How Hard Is It To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen?

Broken glasses are one of the common drawbacks that most smartphone users face in their day-to-day life. A fall from a shorter height can also be a reason for cracks or damage in mobile phones. Sometimes users might prefer to use the smartphone without implementing a protective case.

So a mobile phone without a protective case is prone to damage and a phone without tempered glass will break easily. If the mobile is dropped on a hard surface or if your mobile is inserted into a pocket that is already overloaded, then there are possibilities for breakage or damage. So people should make sure to avoid doing this to maintain the phone in a better way.

Despite the situation, sometimes the phone might be damaged accidentally, which no one can predict. In this situation, if the phone is completely crushed, the user might replace the mobile, or if the screen is damaged, the user might prefer to replace the same with the help of an expert. So people can find some common glass replacement tips if they prefer to replace it themselves. can help people with a better way to replace the broken phone screen.

Is Fixing A Damaged Screen Hard?


Yes! It might be hard for common people as various tools are required to replace the glass in mobile phones. The tools required for replacment might vary according to the model, but a mobile phone will generally be sealed by using certain screws and hock locks. So by using a screwdriver and by disengaging the hocks, people can easily dismantle the mobile phone.

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But it is better to replace the screen with the help of an expert as the expert might have a wide range of experience in dismantling and reassembling the mobile parts in a better way. Moreover, all the parts in a mobile phone are minute, so people should make sure to choose the right technician who can complete the replacement process without any damage.

How Can People Replace A Mobile Screen?

The severity of the damage has to be witnessed first, so soon after witnessing the damage, people can actually decide the actual method for replacement. If the glass is just scratched and the touch system still works, people can use that screen for a couple of days. But if the entire set is damaged, then the possibilities for malfunctions are high, so people should make sure to replace the entire set along with functionality in the device.

Things People Should Consider Before Fixing The Screen


  • First, it is a must to check for some essential criteria before approaching an expert locally. If the mobile phone is under the warranty period, then people should make sure to claim in that particular mobile company. So depending upon the policy, the company might replace the entire device or replace that particular part if the mobile is under the warranty period.
  • Some people might prefer to insure their mobile phones, so people in that situation should make sure to approach the insurance company to confirm the claim-related details.
  • So if it works, then anyone can approach the company to replace the mobile or that particular part from the insurance company. Some companies might send the equivalent amount of cash in bank accounts, so make sure to confirm all these factors before raising a request in insurance companies.
  • If the base layer of the glass is damaged, then it is possible to replace the screen glass alone. But if the screen damage is serious, then the entire set, along with the retina display, has to be changed completely.
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Temporary Resolutions

A cracked glass might damage your hand, so if the screen is working, make sure to add some additional tapes and protect your mobile phone as well as the hands. Just add plastic tape to the mobile phone and make them stick well in the outer layer of the screen. This will avoid the spread of cracks all over the screen. It also protects the hands and makes it a perfect fit for short time usage.

Small cracks can be easily sealed by using super glue. So make sure to purchase super glue if the glass is damaged or broken. This super glue can help people fix the broken glass in a better way. If the screen is still working after having a big crack, then people should make sure to replace it as early as possible because the entire device might be spoiled because of a broken glass.

Changing the glass alone might cost between 10$ to 20$, but changing the entire screen might cost up to 250$ depending upon the mobile phone model. Suppose the entire functionality of the mobile phone is damaged. In that case, there are possibilities of losing the entire money, so make sure to choose the preferred rectification method soon after looking at the type of damage that is in your mobile phone.

Replacing The Mobile Screen


Soon after identifying the type of damage, people should make sure to choose the preferred remedy for fixing the glass. Or, if the screen is not eligible for fixing, then people can easily replace the entire set by approaching an expert in this field.

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An expert can easily identify the flaws in the phones, which eventually results in rectifying the problem in a short time. Replacing the cracked screen is better than fixing a cracked glass as the cracked screen can damage the fingers easily.

Final Thoughts

Hence some of the common rectification methods might help people in a better way to fix or replace their screens in a better way. So make sure to choose the preferred rectification method soon after identifying the type of damage that has occurred to your mobile phone. Sometimes the damages might be critical, and hence the technician might advise users to replace the mobile if the screen cannot be replaced or fixed. So make sure to consult a technician to know all the essential details about your broken or cracked mobile screens.