Why Is Regular House Cleaning So Important?

Cleaning involves cleaning, maintaining and beautifying any room of an apartment or home, and it is one of the most regular functions of our daily lives. Above all, it is very important for us to make sure that every room is always clean, tidy and presentable.

But how do we ensure that a room is clean? This process involves removing dirt and dust through methods such as sweeping, cleaning surfaces and individual items, vacuuming, washing and polishing. Since there are different types of surfaces (walls, floors, countertops, ceramic tiles, chairs, upholstered furniture, etc.), appropriate cleaning products are used to clean them. A professional cleaning company is ready to provide you with a range of professional cleaning services using the highest quality cleaning products https://www.livecleantoday.com/.

This includes daily, general cleaning, cleaning after repairs, cleaning before renting out the apartment or before renting to the landlord, cleaning after a fire, etc.

If professional cleaners carry out regular maintenance cleaning, you will not need a general cleaning. And that’s a significant time and money saver. Put things in their places, don’t accumulate junk, and then you won’t have to throw away piles of it. With regular care, it will take less time and effort, which you can spend on more enjoyable activities – walking, shopping, home entertainment, and more.

What happens if cleaning is not done regularly?

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Complete cleaning includes vacuuming, removing dust from furniture surfaces, washing floors, polishing surfaces, cleaning individual items and decorative accessories, cleaning tiles, sinks, bathtubs, rearranging things, disinfecting bathrooms, and much more.

Surely you yourself realize that in the absence of cleaning, your home will become a breeding ground for insects – cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies, etc. And in addition to the fact that it is fundamentally unpleasant, living in such conditions can lead to various infections. Thus, cleaning each room of the apartment or house is necessary to give them an overall presentable appearance, as well as to ensure proper hygienic conditions.

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Humidifying the air and comfort

After a wet cleaning it is easier to breathe for another reason. In a city apartment or office the air gets dry. Especially in winter when central heating is on. Damp cleaning saturates the air with moisture. Conditions for work and life become more comfortable.

Modern devices – air washers cope with the task of humidifying the air. They also partially solve the problem of dust in the air. But they can’t be considered a full-fledged alternative to wet mopping, because they don’t solve the problem of dirt on the floor and dust on furniture and corners of the room.

Killing germs

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Adding special safe disinfectants when wet mopping your floor can effectively kill pathogens. The disinfectants used are mild and non-aggressive and will not damage the floor or furniture.

It is important to follow the proportions of water and product prescribed by the manufacturer. Usually, you need no more than one cap per bucket of water of 4-5 liters. In this way you can wash floors made of tiles, laminate, wooden boards and linoleum.

Cleanliness in the house directly affects your health. First of all, you need to carefully wipe off dust – from this reduces the risk of allergic diseases and other, more serious illnesses.

The physical activity you do during the general cleaning of the apartment is beneficial to your cardiovascular system. If your home is free of junk that is thrown away during cleaning, the risk of injury from things out of place is reduced.

Combat difficult, stubborn stains

Wet cleaning softens old stains and stubborn dirt and makes them easier to remove with a cloth. Dry cleaning will not destroy or clean them. Adding special compounds to the water can be very effective in fighting stains and dirt.

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For heavy soiling, the wet cleaning procedure should be done in two steps. In the first step, use a damp cloth to wipe any particularly dirty areas. In the second step, go over them again, finally removing stains and dirt. As with disinfecting, pay close attention to the dosage of the cleaners indicated on their packaging.

Clean house – clean thoughts

We have all noticed that when we work in a tidy apartment, ideas are generated faster, especially for creative people. The absence of chaos allows you to concentrate faster on tasks, nothing distracts you, and therefore increases productivity.

And of course a tidy house motivates you to tidy up other areas of your life. If you don’t have time for regular self-cleaning, you can order cleaning from professionals.

Cleaning fights stress

Although most of you don’t like cleaning, it can be seen as a positive pastime. It will allow you to enjoy both the process and the result.

Cleaning apartments relieves stress and boosts morale. If you do cleaning to music, extra energy and the happiness hormone are produced. When your house is clean, you are always happy to have guests, and this is always pleasant and soulful conversations, fun and a sea of memories.

Is regular cleaning a waste of time?

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The importance of regular cleaning has already been proven – it makes breathing easier, reduces the risk of allergies, and keeps the room clean and tidy. On the other hand, is it worth spending a few hours a week cleaning to the detriment of your relationship with your loved ones?

Most books on harmonious living talk about the need to make time for yourself – the right balance of rest and work can increase your overall level of satisfaction. When you consider that cleaning is unpaid labor, weekends no longer seem so carefree-happy.

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What is dry cleaning

There are many things in an apartment that should not be frequently exposed to water. Carpets and upholstered furniture, for example. They are rarely moisture-resistant, and in most cases it is sufficient to call a professional cleaner no more than once a year. Dry cleaning is an intermediate option when you need to put things in order without a lot of effort. You can always vacuum, go over horizontal surfaces with a dry microfiber cloth and air the room. But many dirt cannot be removed without water. In addition, some of the dust does not stay on the rag, but flies in the air, so dry cleaning has to be done more often.

When wet cleaning is bad for you

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It is important to maintain a balance in daily activities, including cleaning. It is hard to say what is worse – if you don’t clean your apartment for a month or, on the contrary, spend a couple of hours every day removing the tiniest dirt. A zealous desire for order, especially with the use of additional means, leads to the effect of “surgical sterility. The fact is that the immune system needs to deal with a moderate amount of bacteria and viruses to maintain its tone. If it is not used to working, any low-hazard bacteria can upset the balance in the body when one finds oneself in a less sterile room. This effect is seen in children who go to kindergarten for the first time. They begin to get sick frequently because their immune system first encountered new germs that were not present at home. In addition, harsh cleaning agents, even if washed away, can be harmful to health and cause poisoning and lung disease.