5 Things to Know Before You Go Kayak Fishing

It is no secret that any hobby today can easily get very expensive as you get more familiar with it. You try to get better, you start spending more time on it, but in the end, you can’t get better because you lack the necessary gear or because you have been following the wrong steps. Even after investing hours, days, or weeks into this new hobby of yours, you still find yourself in the same spot. Kayak fishing is no different.

So, before you find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on gear for this hobby, it may be a good idea to take a step back and learn about the essential things you must know before you go kayak fishing.

We have done the research and we’ve seen what people are saying on this topic which is why we wrote this article to provide you with all of those things you have to know.

No need for a high-end kayak

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We know what you are thinking. If you go fishing tomorrow without one of the more expensive kayak models, you won’t have a good time. But, that is very far from the truth.

There is definitely no need to go for the best of the best, especially as a beginner. But, you should be looking for advice from more experienced people on the matter to ensure that you buy the right type of kayak for you.

Otherwise, you could end up with some of those very cheap models that can’t even hold your weight. This is going to result in you tipping over all the time, and that is definitely not a fun experience.

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As a beginner, we recommend that you look at the $200 or $300 price range. Models in this price range are not particularly great, but they are more than enough for any beginner. It’s going to keep you afloat at least.

If you feel like those around the $300 seem and feel too cheap, you could always check out the second-hand market. It’s full of solid kayaks in an okay shape. It might not look great, but it’s going to the job and you could probably grab it for a fraction of the original price.

Don’t risk your favorite fishing rods

If this is the first time you are getting on a kayak for fishing or one of the first times, we suggest that you ignore your best and favorite fishing rods. This time around, it’s best to go with the worst and cheapest one you got.

Why? Well, since you do not have any experience, you could easily tip over, fall off or who knows what could happen. In those moments, as you tip, you won’t exactly be paying too much attention to your fishing rod. It can, and it probably will fall off your kayak. You will not be happy while watching it sink down to the bottom of the barrel, that’s for sure.

Instead, if you just go with one of your cheaper $20-$50 rods, your wallet won’t feel the damage done even if you do lose them. Of course, $50 isn’t free, but much better than losing a rod valued at $300, $500, or a lot more.

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Never go without a life vest

Source: kayakfishing.blog

No matter how experienced you are with fishing, boating, or swimming, it is never a good idea to go without a life vest. A life vest that you will have equipped at all times.

We know, a life vest can be heavy, annoying and it is going to make you sweat. A lot. Especially during the summer season. But, sweating is several times better than endangering your life. Even the most experienced kayakers wear a life vest (or at least they should) because one bad moment is more than enough to put you in a sticky situation from which you can’t get out.

However, keep in mind that not every life vest is created equal. Spend into this kind of product as much as you value your life. In other words, as much as you can afford. If you visit here, you will find a whole assortment of high-quality vests. See which one provides the right features that will satisfy your needs.

Proper sun protection is vital

If you have already done fishing on a boat then you probably already know this, but it is still something that we have to mention every time. Staying under the sun for too long can be dangerous for both sick, healthy, young, and old individuals.

Take care of yourself at all times from any dangers. This means that you will need sun protection clothing. A hat is a must, a face mask is recommended, high socks are a good idea to protect your shins and feet, and gloves too could save your hands from burning up.

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And of course, you shouldn’t be going anywhere without sun cream. Make sure to apply some sunscreen before you leave your home and reapply every two or three hours while on the kayak.

Pack enough food and liquid

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If you plan on going kayak fishing, you will probably be out there throughout the entire day. However, the difference between this hobby and regular boat fishing is that you will be spending a lot more energy. You won’t be sitting around all day and waiting for a catch.

There is a lot more movement involved in kayaking which means you will need to pack enough food and water to hydrate accordingly. Trust me, you will often get thirsty and hungry while out on the water. Pack a few extra sandwiches than you usually do when boat fishing.


That is about it. There are probably a few more useful things you should know, but as a beginner, we believe this is more than enough information to get you through your first day. Process this information, go through this first day, and then you can come back to further research and explore this hobby.