6 Tips for Organizing Your Thoughts in a Visual Way

How often do you think in a day? Literally always, right? Humans are natural thinkers, unlike animals. Organizing all of your thoughts is tough, especially if you are juggling between a lot of responsibilities and don’t have time for your thought process. You may ask why you should organize your thoughts. But without organizing, your thoughts can overwhelm you, frustrate you, and you may feel stuck in the long term. That is why it is important to organize them.

However, writing them down somewhere is not always viable, especially if you are flooded with other responsibilities. Text is tougher to organize and find later. How about converting your thoughts into a visual form? Sounds interesting, right? It is not only an interesting but easy and profitable way to organize your thoughts. You can do it in less time as compared to writing or texting. You can also find them simply as it is not text but pictures, images, or diagrams. For these and so many other factors organizing your thoughts in visual form is the most lucrative method.

But how do you do that? You cannot keep on drawing stuff. That’s why there are some decent mindmap platforms for your assistance. One website needs a special mention here because it is free and easier to use as compared to all the other mind mapping platforms. If you haven’t checked mindomo, visit their website to start documenting your thoughts in a visual format.

Tips to organize your thoughts

Mindmaps are the most effective way of organizing your thoughts in a visual format. However, your thoughts don’t necessarily have to be some creative ideas. You can organize your day-to-day schedules and events too. Whatever it is, mind maps have room for you.

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1. Daily habits

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Your thoughts don’t necessarily have to be creative ideas or business ideas, as mentioned above. They can be simple regular habits. For example, you can create a mindmap of your daily schedule and stick it on your wall. This is simple and small and more visible to the eye as compared to a long list of text. It doesn’t send chills down the spine because it is more organized as compared to plain text format.

2. Business ideas

There is no place or time for business ideas. They come to you at any time. You cannot carry a book or an iPad with you to note. Even though you carry them with you, isn’t it difficult to open your book and pen to note down your thoughts? You may also lose the book or forget it somewhere else. What then?

Also, you will have to carry it with you every time. But with the use of mindmap platforms available in the market, you can create a mindmap and forget about it. You can access it from any device, and it is accessible right from your phone. You don’t have to carry an additional accessory with you.

3. Use different colors

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This is one of the versatile and useful features of the mind map. You can use different font styles, sizes, and colors. You can also change the background colors and design colors. It is easier to find segregated or different information if you separate them with different colors. You can also assign different colors for different purposes. Hence, this is one other profit of noting your thoughts in a visual format.

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4. Use different styles of mindmaps

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Mind Maps usually come in different styles. You don’t always have to stick to the hub and spoke model of mindmaps. There are numerous other styles you can always tap into. For example, you can choose a different style for different topics. This kind of segregation allows you to find them later easily without skimming through every other thing.

5. You can add to the mind map for elongations

Your mindmaps don’t necessarily have to be smaller. For example, if you have gotten a supporting idea in the same topic or feel like adding to the same topic, they can be extended. That is the beauty of mind maps and visual formats. You cannot do the same for text format.

Drawing extra lines or adding extra text, everything is possible, as long as you are willing to select this approach. You can add as much data and information as you like. Hence, do not hesitate to adopt this method of organizing your thoughts.

6. Practice your education-related stuff

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Have you been practicing your education-related stuff with a hand in a note? That must be hectic. Have you tried mindmaps? They are the best. You can quickly take a running note of your instructor in the class.

Chasing the instructor’s dictation is nothing less than a marathon. Hence, mind maps allow you to simply note down what is important by eliminating supporting words and fluff words. You can use the same notes or copy them down once you reach home. It is all your choice. You don’t have to write your whole answers down if you are preparing for exams. Use mind maps as they are more effective and less time-consuming. Hence, you can complete a little more of your syllabus.

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It is indeed a mess to declutter all your intertwined thoughts. If you don’t take care of them immediately, you may lose them all and never recall them. It is okay if they are something unimportant. But what if it is some life-changing idea or a potential business idea. You wouldn’t want to forget such thoughts and regret later, right? In such cases, penning down your thoughts in a visual format is the best way forward.

Noting down your ideas daily and organizing them regularly clears your cache. It will reinvigorate your brain and help you in reducing mental stress. There are a lot of other benefits, too, and it makes room for more ideas as you clear the old ones out of your brain. Hence, mind mapping is the way to capture your thoughts creatively and logically.