What Processes Are Involved in Lot Clearing?

In case you are planning to build a new structure in your yard or remodel the existing one, the first thing to do is to deal with the lot clearing process. This process represents a combination of different methods that are used to bring the land to perfect conditions for a certain type of building.

It might seem simple, but there are some complex things to know about this process. First of all, you will need to examine the quality of the land and is it capable of bearing the structure. That is very important for safety and durability. In that matter, the best solution is to hire a team of experts to deal with such processes. If you are interested in this type of assistance, click here.

It is essential to learn more about the proper clearing of the lot so you can secure the right ground. It can be a serious mistake if you skip some parts because it could lead to serious expenses when you have to deal with some repairs after the structure is finished. Here are the main processes involved in lot clearing.


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When it comes to this step, it is not complex but can be challenging depending on the type of the land and how hard it can be to bring it into proper conditions. If you are planning to deal with this part alone, you have to be aware that you might need some professional equipment. Therefore, you will need to rent different types of machinery and labor to restructure the base where you are planning to build. That requires certain skills and experience as well.

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Trees and Stumps

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Depending on the yard, it can be difficult to remove all the parts of trees, especially if there were bigger ones there. That is the main reason to always inspect the whole field. Leaving a single stump under the ground and building a base over it could lead to serious issues and bring the whole structure into safety issues.

Because of that, the best solution is to use the machinery to remove a certain amount of ground from the part where you are planning to build to be sure that there are no leftovers of trees. The depth depends on the type and size of the planned structure.

The Land Must Be Easily Approachable

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Some steps can be done even if you lack experience. The first thing to do is to start collecting visible pieces of trees and various materials that could represent an issue of the machinery. Also, be sure to clear the land in a wider area around the yard so it can be easier for heavy machinery to approach the spot. The reason why you should start dealing with this part on your own is that you will save a lot of time this way. Also, there is no need to hire an additional workforce for this part.

If you are going to build a new house or similar object, you will need to dive a hole around the same surface area since it must have a proper concrete base. Keep in mind that it means that there will be additional soil that you will need to remove as well. It is important to know that it is illegal to simply leave the extra soil wherever you want. Therefore, you should check the regulations in your state, and find the way to get rid of it legally and safely.

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On the other side, if you are planning to apply concrete on a certain area so you want to make a playground for the kids, or a place where you can place table and chairs, park a car, and more, there is no reason to deal with such complex processes. You can rent an excavator and hire someone with proper skills to bring the yard into proper level. Still, it is important to deal with stumps and other things that could affect the concrete.

Professional Assistance is the Best Solution

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As you can see, there are only several steps included in the clearing process. However, the thing is that some parts could be quite challenging. Especially if you are planning to build on a field that is not properly leveled, and has a lot of interferences related to tree stumps, underground installations, and more.

When it comes to installations, we have to mention that it is quite common that companies are installing cables for electricity and networks underground. In that matter, it is crucial to get a plan of your yard and street to be sure that there are no installations that you could hit while grading the soil.

That is also a reason to always hire experts who can examine the field and recommend you the best solution for a certain type of construction. It might seem as a more expensive way to deal with clearing, but it is also safer, and you will save a lot of time.

Moreover, you have to be aware of the regulations in your area. Maybe you live in a part of the city where it is required to get an approval before you start with any sort of constructions or remodeling. If you decide to hire experts in this field, they will help you to deal with these regulations.

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Last Words

It is a common mistake that people forget to add the expenses related to ground clearing before they start building a structure in their yard. There are cases where this process can be very expensive. For example, if you require a lot of trees to be removed, grading of a bigger surface, and more.

The great thing is that many contractor companies can deal with this process, which means that you can simply hire a good company that will deal with all processes including the clearing of the land. Therefore, be sure to find all available companies in your area that are offering this type of assistance, and compare them to determine the best option.