How to choose between the insert and freestanding fireplaces

Cold winter days can often be gloomy and gray, but this must be corrected. How? With the help of the ambiance in the home. Prepare your favorite hot drink, make your favorite dessert and warm yourself at home. The way the home is heated can further improve the ambiance in the home, especially when it comes to heating the wood home. People say that the view of the fireplace fire especially changes the mood, relaxes, and improves the feeling. In addition, fireplaces are excellent heaters, unlike all other types of stoves. So people usually decide on the fireplace, ie one of the two types of fireplaces – stand-alone and built-in.

There is nothing that beats the ambience, serenity and warmth that comes with owning a fireplace. Besides that, there is a cost-cutting effect resulting from reduced energy bills and an aesthetic advantage that comes along with it. Many homeowners have found themselves in a dilemma about which is the best heating solution for their house. This writing gives clear insight on some of the reasons you should choose an insert fireplace over a freestanding one and the other way round.

Insert fireplace option


If you want everything to be in its place, you have a space that you want to fill or you just do not want the fireplace to be outside the walls of your home, then we believe that built-in fireplaces are ideal for you. What is good for them? The good thing is that they will not be in such a visible place as those that are not installed. Furthermore, the good thing is that you can install the chimney that will be needed to release the smoke, and there are many other benefits and advantages. Are you interested in this model? Then we will talk in more detail about this option.

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You can be able to settle for an inbuilt fireplace based on practicality or aesthetics. For generations, this design concept is always linked to a styling living because of its appealing nature. You will be able to find delight in the traditional setting by staring at the fireplace with the additional functionality of excellent heat output. It would be best for safety purposes to choose an insert fireplace if you already have an existing open brick chimney and covered sides to reduce radiant heat loss.

It is also advisable for the brick chimney to be in a central position inside your house to have a uniform heat distribution. The inbuilt fan present in the fireplace forces the multi-directional movement of heat. In addition to that, its effectiveness in providing heating solutions should influence your choice.

According to findings, an environmental protection agency-certified insert fireplace has an efficiency of 90%. It consumes approximately one-third less fuel as compared to its counterparts to be able to generate an equal amount of energy. Due to their low fuel requirement and high efficiency, they are categorized as environmental friends since there is minimal air pollution. The installation is critical to its efficiency levels, and therefore for proper operation, the insert needs to be correctly fitted.

The freestanding fireplace design


If you are a fan of refinement then this option is definitely for you. Why exactly do we mention refinement? The reason is one and simple – these models can be found in a variety of models and styles, in variants that are made for literally everyone. If you are determined to give a stylish look to your home with a specially hired space editor then this option is ideal for you. Why? Because he can not only tell you what furniture to buy, what colors to use, and what decorations for the home, from now on he can also tell you which free-standing fireplace to choose for your living room. The reason is the large selection of this type of fireplace that can be found in various models, and recently in different colors. This way you will be able to enjoy the warmth in the home, but also in the look that will be improved by choosing the model that best suits your space. Want to know more about these models of fireplaces for space heating in the home? We have prepared detailed analyzes that we believe will help you. You can find more below, so let’s see …

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True to its name, a freestanding stove does not need a chimney or fireplace to be installed. It can be easily fitted in any part of your living space, making it advantageous because of its installation flexibility. If you are also operating on a tight budget, choosing a freestanding fireplace for your heating solution would be best. The design of the fireplace is what drastically lowers its purchase, maintenance, and operation costs. It does not require walls to be built around it during installation.

Additionally, its positioning is a factor to consider before purchasing. You will need to place it in a central place and vent it through the vertical roof. However, in recent times, there has been the introduction of freestanding stoves that can either be flue vertically or horizontally. A fireplace stove with the two venting options should be among your top considerations for the perfect heating solutions.


The heat transfer of a freestanding stove is quite different from the insert fireplace as it is not located at the hearth. The furnace has an open design that allows radiant heat distribution through the front, top, and sideways. Compared to the insert fireplace, it does not require fans or blowers to distribute the heat. Both heating solutions have a resemblance in their flexibility and efficiency. Hence when choosing the right pick, you need to consider your personal preference and needs. You would want to choose one that aligns with your existing home décor.

According to your requirements, desires and needs, you have the opportunity to choose from these two types of fireplaces that you can find in different models, but also in different colors and ways of making. The decision is yours and you need to follow your desire and need. Now move on to the search and choose the best for yourself and your home.

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