6 Hidden Discord Tricks & Features You Might Not Know About

Advanced technology has changed the way people spend their free time. Most people would rather stay at home and enjoy some music or their favorite TV show. It is the best way to relax and forget about all the problems that we have at work. However, in the case when people feel lonely, they would not hesitate to use chat platforms and connect with other people.

Without any doubt, Discord has become one of the most popular chat platforms in the last 3 years. People were gladly using it during the lockdown to have business meetings or simply chat with friends they can’t see.

Many people do not even know that Discord has multiple functions. People will only use it for the mentioned purposes. However, some features are not that popular. That is the reason why we would like to share some tips that will improve your Discord experience. Let’s find them out together!

1. You Can Control Notifications

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If you are a member of only one discord server, then this feature may not be too interesting to you. However, if you are a member of many Discord servers, then we are pretty sure you would want to control your notifications a little.

The chat platform provides you an amazing feature. All the users can control their notifications by editing the preferences at the channel, user, or server level. Let’s use an example to make things clear.

You can, for instance, edit the unread notification badges. If you want to do that, you need to go to user settings and click on “notifications”. After that, you can mute the entire server that you do not want to receive notifications from. However, if you want to mute the channel, then you need to click on “Mute + Channel Name”. As you see, with three or four clicks, this sort of problem will no longer exist.

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2. You Have the Opportunity to Use Server Folders

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This feature exists for a bit more than 2 years. The reason why developers add it is simple – many of the Discord users were requiring it. So, what do server folders bring to you? They allow you to organize the list of servers in a way that works for you the most. That can be a pretty good solution for all the people that are members of a big number of servers. They will know at every moment where they should click, which messages they should check, etc.

Yet, the story does not end here. If you want to be creative, then Discord allows you to change the name colors, and tweaks of each server. That option will only make the interface of your Discord account even more eye-pleasing.

3. Why Don’t You Use Markdown?

Source: support.discord.com

Unfortunately, not many people even know that this feature exists. Because of that, we decided to mention it in this article.
Believe it or not, you can use Markdown in Discord. For those that do not know, Markdown is the type of lightweight markup language that exists since 2004. Its purpose is to create rich text thanks to the features of the plain text editor.

In other words, Discord Markdown allows you to format and customize your text messages. For instance, you can send Bold, Underscore, or Italics text all the time and make the conversation a lot more interesting that way. All you have to do is to use the appropriate code.

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Yet, there is one more way how you can use different fonts. It is good to mention that there are some font generators such as Bigbangram that can make conversation with other people more interesting. Different fonts can be suitable for different businesses as well. All you have to do is to find the one that meets your expectations.

4. Users Can Also Set Up Discord Hotkeys

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Don’t get surprised if you somewhere read or see the phrase “Keybinds”. Both terms refer to the same feature. The purpose of these keys is to make the time you spend on Discord easier. For instance, you can set up certain keys to complete certain in-app actions. This can be a single key, but if you want more than that, then you can make a combination of different keys for the same purpose.

Accomplishing this task is pretty easy. All you have to do is to go to User Setting and find the Keybinds tab. After that, you will see the option “Record Keybind” where you need to type in the desired key or combination of keys. Some of the actions available are Toggle Mute, Push to Talk, Toggle Overlay, and others. We are pretty sure many users will love it!

5. Discord Bots – Why Not?

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Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Discord, and other social media platforms are using chatbots. As a Discord user, you will manage to find a bunch of them that can complete different types of tasks. Let’s use a couple of samples to make things clear.

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One of the chatbots that may grab your attention is GameStats. This tool allows you to rank different gaming profiles and stats whenever you play games against friends. Despite that, there is also a TriviaBot that comes with some amazing quiz-themed features. It is good to mention that all these bots are free, but not everyone can add them to a server. The admin of the server is the only one who has that type of permission.

6. Why Don’t You Buy Discord Nitro?

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The basic version of this amazing chat platform may not meet your requirements and expectations. In case you want to get some additional features, buying a Discord Nitro can be a good choice. The advanced version allows you to send bigger files to other people, upload the GiFs that you create on your own, share the better quality of the screen, etc. Unfortunately, there is no free version, so you will either have to pay 5 dollars a month or 50 dollars a year. However, we believe both things are going to be affordable for many.

Final Thought

As you see, using Discord can be much more interesting than you could imagine. All these tricks will ensure more interesting communication with people or business partners. Are you ready to try out some of them?