How to Improve Your Client’s Organic Traffic with White-Label SEO

Expert knowledge, time, and staffing constraints sometimes prevent companies from giving money-making services like SEO to their customers. You can become an agency and provide white-label SEO services with your standard digital marketing services to get around these restrictions.

White-labeling may be the greatest choice in terms of scalability if you’ve considered expanding your business. However, you have not been able to make it work, considering your in-house team.


White-label SEO solutions can be described as a platform or a service that optimizes your client’s digital content. The white-label aspect refers to the fact that it may be completely rebranded and sold as your product. These SEO services will help your local client improve their online visibility on search engines.



Companies are increasingly aware that the organic visibility of their brands and products in search engines like Google or Bing is the equivalent of recognition, popularity, authority, and trust.

Offering SEO services in your agency increases your chances of retaining and getting clients by providing better solutions and growth strategies. This has advantages such as:

  • Your clients do not have to search for a separate SEO agency.
  • You should not pay monthly fees for SEO tools.
  • You get qualified SEO specialists who are part of your team immediately.
  • Possibly not all your clients need organic positioning. Hire SEO services for specific projects in the short, medium, or long term.
  • Increase your agency’s income by offering them more services by retaining your clients.



Don’t believe anyone who tells you that increasing organic traffic is simple. Building organic traffic for your business client’s website is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do as an agency. Building a successful website for your client is also the best investment you can make because these visitors are looking for solutions to the problems that your client’s product or service can solve. They are more likely to convert to paying consumers.

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Improving organic traffic on a business client’s website takes a lot of time, effort, expertise, tools, and experience, which you might not have within your in-house team as an agency. But it doesn’t mean you can’t sell it as a service using white-label SEO services.

White-label SEO services not only benefit your business clients by improving their website organic traffic and providing them with tangible results. But also assist your organization in establishing a reputation as an SEO specialist in the region and gaining a beautiful success story to strengthen your agency’s reputation and credibility.



The way of working varies between each of the marketing agencies. Each company has its own work and communication dynamics. Here are some of the aspects that you should know about.

  • White-label SEO can be intermittent, used only for specific projects or tasks, or hired while building your team.
  • You will be supported by professionals with experience in working with agencies like
  • They send you the reports and strategies using your formats or templates. In the same way, we can send you the information in unformatted documents so that your team can process it internally and present it to the client.
  • If you request it, they can participate in meetings with your clients as part of your team under your agency’s brand to provide you with support and information in front of your clients.
  • You do not have to pay for SEO tools. They already have them and manage them to prepare reports and present you with data-based strategies.
  • All the information you share with us and the strategies we give you are confidential. They do not share any information about your clients or your agency. They sign the confidentiality agreement of your company.
  • They work as a are part of your team, and are available to advise you and clarify all the doubts that arise or the doubts of your clients during the life of the projects.
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Below, there are the most common tasks performed for the agencies, according to

  1. SEO AUDIT WHITE LABEL: With this report, you will be able to present to your client in a very detailed way the current state of their website and the improvements that must be made to position it better.
  2. REVIEW AND OPTIMIZATION OF ARTICLES: They review the articles before publication or before sharing them with the client to ensure that it complies with the technical SEO elements and has a better chance of positioning.
  3. LOCAL PRIVATE LABEL POSITIONING: They analyze if the fundamentals of local SEO are being applied. We share a report with a study of keywords and the necessary technical optimizations to gain visibility at the regional level.
  4. ON-SITE PRIVATE LABEL OPTIMIZATIONS: When the website analysis, keyword research, and ranking strategy are complete, they move on to gradually executing improvements and optimizations on the website.
  5. PRIVATE LABEL KEYWORD STUDIES: They carry out a detailed study and research of keywords for your client, accompanied by our recommendations and suggestions of the most relevant keywords.
  6. SEO REPORTS AND WHITE LABEL PRESENTATIONS: They make any type of presentation or SEO report ready to be presented to the client using your formats, or we simply send you the information in the way that works best for your team and can process the data internally.
  7. WHITE LABEL WORDPRESS WEB DESIGN: They take care of building the modern, scalable website with SEO architecture that your client needs in collaboration with your design team, copywriters, and programmers. We can also take care of everything.
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SEO strategies and positioning are more important in the digital world, given the rise in advertising costs in digital media and social networks.

More and more companies are becoming aware that the organic visibility of their brands and products in search engines like Google or Bing, blogs, or videos are the best advertising.

This is why white-label SEO is essential.