When Should I Hire an Attorney for a Truck Accident in 2024

Traffic accidents are a daily occurrence on roads around the world. Although the causes of accidents are often reckless driving, ie unadjusted speed, driving under the influence of alcohol, fatigue, and so on, often judged by factors that can not be influenced by man – bad weather, an animal that suddenly appeared on the road, a child who recklessly crossing the street, or a motorcyclist trying to overtake you on the right. In any of these cases, the outcome is the same – frequent material damage, and often physical. Truck drivers are people who spend hours behind the wheel. They are usually limited in time by when they need to arrive at a particular destination. Precisely because of this pressure on the time limit, but also the fatigue that is present, the roads are traffic accidents. What are the cases when we need to hire a traffic lawyer?

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You want to charge insurance

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As a consequence of a traffic accident, material damage usually occurs, for which insurance companies should be available to the client. Insurance companies will try to minimize the amount of premium paid, in order to keep the profit for themselves. Then the client will be damaged. It may happen that the claim for damages is rejected by the insurance as legally unfounded due to the client’s role in the accident or there is no adequate collection. In that case, the client has a higher chance of being charged when he contacts a lawyer. The lawyer is there to represent the client in his best interest because he knows the law. If the case is not resolved out of court, the lawyer is forced to protect the client’s rights through the court, where the collection of default interest occurs from the due date of each invoice to the date of payment. They will invest in legal remedies and there may be litigation and thus a higher collection. Having an experienced truck lawyer by your side will protect you from any misleading and you will get the highest amount of compensation even for minor damages. Skilled truck accident attorneys at Slater&Zurz have in-depth knowledge of tort law and the required negotiation skills which will help the injured party to win the case. They are experienced in truck collisions and are so tricky that it will be hard for insurance companies to trick them and reject the claim.

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When you are entitled to damages?

You have the right to compensation if the accident was not your fault, but it can also be realized when the injured party is not guilty of the accident, in frequent situations compensation can be obtained even when there is the fault of the injured party. The injured party who did not drive the vehicle is always entitled to compensation. Compensation for damages can also be realized when the culprit for the accident was not insured or registered. If an enormous amount of time has passed since the accident occurred and when it seems that the statute of limitations for payment of damages has expired, it is sometimes possible to achieve the same. Of course, this is something you can do without an attorney’s assistance. Learn more about it on sutliffstout.com.

When did the accident happen?

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It is not expected from you to hire an attorney the moment an accident occurred. Still, do not wait too long. As soon as you hire it, more chances you have to take the benefit out of the situation. You must be honest and open with your attorney, with no lies and hiding something from him because it could have a countereffect.

The insurance company contacted you and offered a settlement

It often happens that insurance companies rush to assess the damage and call us long before you expected by offering you a settlement. Yes, it sounds great, but maybe you should still contact a lawyer and consult with him to make sure the insurance company has realistically assessed the damage.

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Types of damage

Damage can be material and non-material. Material damage represents any literal reduction of your property, while non-material (non-property, moral) damage refers to endangering your strictly personal goods and feelings (suffered physical and mental pain and suffered fear). and due to the suffered mental pain and fear and reduction of life activity, it most often occurs in traffic accidents. Thus, in the event of an accident, the material damage would be damage to the car and personal belongings of the passenger and non-material damage to the person in the vehicle.

Traffic accident with fatal outcome of a family member

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A passenger who experiences a traffic accident, ie an heir in the event of the passenger’s death, has the right to demand from the insurer to pay him the appropriate amount. The passenger or his heir has the right to demand compensation for the damage suffered from the person responsible for it. The help of a lawyer in these cases is more than welcome.

Compulsory insurance – the policy protects both the injured party and the culprit

According to the Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance, all vehicle owners must have compulsory motor third-party liability insurance. This means that in the event of a collision in which the insured is at fault, the insurance company pays damages to the other participant in the accident, who was harmed. Compulsory car insurance means compensation for damage to third parties, regardless of whether it is damage or destruction of the vehicle or injury or death of a third party.

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Final thoughts

You should know that insurance companies in most cases pay less damages compared to the fees awarded by the courts. That is why it is always advisable to contact a lawyer in advance upon a recommendation, in order to be entitled to full compensation for the damage that belongs to you by law. For example, insurance companies always refuse to pay compensation for the fear suffered if the person has not suffered physical injuries, while the court regularly awards such compensation. Also, damages to vehicles, lost earnings, and even damages for suffered physical pain, mental pain, etc., insurance companies in most cases pay in a reduced amount, according to their calculations. You should always check with a lawyer who deals with this type of case, which is the amount of the total compensation to which you are really entitled so that you do not remain damaged in a certain part.

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