Is There A Leveling System In Destiny 2

With the release of the game in 2017, Destiny 2 has always been a fan favorite and is very popular in the gaming community. It is a free to play multiplayer online game which requires shooting skills from its players and is available on all major gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Since the game is still relatively new, it is understood why fans go gaga every time a new level arises or they level up. Leveling up, like in every other video game, is based on conquered and completed stages of the game. Many guides are available online which provide information to the players about various levels and other aspects of the game. You can check one such guide at

Destiny 2 remains one of the most confusing games ever, with not much literature available. Once you start playing the game, you would become aware of its different levels and plot. For your additional information, stated below is a list of all the leveling systems present in the game Destiny 2.

1. Base power levels


These are the basic power levels of your character in the game but are not usually displayed anywhere on the game screen. This is one of the most important power levels for you, as it directly affects your character’s health and skills. It is the average of all levels conquered along with the weapons and the armors earned and owned. Base power level does not include your modifications but does include unequipped, higher-power gear in your inventory and your vault.

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2. First 20 levels


The first twenty levels of Destiny 2 are similar to other video games available in the market. What makes it more interesting than the rest is its superior quality graphics and the game plot, which keeps players gripped to the very end. The first twenty levels are filled with action and adventure, and all the conquests that you will win would provide you with additional XP and this can prove to be very useful in getting on to the next levels.

Up until the first 20 levels, the game plan is very simple. You see an enemy, you shoot them and gain XPs, which help you in leveling up. Every time you level up, you earn some reward. These can be gold, any weapon, and in some cases, gears, which can be very useful in the further levels.

3. Power Levels

Power Levels, or “Lights” are a fancy term used by the game developers to denote the gaming level and your position in the game. Every armor, gear, and weapon that you collect and own during the life of the game together decide your power level. This simply means that you can increase your game’s power level by buying new weapons and better weapons and gears from the shops present in the game, or by exchanging weapons for the gold earned during the game. The gear and weapons also possess a combining power. This means that two gears can be forged together to form a new one. The newly made gear would be much more powerful and efficient than the previous two, and thus, would increase your game power and level.

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4. The Caps


There are three cap levels in Destiny 2, the Soft Cap, the Hard Cap, and the Pinnacle Cap. All these cap levels are placed in a hierarchy, based on the difficulty and number of tasks of the levels. The soft cap is the easiest of the three. Almost every gear can be combined with this cap to gain a level up.

After you are done with the soft cap, you will encounter the hard cap. These are not as easy to use as the soft cap, and require the players to perform and complete certain tasks to level up. Completing weekly activities would then result in gaining the pinnacle cap.

The pinnacle cap requires strong armor and gears to be combined with and works only in certain activities of very high importance and significance. These include raids, wall climbs, dungeons, and other important things.

5. Damage Scaling


Damages caused to your character in the game will surely affect its working and fighting skills, thus reducing your base power level. This simply would reduce your damaging skills, and you would receive more damage than you give, thus losing the game. It is advised to not let the damage scale drop after a certain percentage, as recovering from it is not always an option.

6. Max Level

Players have to cross all levels of the game to reach the max level, which consists of the endgame. For reaching this level, players can mix and match with different gears and weapons and can convert them into the best ones possible using the different recipes. Players need to have the pinnacle gear cap to ace this level, otherwise, it is going to be very hard.

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7. Seasonal Events


Seasonal events like the Solistice and Halloween see the surge in the number of players and thereby, Bungee ( the developers of Destiny 2) keeps on adding additional special levels and drops accordingly. It is advised to be active with the game and follow it to get the best out of it. The Heroes of Solistice and the Festival of the Lost can help players maximize their XPs and game levels, regardless of their current positioning in the game.


Whether you are just beginning to play Destiny 2, or are a pro already, all the above mentioned information about the different game levels can come in handy whilst playing. This information, when combined with good playing skills and a constant game plan will definitely help you ace the game in a short time, and would bring you fame in the gaming community.

However, one must not forget that games are created to have fun and relax the mind. Be mindful of your playing hours and try to keep it to as minimum as possible. Destiny 2 was developed by Bungee and is now available on major gaming platforms.