Should You Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

It is quite a big ordeal to have to get into a legal battle in the first place, and it becomes even more so when you have to get involved and it isn’t even your fault. In most accidents, you and the other driver can just exchange insurance information and go about your life.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, does it? Sometimes, things get a little more complicated than usual.

A Slice Of Life


However unfortunate, we live in a world where things aren’t always fair. The process doesn’t always work in a seamless manner in which you can just exchange insurance details. This kind of proceeding may not get you the justice you deserve, or maybe the insurance company has suddenly come back to blame you to avoid a payout.

If you know you are right, then you might do well to get in touch with someone like to help fight for your rights.

The Nature Of Insurance Companies

We all know that insurance companies are not always fair when it comes to offering payouts. So when you are considering whether or not you should get a lawyer for your accident case, you need to see the deal on the table.

Sometimes it is very clear that the other driver is at fault, and you had nothing to do with it. For instance, if the police had found that they were under influence of alcohol then you would probably be given a settlement pretty quickly.

However, even if you are offered a settlement you might want to get a lawyer, as they probably didn’t give you as much as you are really entitled to.

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A skilled attorney can help put all the facts on the table, such that the court can see the full extent of your woes post-accident. In this way, you should be able to pull out a much higher settlement offer.

Should I Do Anything On My End?


In any legal predicament, evidence is the most important aspect of a winning case. In an accident case, the more evidence that you pull together, the more money can pull in as compensation.

Although this first one is not always feasible, it may not be a bad idea to take a few pictures of the accident scene. However, if you are severely injured or need to be taken to the hospital see if you can get someone that can take them for you.

Unfortunately, during the heat of the moment and the sudden nature of the situation, the legal stuff isn’t really the first thing on your mind. Hence, post-accident usually your attorney will try to get their hands on local video footage or something of the sort wherever it seems to be possible.

However, there is something that you can and should do! Right after the accident, start collecting your receipts. That means all of your hospital and healthcare bills after the accident. People usually forget to tally in their paychecks, especially if they have to miss work because of the accident.

All of these things can make your case more compelling and help you get the most out of your potential settlement or payout offer.

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It May Not Always Get To This

If the situation that you were involved in was quite minor, and nobody seems to have been involved, odds are you might not need a lawyer. However, it would be highly advised to still consult an attorney of your choice.

Although insurance companies and their employees are not to blame, they, like any other business, are structured to make profits. That means ensuring the least number of payouts and giving out the smallest settlements possible.

If a given insurer is faced with a major expense and a potential loss as a result of paying out your claim, chances are they will fight tooth and bone to resist the payout.

In such cases, you will definitely need a skilled attorney who has got your back!

What Could Happen Without A Lawyer?


If you don’t have a proper lawyer who can back you up where it counts, there are a few possible scenarios.

One, the insurance company you are dealing with can try and push the payout by a few months, or even a few years! When the insurer of the driver at fault does something like this, you may not have funds on hand when you are in the most need. Usually, after an accident, we are met with steep medical expenditures, and probably won’t be able to get to work. In a time like this, every penny counts!

Two, they offer you a settlement and payout on time. Well, that usually means that they had pulled a fast one over you! You may have ended up getting a lot less than what they were actually liable to pay you. With the help of an attorney, you might be able to investigate the case to its fullest extent such that you can build up a solid claim for the full amount you deserve.

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Three, you may get absolutely nothing! This is actually a very real possibility, seeing that insurance companies usually have vast resources at their disposal. They are legally allowed to, and they will try and avoid paying a claim wherever it may be possible.

Summing It Up

It can be quite a drag to go through all these proceedings, but you sometimes just have to if you seek to get the justice that you deserve. With a world-class legal system, citizens are indeed enabled to enjoy their rights to the fullest!

However, you must know what your rights are if you hope to get the most out of them! Although car accident cases don’t always require you to get a lawyer, sometimes you just have no other option.

Car accidents can be a tough time for your family, seeing as there would be high medical expenses that you may not be able to afford. You may be too injured to get to work, and honestly, they just aren’t fair! When faced with a situation like this you may be better off having an attorney on your side who can help you stand up for yourself while you focus on nurturing yourself back to good health.