Your Wedding Can Explode. Here’s Why!

Are you about to get married, or are you planning to? Well done! You’re potentially about to enter the most important period of your life when your dreams come true, and you settle down with the person you always hoped would be by your side.

At least, hopefully. Although marriage is amazing and serves to unite two people in more than just body and soul, it can also break up incompatible (or even long-lasting) relationships and, unfortunately, hearts as well.

The modern world has stacked expectations on our shoulders: our weddings should be flashy and over joyous, displaying opulence and trust between the couple, making sure everything sees how enamored and perfect they are for each other – or otherwise it’s gone “badly.”

The truth is that having a “disappointing wedding,” as unimportant in-laws and acquaintances would consider, is the very least of your worries. Not only because it doesn’t matter what they think, but also because a lot more can go wrong than boredom or a lack of flair.

That is why this article has been dedicated to the importance of insurance. “What is wedding insurance?” Click here to find out how your day can go very badly and how you can protect yourself against that!

What’s Wrong With My Wedding?


Absolutely nothing! Although I wholeheartedly support your upcoming wedding and am genuinely happy to hear you’re about to make a romantic commitment, the unfortunate truth is that there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Not to panic you, of course – but most people stress over the fact that their wedding stationery isn’t the right color instead of finding ways to avoid any potential troubles that might arise – which is a horrible mistake!

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You certainly should not despair, however. Your wedding is unlikely to go up in flames, as the title might suggest. On the other hand, there is the probability that it might happen. Let me explain.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

As expected, weddings usually have more than fifty guests. And wherever there’s a large crowd of people, there’s also chaos, mayhem, and a lack of organization. Unless you’ve been an event host all your life, you’re probably going to get overwhelmed with the logistics of setting up a wedding.

The real issue is your guests.

“My guests? How can you say that!?” some might exclaim. While I’m sure your guests are wonderful people with only the best of intentions for you, the truth is that any situation that negatively affects them could snowball into a tragedy for you.

The reason for this is because US law states that the host of any event is legally responsible for any harm, injury, or similarity that affects their guests. If one of your guests falls from two stories up high and breaks some bones, then you’re going to have to pay for their treatment, in one way or another.

How Can My Guests Affect My Wedding?


I’d like to make it very clear that your guests will not come to your wedding with the intent of disrupting it. Weddings are very emotional events, however, and where people’s emotions are on fire, it’s likely something might catch aflame and spread.

Quite literally, in fact. I personally attended a wedding in which the best man – an adolescent boy – accidentally brought the altar candle too close to his head while congratulating his cousin, the groom, thus catching his hair on fire. He wasn’t harmed in any way and only had singed a small patch before putting it out.

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Thankfully, that happened outside the United States. If it had happened within, then the probability of a lawsuit being thrown around would have been quite high.

Do you see where the problem lies? According to law, the hosts of the event are responsible for that situation since they are legally obligated to ensure the safety of anyone on the premises.

While it has the potential not to explode, some litigious climates might lead to the boy’s mother deciding to sue the happily-married couple, thus ruining their wedding and their financial future.

That’s not all. You invite an old buddy of yours to a wedding, and they ask, “Can I bring a friend?” You say sure, but then they bring someone that starts making trouble. Even though you might try to ignore them, at one point, they drink too much, slip over a loose cable, spill champagne over an expensive audio system, and bring down three LED televisions while at it.

Guess who is going to have to pay for all of that. Additionally, the loose cable is considered a “premise liability,” which means that your rowdy guest has grounds to sue you since you didn’t ensure their safety.

How’s that for your wedding exploding?

Can I Protect My Wedding Against Trouble?


Of course you can! As previously suggested, insurance is the best way to protect yourself against common surprises. That brings me back to my very first point: although you shouldn’t despair when planning your day, it’s very important not to make the common mistake of forgetting about protection.

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Almost a million things can happen between planning your wedding and the ceremony itself, let alone the reception. If a problem doesn’t arise during planning, expect to deal with it during the ceremony. If both are going perfectly fine?

Have fun expecting a reception tragedy.

The takeaway from this is that if anything bad happens during your wedding, then it’s been meant to happen. You can fool-proof everything only to miss an inch of a spot, which might be exactly what’s going to trigger a bad event.

I’m not saying your wedding absolutely, completely, and utterly will have a bad scenario crop up. But if it does, then the only way you can quickly resolve it and continue your wedding as planned is through insurance. Otherwise, your mind will be racing with ways to pay off sudden expenses instead of ways to compliment your spouse.

Better Safe Than Sorry


Your wedding might go perfectly fine. Your bad scenario might be so small you might not even remember it a week after. However, in the event that it’s not, your wedding will be ruined, and you’ll regret it for a long, long time.

Don’t put yourself at risk of that. Opt for wedding insurance and rest easily at night!