4 Things to Know Before Using Recruiting Software for Your Business – 2024 Guide

Recruitment is not a simple process and requires a lot of hard work. You have to post the job offer and wait for candidates to apply. Afterward, you will go through their CVs and shortlist a few, which is the toughest task to do. And then comes the interview session, which is not easy too. Afterward, you need to carry out a background check especially if the recruitment is for a job that needs secrecy.

So what if there is software that can do all the tasks of recruiting? You can conduct interviews if you want to but all the other procedures are done by an automated program. How good that seems, right?

Staff Glass is one such software that can do the job for small businesses. So if you have a small or medium-sized business and you want to cut down the HR department cost, this software can be of great help to you. It will confirm the eligibility of the employee through a thorough background check. This includes checking for any drug involvement and completion of tax forms. You can learn more about it at www.staffglass.io

Should you use recruiting software?

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Such a system is of great help when you want to save time and money. The whole recruiting process takes time and you will need specified personnel to do so. A person should be always there to do background checks.

So you will need to hire an employee, which will cost you his monthly pay. Likewise, every time you hire a new employee, he will do a background check personally and that will take some time.

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The background check involves, checking the identity through identification card and e-sign document management. Moreover, it also involves doing background screenings and in case the person has a police record. You will also do an occupational health assessment because you will need to give him employee insurance and health benefits. All these factors will combine to form the background check. But doing it physically and manually takes a lot of time.

However, if you use an automated program, it will run through various platforms and check every command.

Thus, in the end, you will get the result that whether that person is clean or not. Furthermore, the only cost will be to buy the program and an employee who will run it. Thus, you will have to pay less salary and this will also save a lot of your time.

But the problem arises when you plan to buy a certain program. There are plenty of options available in the market so how will you decide which one to choose? Here is a guide for you.

1. The customer support offers

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Of course, every program will offer some sort of customer support but you need to check what they are. For example, CRM is a SaaS business that means they will offer software plus services. So you are not only paying for the program but also for the services that you will get any time. And don’t worry there won’t be a huge price difference. This is something that they are willingly offering to their buyers.

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However, you might also encounter a very good program but you need to pay for after-sale services. So if you choose such software, you need to ask them a few questions. These include;

  • Whether they have an in-house service team or not. An in-house team will be more responsible for your business problems.
  • If the company keeps a customer service track record. This is a basic thing to do and it also ensures their reputation. Other customers can decide whether or not to get the service based on reviews from previous customers.
  • Does the company provide an online knowledge bank? This is for the learning of employees. If you are introducing completely new software, you need to train your employees according to it too.
  • You can also ask if the company provides training or not. Usually, some good companies include free training of employees as part of their package.

2. About regular updates

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The thing about automated programs is that you need regular updates. As humans need continuous learning, programs need updates. This allows them to work according to the changing situations and environment.

For example, the Government announces a few more tests for workplace settings. However, your software is set according to the previous regulations. This will make it miss the new tests and thus, you might encounter a problem.

Therefore, before you purchase the package, make sure that you get regular updates. This is not an option but a necessity and an important aspect for smooth working.

3. Do you get the tailoring option?

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Every company has its specific working manual and standards to deal with things. Therefore, you need to do certain settings on every program and set it according to your company’s needs.

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For example, if you are hiring an employee in the food business, you will need different background checks. Because it may include your business secrets that you do not want to let the competitors know. Therefore, it is highly possible that the new employee is a spy from your competitor and is there to steal your business secrets. A drug test won’t be of any help to you in such a situation.

However, recruitment of police officers and drug regulatory authorities, the requirements will be different. Those officers must be free from any such addiction.

4. Are you getting everything you need?

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As mentioned above, every business has its set rules and regulations. Therefore, their work is different from each other. So when you are searching for recruiting software, you have to make sure that you are getting everything that your business needs. Some software also provides marketing tools that enhance your job postings and advertising. Furthermore, you can use the same tools for other things too.