How to Choose an Automatic Mileage Tracker App for 2024?

Anyone riding a vehicle for business or work can claim the tax deduction on mileage. You must note the miles you drove for your business or work and save funds on your yearly tax. Many people, like sales or project managers, business owners, delivery partners, etc., can apply for business mileage reimbursement claims.

But it is not easy to count or keep checking the miles for work purposes. But a tracking app for mileage can easily help in doing this task easily. It is not easy to maintain the logs through manual methods. You require software that automatically counts your working miles and provides the final report.

In the following write-up, you must explore all the advantages of operating the miles counter app and how you can easily find the perfect one. You should also go through all the best car mileage trackers available online that you can buy and get tax deduction claims.

Benefits of Operating Mileage Tracking Tools

  1. Minimizing Human Error: Manually creating, editing, and maintaining the logs is not easy. There are chances of human errors, which can be minimized by operating a mileage monitoring app. You can create a report automatically in which all your work miles will be recorded and maintained.
  2. Minimize Cost: In every business, it is necessary to maintain a log book where the total distance is recorded by the vehicle. The mile tracker app comes at a cost-effective price that can help you maintain the mile count automatically. The application will do the complete task.
  3. Saves Time: Using manual methods to record all the miles that you drive will consume a lot of time. Instead of wasting your time on manual methods, you must use the mile-counting app.
  4. Convenient: The software used for monitoring and tracking drives is quite easy and convenient. The software interface is simple to understand, and anyone can operate it without prior knowledge.
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Best Vehicle Mileage Tracker Apps

1. MileageWise


It is an effective and perfect mileage tracker application that you can consider for tracking and counting the miles you ride for your work. The best feature of this software is the recording option that one can operate from the dashboard. If you desire to know how to monitor the mileage on an iPhone, this tool can help you do so.

You can choose any recording option, but the most convenient one is by using Bluetooth. It is easy to connect your device to your car by Bluetooth and monitor the mile record you traveled by your car and other necessary details. You can check out MileageWise’s mileage app for more features.

2. Quickbooks Mileage Tracker


You can install a free mileage tracker on your phone or other devices. By operating the bookkeeping system, you can monitor all your expenses and calculate tax-related deductions. But it lacks the finder for a tax deduction.

Instead of route planning, you can only count the miles that you have covered, unlike MileageWise. You must switch to other premium plans and buy the subscription for accounting features.

3. Everlance App


You must operate this mileage counter app if you require it to monitor miles during your working hours. This free mileage tracker application is available for everyone who does not desire to operate paid features.

The tool is perfect for mileage reporting. One can also set the rates for several purposes. By operating a google mileage tracker, one can count the miles and easily calculate all the expenses and reimbursement.

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4. MileIQ App


It is another amazing app to track my miles; this mileage monitoring application is completely free for all users. You can subscribe to any plan you like for paid features and get services. It is a simple application to monitor the mileage.

The interface is quite simple to understand. After knowing all the driving classifications, you can divide your trip miles based on time, location, distance, purpose, etc.

Factors to Consider While Picking a Perfect Mileage App

  1. Recording Option: Every mileage tracking application must have a good recording option. After downloading and installing the application, it should be connected to your vehicle to count the miles and monitor your overall journey. An exact mile count is a must factor that you need to show in your application during tax deduction.
  2. Battery: Many mileage applications support GSP, which stays active all the time until your phone is charged. A good app must be battery-friendly and work even if your phone has no battery. You must track the miles even if your mobile is switched off.
  3. Customization Options: Many people find a mile-tracking application that is easy to use and has customization options. Every country has a different tax deduction rate, which needs to be calculated differently. Through customized options, you can track your miles and calculate the tax.
  4. Fuel and Traffic Management: With the distance and time of riding your vehicle, you can also track the traffic and fuel capacity. You can easily analyze overall expenses if you get information regarding traffic, route, and fuel. You can easily find a shorter route and save fuel, tolls, and other expenses.
  5. Snap Statistics: You can monitor all the unclassified trips and count the miles that you drive for your work within a month. It should be simple to track the progress and prepare details for claiming the deductions in tax.
  6. Easy Interface: The application must have an easy interface so everyone can easily operate it without discomfort. All the essential features should be mentioned on the dashboard so you can use them efficiently. To know its features in detail, you must check whether you can access a tool for free.
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The Bottom Line

One can choose a perfect automatic application for monitoring mileage by the mentioned factors. Many good apps are already mentioned in the list, and you can pick any one of them. It is necessary to pick the perfect software for counting the miles you ride during your working hours to claim the deduction in tax as per IRS.