6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Lingerie for Your Girlfriend – 2024 Guide

Finding the right fit in lingerie is every woman’s dream. Lingerie shopping is a nightmare and more stressful than casual shopping. Various factors come into play while selecting the perfect lingerie. From the right size, the perfect style, to comfort level, everything should be weighed in. In our adventure to find the right fit, we tend to commit a few mistakes without much effort.

If it is difficult for women, it’s even more hectic for men. However, gifting is a nice thing. It doesn’t matter on which occasion you are giving. It’s a small token of your love and affection. One of the best gifts men can give to their partner is lingerie.

However, you don’t just gift any lingerie because it doesn’t convey your love and care. Rather, make sure you put your 100% effort to gift them the right fit to avoid being frowned upon by your girlfriend. Are you intending to present your partner with good lingerie? Or have you been committing the same mistakes again and again when choosing lingerie for your girlfriend? Here’s your guide to proper shopping.

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1. Choosing cheap lingerie

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Choosing cheap lingerie is the cheapest thing you could do in the name of gifting your girlfriend. No, I am not suggesting you go bankrupt over lingerie. But decent quality and brand can go a long way in impressing your girl. Quality and designer lingerie are no doubt pricey. But that’s the way it is. And, some extra expense once in a while is not going to bring you onto roads.

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2. Comfort

Just because you are spending a lot doesn’t mean you can compromise over the comfort. Comfort is the top priority no matter what. Be it designer wear or trendy fashionable wear, make sure it’s comfy. Ensure that the panties and bras are breathable and not too tight. Also, consider the fabric. Is it quality fabric? Is it smooth and soft? Is it breathable? Cheap lingerie probably wouldn’t fare well in quality.

Tight-fitted and uncomfortable lingerie can be harmful to your girlfriend’s health, the last thing you wish.

Cheap lingerie usually uses low-quality fabric that is not smooth rather hard and irritating on the skin. The scars and cuts can hurt your lady. So, the final word is to avoid cheap lingerie and vote for comfort over price. Ideally, you should find something that is comfortable and something which isn’t too expensive. According to HauteFlair, a lot of people are satisfied with lingerie they buy online, but some of them want to try them out first.

3. Think from your girlfriend’s perspective

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Women’s lingerie is not equal to men’s innerwear. Both are different, and proper deciding factors have to be considered. Ask these questions before investing in your gift. Have I seen my girl wearing these kinds of lingerie before? What are her choices? Did she ever wear tight-fitted lingerie? Have you ever observed the straps of her tight-fitted bra? I am sure you will know the answers to these questions. Although it might have slipped your mind, you surely must have observed these things. Recall and decide accordingly.

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If you have gotten the right answers to them, take it for granted that your girlfriend is going to like your well-thought-after gift. However, don’t buy if your choice doesn’t fit into the above questions. Of course, you are gifting her. But place her priorities on top of yours. At the end of the day, it’s her who uses them.

4. Size

This is the most common mistake especially when it comes to undergarments. Most of the time, men are not aware of the size terminology or their girlfriend’s undergarment size, and it is pretty natural. There is nothing to worry about it. You are not out of the game.

However, you have to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all rule here, even though the shopkeeper says so. Would you still fit into your childhood innerwear? No, right? Assuming that your girlfriend fits into any size is as absurd as that.

First of all, do some thorough research on the sizes available. If you want to keep your gift idea a surprise, sneak into your girlfriend’s lingerie and find out her size. That’s it. You are all set with the size.

5. Color

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You must have been thinking “Oh, come on. What’s there in color? I will get her some attractive color.” That’s a big no, dear boyfriend. You don’t just get any random, bright, and attractive color. Lingerie doesn’t work that way.

First of all, observe the dressing style of your girlfriend. What kind of dressing does she prefer? What are the colors that she prefers? Does she like bright or light colors? If she prefers light outfits, attractive and bright colors are a big no. Because they show out of the outfit and you wouldn’t prefer it in the first place. Take neutral and light colors mostly. If you have an idea of all her outfits, that’s great. You are going to make someone happy.

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6. Style

The same logic goes with style too. There is ‘n’ number of styles, and you don’t pick something that appeals to you. Women prefer styles that go perfect under their outfits. If you have an idea of her outfit style, you are good to go. No suggestions are required. Choose the one that goes well under her clothes. Else, make a note of her style or sneak a quick peek into her wardrobe to get an idea. That’s it. Now, you are equipped with all the tools to make the right call.


Choosing the right lingerie can be a challenging task, especially when it’s for your girlfriend. These are a few mistakes men most commonly commit. If you are really caring and loving about your girlfriend, you should avoid doing the same. Follow the tips and make your girlfriend blush.