6 Reasons Why Outdoor Blinds Can Boost Your Property Value

Considering your home maintenance budget this year, investing in outdoor blinds can offer both immediate benefits and long-term value to your property. Custom outdoor blinds provide instant solutions while also serving as a wise investment. Here are some compelling reasons to add outdoor blinds to your property and increase its appeal to future buyers.

You want to use your money wisely whenever you spend it on your home, so you may wonder if blinds—specifically outdoor ones—are the way to go with this year’s maintenance budget. For businesses and homeowners, it’s surprising how custom outdoor blinds can bring instant solutions but also be a long term investment in your structure.

We summarise a few key reasons you’ll be happy if you added blinds to the outside of your property—and why future buyers will be willing to pay a little extra should you ever decide to sell.

More Security

A reason why many upgrades add value to a property is that potential buyers love the idea that it’s not something they have to go through the effort of researching and organising themselves. And security will be a top priority for any buyer. If your installations make a buyer feel safer, they’ll take note and possibly favour your property over some others.

In terms of security, outdoor blinds act as a deterrent. For one thing, since criminals can’t see as much of what’s going on inside a space, they have less information to plan so they may not try to enter at all. Also, with blinds blocking the view of some of your valuables, there will be less motivation for them to access the property.

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Pretty Privacy Features

Blocking the view also acts as a privacy feature. Apart from people outside not seeing into your rooms or onto a patio, blinds prevent passersby from seeing you and your family inside the home. You can enjoy your space, without nosy neighbours peering in, which is a major selling point in areas where homes or apartments are close together.

Add blinds and you’ll see you’ll start using your street-facing spaces even more than before!

Greener Living

Another major selling point these days is to help future property owners have eco-friendly lifestyles without too much effort on their part. Outdoor blinds help get this right, mostly thanks to a reduction in HVAC use.

Especially in a country like Australia, known for its warm climate, finding ways to keep indoor spaces cooler is a win. Outdoor blinds can be installed as additional insulation when they cover your existing windows. This also blocks the sun’s rays, so less heat reaches the interior of a home.

Outdoor blinds that cover a patio can also create a covered area to relax in, but you can still have the fresh air outside. Compared to a stuffy interior, this is much more attractive. You’ll spend more time on that covered patio, with less need of cooling down your living room when guests come around.

Enable Better Use of Space

Source: shadespace.com.sg

While on the topic of using a patio as your new summer retreat, with custom blinds you can transform how you’re using your property, so you get much more enjoyment and value from it:

  • Create a new space for your office, so employees can enjoy the outdoors during lunchtime breaks.
  • Restaurants can have additional space to seat patrons, even in windy or rainy weather.
  • Gain an entire new room at home by enclosing a patio or pergola. Use it to entertain, relax with a book or to set up a day-time office.
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You’re optimising how the floorspace on the property is being used and in a way, you’re adding a new room to the existing home or office. This is once again a highlight to mention to future buyers and they may be happy to pay a little more for such a practical feature.

Upgrade the Aesthetics

While a lot about property value is about the functionality of the space, you still have to impress a buyer’s senses when they look around. The picture of what your home or commercial property looks like will be etched in their minds to consider when they compare their options later on.

Outdoor blinds can give a finished, sophisticated flair to a property, so it boosts the aesthetics instantly. Thanks to innovative changes in the market, such as enclosed pelmets, your new blinds will complement the look of the building. It can also match with most architectural styles or make an outdated building look more modern.

And don’t worry—the industry provides custom solutions, so your installation will fit seamlessly, looking neat and sleek.

Extend Lifespan of Other Property Elements

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Installing outdoor blinds can have a ripple effect on your lifestyle and even change how you maintain the rest of the home. For one thing, the barrier between the harsh sun and your expensive furniture means your couches, flooring and décor items won’t fade or show wear and tear as quickly. You’ll end up replacing them less often, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Remember to mention that happy outcome to buyers!

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One decision for your home can make a lot of difference and getting outdoor blinds is one of those choices you’ll be happy you explored. And the money you spend is usually easy to recover in a resale of the property!

As mentioned, blinds can even help you save money on your general budget. So, in terms of functionality, budget and aesthetics, this home upgrade ticks all the boxes!