How to Open a Telegram Poll for Channel Subscribers

Telegram polls are anonymous, that no one can see who voted for what. But how do you create them, how do you highlight them, and how do you manage them?

Telegram allows you to create polls in groups and channels directly from the attachments menu. How we go about finding out.

To get more votes in the Telegram poll you will need subscribers. You can do this at And you can find likes and views on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube channel in the special sections of the service.

How the tool came about-After learning that large communities on Telegram often use polls to coordinate their activities and stay in touch with their members through existing bots such as @vote, in an update to the iOS and Android apps Telegram introduced a dedicated tool for opening and managing polls, a welcome addition for sure for large groups and channels with millions of subscribers. These polls can be forwarded to increase their visibility and can also be highlighted to make them visible to more community members.

Polls are anonymous, meaning that no one can see who voted for what. Further down the road, Telegram may introduce non-anonymous polls where voter lists will be public, but such polls will be explicitly marked as ‘non-anonymous’. In fact, Telegram is very careful when it comes to privacy: the company behind the app has no plans to share personal data users have entrusted to it with third parties and has no plans to exploit it for monetization.

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How to create and manage a survey in Telegram


Opening a poll in Telegram is very simple: in a conversation you press the paperclip icon at the bottom left, then choose the ‘Poll’ option, then write the poll title and voting options (maximum of 10 options), and finally press ‘Submit’. That done, all that remains is to wait for other users to cast their votes. By holding over the cloud of a poll you can manage it, so you might see options such as ‘reply’, ‘fix top’, ‘close’, ‘forward’ depending on the permissions you have (you cannot close others’ polls, only your own).

In the video below you can see how to create and close a wave in Telegram.

How to make polls on Telegram – Easy Guide


And here we are with a new guide for YourLifeUpdated readers, especially those who use the fantastic messaging app Telegram, clearly better than WhatsApp in every respect.

Today we are going to look together at the few simple steps to follow to create a survey on Telegram.

The feature has been available on Telegram for several months now, but few users know how to take advantage of it properly.

If you too need to make a poll on your Telegram group but don’t know how to proceed, don’t worry. Below I explain everything you need to know to take a Telegram poll in a few simple steps.

Let’s not get lost in small talk and start with the guide!

Important premise.

Polls are available in channels and in groups and supergroups.

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You cannot create a poll in a private conversation or in a secret chat.

Once created, you can forward a poll (to another group or Telegram channel) to expand the number of voters.

  • Create poll on Telegram – From a smartphone
  • Open Telegram
  • Go to the group or conversation where you want to take a poll
  • Click on the attachments icon (the paperclip you find in the lower right corner)
  • A new window opens: among the various items, click on “Poll”
  • Set the main question of the survey
  • Write down all the answer options (up to 10)
  • Choose whether or not to take an anonymous poll by activating the checkmark on “Anonymous voting”
  • Choose whether or not to allow multiple responses
  • Choose whether or not to enable quiz mode (in which case you must also write the “explanation,” i.e., the text that will appear to those who answer the quiz incorrectly)
  • Press Enter and post the survey on Telegram

Done, at this point you just have to wait for users to respond to your survey on Telegram.

Create Survey on Telegram – From PC and Mac


The procedure is exactly the same as from a smartphone, with the difference that on PC and Mac the paperclip for attachments to press to start the poll is located at the bottom left (and not on the right).

All other steps remain exactly the same.

Fix Telegram poll

If you want to fix a Telegram poll to make it more prominent, the process to follow is identical to the other posts:

  • Log into Telegram
  • Go to the list of Discussions
  • Click the message you are interested in bringing up (in this case, the poll)
  • Among the items that appear, click on FIXED
  • Done: the poll will be fixed at the top of the chat/group, so everyone can see it and vote
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How to make polls on Telegram – Conclusion

Well, with this guide we are done.

Have you seen how easy it is to take a survey on Telegram? You simply need to know the steps to follow.