What’s The Difference Between Beard Oil And Beard Balm

If you are just starting out on your long journey of beard care, though it may seem confusing at first, it truly is with it in the long run. With both the products providing the common feature of moisturization, one is often left confused on what differentiates them.

Now, whether your beard needs a balm or oil completely depends on what your beard goals are in the long run. For instance, the product to be used would vary if an individual wants to grow out a long thick beard as opposed to an individual who wants to carry out a short well-groomed beard.

A few other factors to question yourself on before settling on either of the products include figuring out your skin type, the environment you are exposed to at work, and whether you want your beard to have a shiny finish or a matte finish.

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Let us take a quick look at both of the products at great depth down below.

Beard Oil

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Most of you must have heard of the famous beard oil that many celebrities use to keep their beard glowing and healthy. The product comes with a myriad of features. A significant one being ,it holds the capacity to be used on all types of beard, may it be rough or thin. The product proves to be highly beneficial when the growth of your beard is just starting out. As mentioned earlier, the oil helps provide moisture to the beard as well as skin. This in turn prevents dealing with the nuisance of flaking skin or even dandruff. The new beard that breaks your skin barrier can cause itchiness. The beard oil comes to the rescue and calms this inflamed skin.

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The application of beard oil can be done throughout the beard. The beard oil acts as an oil-based moisturizer that is lightweight and doesn’t weigh on the beard, which otherwise would make it uncomfortable to the user. The application of beard oil is not at all complicated and can be performed quite effortlessly. Due to it being a liquid, its hydrating nature is evident, thus proving to be highly beneficial to the skin under the beard that is short or recently trimmed too.

Using a comb to evenly distribute the oil throughout the beard, amplifies the functionality of this product. It even spreads the oil throughout the beard and helps the oil touch the skin as well as the roots of the hair follicles of the beard. Using a conditioner or silicone products would result in your beard feeling heavy and somewhat sticky. On the other hand, beard oil will leave your beard smooth and silky. Using a comb while applying this product helps to not only clean the beard out of large impurities but also acts as an exfoliant for the skin.

Beard Balm

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Beard Balm is usually used by men who have already started on their beard journey. Thus, this product is best suited for men with a medium-sized beard to a long beard. The beard balm also aids in moisturizing the skin.

The viscosity that comes along with a beard balm is high and thus its texture tends to be thicker as well. The product takes a longer time to get absorbed into the skin or the beard. In fact, it simply exists for a long time on the skin and hair follicles before it chooses to penetrate them and moisture them. Though this takes longer to work, the moisturizing capacity that it holds lasts much longer as well. In turn, the balm not only provides the beard with a shine but also looks into the health aspect of your beard.

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Many may hesitate to purchase a beard balm due to the gunky texture it comes in. Though it may seem to be uncomfortable, it does come with benefits too. The thick texture of the balm holds down stray hair as well as stubborn hair which in turn defines the shape of your beard. Furthermore, this helps in grooming the beard. Another advantage includes it functioning as a styling product for not just your beard but your mustache and sideburns as well.

Additionally, versatility is another feature that balm possesses that allows it to win over beard oil. While your beard oil may keep the skin under your beard healthy, the balm is known to function as a regular moisturizer, hence posing a better benefit over the skin of the face. This enables the users of a balm to use the balm as a moisturizer as well. This proves to be extremely beneficial in summers or dier months depending on the region where you live in.

In case you tend to travel a lot and spend most of your time outdoors, this is the perfect product to invest in as it comes in space-friendly packaging as well and can be used for both the face as well as the body.

Combination of Oil and Balm

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A common query that arises with regard to these products is that if both the products can be used simultaneously. It is suggested to try the products one at a time to test to find what suits you best. If both do the trick, using both simultaneously would do no harm. But even when using both, make sure that the quantity of product used is not too much which would end up in the entire routine being overdone. It is best to use a very small amount of either product and with time increase its dosage based on what your beard seems to need. If getting a glossy finish is your main concern, start with beard oil and finish with beard balm.

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Investing in products for your beard is mandatory and is a form of self-care every man must invest in. May it be a beard balm or beard oil, doing your research as well as testing it out will surely help one reap the benefits of a good beard routine in the long run.