Organizing a Birthday Party in a Cinema – 8 Things You Should Know

When birthdays are approaching, you need to start planning as soon as possible. One of the most interesting ways to celebrate your day is to organize a party at the cinema. Authentic celebrations have become a trend in the world, and it is also the best way to prove to loved ones that you know them very well. With very little effort you will manage to make an unforgettable day for your friends.

It is very important that the celebration has a personal touch. Awaken your creativity and come up with a whole plan now. If you have made a list of friends, noted the necessities that need to be bought, it is time to move on to other obligations. You can always personalize snacks and activities that you know everyone will enjoy. That’s why the cinema is a great option, because everyone loves a good movie. In the following text, find the formula for the perfect organization.

1. Create a guest list


In case you haven’t done this yet, it’s the first step in organizing a birthday party. You may already have a guest list in mind and it’s not long, but it’s important to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may forget someone, and it will spoil some of your ideas. After all, you wouldn’t want the person to feel neglected. Don’t forget that this is your day. You are the celebrant and feel free to fulfill all your wishes.

One of the advantages of having a birthday party at the cinema is that you can get a lot of people together in one place. Of course, pay attention to the size of the space, the choice of film and everything else. Speaking of the guest list, do your best to let your guests know about the event ahead of time. You are probably overloaded with a lot of information on a daily basis, especially if you are organizing something like this. However, your friends should allow enough time to arrive as well as to think of gifts.

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Unfortunately, some may not be able to attend the birthday party. The sooner you receive your arrival confirmation, the better you can plan your day. So prepare the invitations early enough to make sure that the guests will show up in full force. If you are not able to do it a month before, call them at least a week before the event. Lastly, you can always subtly remind them well in advance.

2. Think of food and drinks

Do not forget about this item. Even though it’s a movie birthday, it’s important to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence. In that case, you must provide enough food for all guests. Confused about how much to eat and drink can cause headaches, but there’s actually little chance you’ll go wrong. Estimate the amount you need yourself or simply create a group chat with your friends.

If you don’t plan to call a lot of people, it will be easier to make arrangements with them this way. Don’t worry too much about this because you can always get what you need during the evening. You can do this by going to the store or through online delivery.

3. Make an interesting decoration


Even though you’re celebrating your birthday at the cinema, put some effort into the decoration. Otherwise, your friends won’t feel like they’re at your birthday party. It will feel like a regular movie night. You may not be able to redecorate the room, but add interesting details such as badges, caps, balloons and flowers. One great idea is to suggest a dress code depending on the movie you choose. Make it a themed party where everyone will dress up as their favorite hero. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a unique theme.

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4. Plan a budget

First of all, you have to calculate how much money you can allocate for what – how much goes to space, how much to drinks, and how much to food. Once you know how much you can budget for each of those items, you can move on to planning. You can get a better grasp of expenses at

5. Find a cinema location that suits everyone


After planning the budget, and before getting into the deeper organization of the birthday, your task is to find a space where the guests, and you with them, will have a great time. When searching for the ideal party location, you should consider several items: number of guests, expected weather conditions, where your guests are located, etc. When choosing a cinema, check whether it has modern facilities, comfortable chairs, large screens and other important elements.

6. Cooperate with the cinema

What it means? When reserving a space, it is important to state all your requirements. That way, you’ll know how many options you have and continue planning accordingly. You may not like a certain offer, but if you find out in time you won’t spoil the birthday atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended that you work closely with bioscomp to create the best experience for you and your guests.

Even if you don’t find the ideal place, try to compromise. Most will accommodate you as long as you follow state regulations and theater policies. Don’t forget to ask about the cinema’s loyalty program, as they often have a discount for events like this. At the end, you will have accumulated points that you can use later.

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7. Choose a good movie

We come to the most interesting part – the choice of film! It is a crucial part of the organization once you have chosen the right place. Then, check out their upcoming screenings and choose a movie that will excite you and your guests.

8. Come up with fun activities

For example, each guest can be photographed with the birthday boy in front of an interesting background. You can send those photos a few days later with a thank you note for attending the party. You can also do temporary tattoos or give everyone friendship bracelets. Such activities make this day even more beautiful.


When everything is nicely arranged and planned, the organization itself will not be difficult for you. We hope we helped you organize your birthday, which is also the most important day of the year. Don’t forget that the goal is to have a good time, surround yourself with your friends and step into the new year of life with them.