5 Reasons Never to try to Clean Grease Traps By Yourself

If you own a restaurant or some other commercial facility, it means that you have a kitchen that works all day. It usually prepares food in large quantities, but it depends on the type of facilities. However, every place like this needs regular cleaning of grease trap. As you can guess, grease that comes from food are everywhere in the kitchen. This applies to all appliances, sinks, etc. However, all the grease on the outside of the device cannot harm it if it is removed regularly. On the other hand, what is in the openings, pipes, filters requires a more professional approach.

Our advice is not do this alone unless you are a professional. In that case, it is best to hire a company that provides these services. That is why there are specialized machines and means by which these problems are solved. Keep reading and find out all the other reasons why you should contact this company. In the following text, we have singled out a few of the most common reasons why people do not dare to do it themselves.

1. Lack of efficiency

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So, you need to be aware of the presence of fat deposits that will not go away so easily. Also, the longer they are in your kitchen, the harder it is to remove them. Either way, don’t try to do it yourself because you can’t do as much good work as an expert should. We tell you this for two reasons. You do not have the specialized equipment necessary in this case, but you also do not have experience in this business. We do not mean one experience, but years and years of work, because this cleaning procedure may seem simple to you while the reality is different. Don’t compare a commercial kitchen, vents, other openings and their filters with an ordinary kitchen in your home. It’s not nearly the same.

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Instead of self-cleaning, call trained professionals who have worked with devices of different shapes, sizes and in different conditions so far. Thanks to their equipment, they will do this job much faster, easier and may diagnose some problems that you did not notice. In the end, you will get more time for some other jobs that you have to deal with, because professionals will work hard on this problem.

4. Lack of knowledge

Experience is very important, but it is equally necessary to have all the necessary knowledge. This does not only apply to the cleaning process that you can learn yourself. When we say this we mean knowledge that includes the operation of all devices, their specifications as well as the entire system. Experts know all this very well and that is why they can adapt to different commercial kitchens. Their task is to apply their knowledge of individual devices in different situations. It is important to keep your kitchen clean, but we must not forget about the correctness of the machines. They have to work well at all times, because when there is too much fat, they break down.

Things like this may not be so obvious, but experts can’t miss anything. They have their own ways of checking the correctness and can also help you maintain the device. We are thinking of very useful tips that you will hear from them. This way you will be able to take even better care of the machines. Of course, not all experts are equally professional in their work. And so dedicate yourself well to finding the right company. Choose companies like greasetraplasvegas.com that have been operating successfully for many years.

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3. Device damage

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Lack of knowledge can bring you big problems and so don’t be persistent if you just can’t do this on your own. It is a mistake to think that you have fully understood the procedure after reading on the Internet what all the steps you need to take. This is knowledge that cannot be properly implemented, because the whole process is much more complex. For example, when you start cleaning, all filters, covers, etc. are removed first. However, doing this incorrectly can damage these components. Once you do this they become unusable and that means you need new equipment. So, you are creating some unnecessary expenses for yourself. We must not forget about testing, experts will know how to do this, while you may not.

This is because they know how the whole system works and will very easily realize that it is not clean enough or that there is another problem. If you miss this, and you have reinstalled all filters and other components, you may damage the devices and cause a fire. So let the right people take care of the grease trap. This way, you will not end up with clogged pipes, bad sewage and lost money on expensive repairs or replacement of parts.

4. Endangering security

Excess grease deposits on kitchen appliances are harmful for many reasons. In addition to fire, it can release very harmful substances that are toxic to the human body. After a long working day in such conditions, a person is constantly exposed to smoke, high temperatures and other harmful things. In this way, you reduce the safety of employees, and if the cleaning is not carried out according to the rules and regulations, you risk their lives.

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Make sure your workers are always healthy and satisfied in their work environment. We know that you will not knowingly endanger their health, but you must think of some unforeseen situations. When you have happy staff, they will work even better for you, because they will appreciate you more as a boss.

5. High costs


Self-cleaning may seem like a great way to save money, but in addition to all the serious consequences you can cause, there is another one. This refers to the extremely high costs you can create for yourself. The reason for this is precisely the lack of expertise, knowledge and experience. Unlike you, experts have them and they know how to cope with the whole task. Even when faced with a risk, they know how to deal with it. They also know how to treat each device and the entire system properly, which means that it will not damage it. Otherwise, you can pay dearly for certain parts if you damage them during cleaning or even higher costs due to fire.