4 Best Methods for Predicting EPL Football Matches

No matter if you are a sports enthusiast or not, football is one sport everyone played, at least as a child, and even if that’s not the case, they for sure heard about it and are familiar with some basic rules. With that said, we cannot overlook one of the most popular leagues worldwide, and yes, we are talking about the English Premier League. Now, everyone who is a little more familiar with the teams, forms, and follows this league for a couple of years can witness that predicting the outcome of some game is perhaps the most challenging thing to do. Of course, EPL being so unpredictable is also why so many people are in love with it, and one of the main reasons why it is the most popular league in the world. Everything aside, what those who bet on EPL games want to know is how to predict the outcome and which betting method is the best. Well, if you are asking yourself the same question, this article will make your betting much easier, so let’s start.

1. Follow the statistics

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One of the simplest methods to predict the result of the football game is to follow the statistic, but although it may seem like an easy thing to do, it’s actually much more challenging than it seems, and it is necessary to dedicate time to do everything properly. Of course, in the world where we get some new news every second, it can be pretty tough to get through fake news and find the info you are looking for. Following the statistics basically means a lot of things to check, and keeping up with all that info for every team in just one league can be pretty time-consuming, but if you are a football lover, you will enjoy it. For the real EPL fans that don’t represent a problem because they usually play the Fantasy Football, and following the statistic for the whole league is something that they do all the time. But if you are not a great fan of Fantasy Football, before placing a bet on a particular game, find the data on the Internet about previous matches of those two teams. H2H clashes can say a lot about the expected outcome, and sometimes, especially if two teams are huge rivals, their current place in the standings doesn’t play a huge role. One benefit of living in a world with such advanced technology is that there is everything one may need to know about some match in the game preview, and a number of corners, red and yellow cards, ball possession, and player productivity are just some of the information you may find.


2. Listen to the people who follow the statistics for a living

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If following the statistic is not something you are good at, and if it looks too complicated, there is no need to be desperate as there is a solution for that too. Some people are following the statistic for a living, and they share their opinion with everyone willing to listen. Since they are doing it professionally, meaning that they are receiving money for that, keep in mind that those who are doing it for free are probably not as reliable. These experts are spending a lot of time tracking information, and it is literally a full-time job because there is always something new to research, and if you can be sure of just one thing, it is that every piece of information they offer is confirmed. Finding a reliable expert is not easy since, today, everyone can write anything they want and post it online, so reading the reviews is a good starting point. After that all-important research, the best thing is to choose just a couple of them that look most reliable and compare their opinions for the match of your choosing. That can make things much more definite, and you will know whose opinion is worth listening to in the future.

3. Keeping up with the news flow

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The methods mentioned above are mostly for those who are fond of statistics and research, but one can actually get enough info by simply following the latest news. No matter if you follow the news via smartphone, tablet, TV, or like to read some articles from leading sporting websites like the B9Casino, it could be enough to make your betting much easier. It is necessary to read the news before the game because sometimes one player who doesn’t play can make a big difference, and knowing that can change your bet. The reasons for players not playing are various, and sometimes that can be an injury, international team obligations, or personal problems, so reading news from reliable sources can help you a lot. Of course, one thing that can also be of great importance is following social media, as many experts and even some players often offer insight on the squad for some game and overall insight and team news by Twitter or some other platform. Sometimes the club on the top of the table can have a negative score in previous matches against the club from the bottom, and that information can be crucial to know while making the predictions. Of course, surprises are always possible, and history is not repeating all the time, but betting on some unexpected outcome requires a lot of luck, so it is not a good idea.

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4. Forget about the feelings, and never forget the weather conditions

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For many people, it is hard to predict the outcome of the game in which their favorite team is playing, and that can be a problem. Betting on the favorite team is not showing how loyal you are to them, and if they are playing against some much stronger team, it is most likely that you will lose money. Because of that, it is crucial to set the emotions aside and use the information you have before placing a bet, and if you love that team that much, maybe the best decision is to skip that match. Besides that, never forget to check the weather conditions, because it can affect the game a lot, as some teams are not used to play in cold weather, while others are, and that can change the outcome of the match. On the other side, if you are predicting a number of goals, you should know that there will not be a lot of them if it is snowing or raining.