner’s mistakes must not be made, because otherwise, it will very quickly lead to cracks, but also other possible problems. Keeping in mind that the pool is not a small investment – make sure that the choice of the company that will do the installation is good.

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Fiberglass Pools Are More Economical To Maintain


When we make a comparison with other types of pools, we can say that fiberglass pools have certain advantages – especially when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of their maintenance. For example, pools made out of concrete must be professionally maintained and that can be expensive. Not to mention expensive chemicals, acid-wash, renewal, etc. Overall, this kind of maintenance will cost you tens of thousands of dollars at the level of several years.

On the other hand, if you opt for a pool made out of fiberglass, its maintenance usually involves just chemicals – which will cost you several thousand dollars for a period of almost a decade. So, compared to other pool building materials – fiberglass is the most economical solution when it comes to maintaining the pool structure. Best of all, most of these things you can do by yourself – without the help of professionals who will charge you for your services.

Fiberglass Pool Renovation


If we pay a little attention to the material from which the pool is made – we will see that each one of them requires maintenance. Depending on the type of pool, the maintenance also depends – and the costs are higher or lower according to the pool you opt for. Fiberglass pools are by and large viewed as dependable and simpler to keep up. In any case, that doesn’t mean you will not need to reconstruct it over the long run. Generally, this is accomplished for a time of nearly 20 to 30 years – when there will likely be a need to redesign it. This reconstruction fundamentally includes completing the outside of the pool or modifying it. Obviously, this is a task for which you should check this out, and seek the help of professionals.

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Filters, Chemical Balance, And Pool Emptying


Although these rules apply to all pools – with a fiberglass pool you need to be especially careful if you want it to last longer. First of all, make sure that the chemical balance of the water in the pool is at the desired level – and that it is continuously maintained. Make sure you use only chemicals that are adapted for fiberglass. All others can be invasive and damage the gel that covers the fiberglass – thus creating small cracks and damage. When it comes to the water level in the pool – always make sure it is somewhere in the third half of the level to the top. Do not empty the fiberglass pool unless it is necessary for some reason. If you have to do that, be sure to contact professionals.


When we decide to build a swimming pool – we often face many dilemmas. Therefore, all options should be considered – from the space where we will build it, through the price, to its maintenance and durability. In that sense, we can say that a fiberglass pool is definitely one of the best, if not the best option. You can have them in all shapes, sizes – and when it comes to depth, they are most often made in the standard depth of up to 8’0 “. However, with some manufacturers you can find those up to 8’6”. So, it is up to you, and what you prefer. If you opt for high-quality fiberglass – then you can expect an investment that will pay off in the long run. All you have to do is behave properly when it comes to maintenance – and you can expect a pool like this to last for decades without the need for major investments.

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Before embarking on the adventure of building a pool, be sure to inquire in detail about the manufacturers, the quality of materials – and choose a reliable company that will install your pool.