5 Tips And Rules To Follow When Mixing And Matching Flowers

Despite the belief that women are very complicated creatures, in fact, small signs of attention, like a real bouquet of flowers, are the ones that can make any woman melt. Flowers as a gift is simple and beautiful work that can cheer up your loved one within a few seconds. You don’t have to wait for a special opportunity to do so. Women miss that fluttery feeling from the beginning of a relationship. They love it when you give them flowers, chocolates, sexy lingerie, weekend trips, and more. Many men stop doing this when they win a wife, and they shouldn’t.

However, then when you decide to delight your wife, mother, girlfriend, or any other female person with a bouquet, it is not enough to just walk into the florist and take the first bouquet you see. Each flower and color have its own story, its own meaning. Read below what you need to pay attention to when choosing it.

1. Occasion

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The bouquet you give to someone speaks for you. It expresses love, admiration, respect, support in difficult times, or simply, the joy of living and beauty. Every occasion is good enough to give someone flowers. However, there are some “rules” when it comes to choosing the ideal bouquet for an occasion. If you are giving flowers for a birthday, the first thing you need to keep in mind is whether the person you are giving flowers to is a younger or older person. If it’s a friend or someone younger, choose buds, and if it’s an adult, an older person, blooming flowers is the right choice.

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Rosebuds with long stems, or flowers such as orchids and gerberas, are recommended for engagement.

Patients are usually given smaller bouquets that will not take up much space but will bring serenity to the room, and so on.

2. What kind of flowers to choose from?

Knowing the meaning of flowers allows us to use their fascinating hidden language to communicate in an alternative and romantic way. But be careful, each flower has an exact meaning and it is good to know it to convey the right message.

Flowers are one of the most careful gifts that will never become obsolete and delight both the giver and the recipient. But if you want to give someone flowers, be careful because different types of flowers send different messages.

Orchids bow to strong women, while with fragrant jasmine you send the message that this person has completely enchanted you. Roses are without a doubt suitable for all occasions, depending on which color you choose – red rose symbolizes love and passion, yellow jealousy, while white symbolizes innocence and purity. To tell a person with a bouquet of kala that she is beautiful, and a beautiful and fragrant hyacinth says: Do you still love me?

3. Color is also important

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In addition to the type of flower, its color is also important, because each carries a different meaning. The color of the flowers is just as important as the choice of the flower itself because it carries within it the symbolism of thousand-year-old Eastern love communication. White signifies purity and peace, is a symbol of innocence, goodness, and perfection. Yellow awakens a feeling of happiness and joy and symbolizes new beginnings and enjoyment. These flowers are a gift for someone who has just graduated and sailed into the “adult world”.

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Purple is a symbol of femininity and maturity. Whether the bouquet is made only of purple flowers or the flowers of other colors are combined with purple to achieve depth and contrast, it symbolizes achievement and admiration.

Of course, we can’t skip red – beauty, passion, courage, strength, and lust are just some of the messages that this color carries. There is no doubt that this is a classic, but the best choice for a loved one.

When you think of pink, you mean grace, tenderness, and happiness. Regardless of the appearance of the flower, pink flowers unite youth, innocence, and pleasure.

4. Be creative

When we think of a bouquet of flowers, the first thought for all of us is a classic bouquet wrapped in decorative paper. But why not try something different? Today there are flower boxes, flowers packed in decorative boxes, or combined with sweets. Let the fat run free, find an idea on the internet, and ask a nearby florist if they can make something similar. Today, there are many florists who do delivery, which will save you time. You can click here to find more about international delivery.

5. Why buy her flowers?

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Gift-giving flowers is still a mystery to many men, although a large number of those who know that the shortcut that turns interested into love is sprinkled with flowers. All the research on this topic shows that women like to get flowers even when they don’t really expect it. That is why it is necessary not only to wait for a special opportunity in order to make her happy, you do it often, for no reason, quite spontaneously.

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Final thoughts

One of the most common gifts that women receive from their men is certainly flowers. Giving flowers always carries a certain symbolism, and depending on the color and type of flowers, that symbolism can be different. No matter what hidden meaning a particular flower has, many men believe that this gesture is one of the best ways to win a woman’s heart.

Undoubtedly, the modern market offers a huge number of flowers, various varieties, shapes, types, bouquets of different shapes and designs have been made. If you haven’t tried flower conquest yet, send her flowers. If she is not thrilled, there will be an insignificant percentage of two percent of women to whom getting flowers does not give a sense of specialness. In that case, she doesn’t even deserve you! Men who give flowers to dear women are aware that it is not a gift and its value, but the attention that is not measured by money.