6 Things Destroying Your Sleep and How to Fix It – 2024 Guide

Human health is so fragile. Every change influences our health in a particular way which is why we have to be careful. Big changes aren’t good for us which is why most health advisors state that a perfect balance is very important.

Our body and mind aren’t made to live on only one type of food or drink and we can’t have a lot of everything either. This is why balance is important to stay in top shape all the time. You can have anything you want as long as you balance the good and bad.

Some things besides food also influence our general health, and one of the important ones is, believe it or not, sleep. Good night sleep is important for your health as well as for your life and career goals. What is important to note here is that we all sleep at night and it is fine, but you have to understand that there is a difference between just sleeping and having quality sleep. If you wake up in the morning more tired than you were before you went to bed, plus you are groggy than you did sleep but it wasn’t that deep and quality sleep.

Today we will tell you about things that are destroying your sleep as well as the ways to battle them. There are some quick things to help you relax before bed like these at cbdmd.com and there are other ways to deal with it but they take some time and getting used to. Let’s begin!

1. Not enough light

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Believe it or not, our night routine starts in the morning when there is daytime. Many people that are having issues with sleep are having wrong day routines that are causing sleep deprivation or lack of quality sleep. This isn’t that hard to change and it will not cost you a penny all you have to do is get out in the morning to the sunlight and enjoy. Try to soak up as much sun rays as you can for at least half an hour, because it will benefit you in several ways. It’s a natural source of vitamin D and it will help you settle your sleep problems. You can check out MiHigh and find certain solutions for the good sleep.

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2. Know when to exercise

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Now, we are aware that most of you work and have maybe shift jobs or whatever, but some studies have shown that a night of good quality sleep, with proper sleep cycle exchange happened to those who exercise in the morning. To make things a little easier for you, you don’t even have to work out for long. The study has shown that 5 to 10 minutes of mid to high physical activity will do the trick. Besides a good night’s sleep, you will also reap some other benefits like lower blood pressure, change in your body composition, change in your mitochondria, and change in your cardiovascular system.

3. Bad food timing

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Okay, your food is your life but what if we told you that there is a strict schedule that should be abided by to balance everything else, including sleep. If you like to eat late at night, no matter what kind of food it is, stop right now. All the latest research states that we should not eat anything at least three hours before bedtime. Why is this important? Well if you eat just before bedtime, and as we said already no matter what food or how much, your body or your stomach will start digesting it. This means your body is working through that meal and because of that, you can’t have that well-deserved deep sleep. Your sleep cycles will be moved by the amount of time you need to digest what you ate meaning you ultimately get less of that good deep sleep that benefits your health.

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4. Stop stressing

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Stress is somewhat an indiscriminate killer. We all suffer through stressful periods, we, unfortunately, don’t see the bad effects of it immediately but in the long run, stress is very dangerous for our health. It attacks parts of our life and health part by part and if you don’t manage it in time you won’t live to see your grandchildren. Stress will ultimately kill your sleep in total and can even induce insomnia. To de-stress there are a few things you can do and two important ones that you can easily do are meditation and yoga. These are your stress relievers and they provide good exercise for mind and body whose benefits you will feel the same night.

5. Block blue light

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Now if you didn’t know already blue light is something that messes with our brain and makes us think that it is still daytime instead of nighttime when you should be in your deep sleep. Blue lights influence our internal clock and make a lot of problems for our brain. Blue light is usually emitted by our computers, tablets and smartphones and those of us who work at night or just surf the internet just before bedtime are in huge trouble. This blue light will mess up your sleeping cycles and will not allow your brain to fully lose and enter deep REM sleep. To fight this, it is a good thing to stay off your PC/laptop and tablets and smartphones at least one to two hours before bedtime. If you have to use it, for work, school or whatever the other emergency might be, try and get glasses that can block as much of the blue light as possible.

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6. Try with cannabis

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Now, this here will be hardly disputed but many types of research have established that we have an entire endocannabinoid system in our body that is not being utilized. With marijuana, you activate that system and you reap only benefits from it. CBD is a good start but if you want any effect on your sleep the dosages of cannabinoids. What you are looking for here is CBN which is oxidized THC and it helps with sleep problems much more in lower dosages. If you don’t know what exactly we are talking about then here is the explanation. CBN is an old weed, or simply weed that has been lying around for a while. If you didn’t know the cannabis dispensaries now have entire sections dedicated to sleep problems. That just goes to say that not everyone going in is trying to get high, there are people with real problems that medicinal marijuana can solve.