Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Lashes

The ideal pair of eyelashes can complete your makeup look. Tragically, various beauty product companies utilize mink fur for creating fake eyelashes. These animals are restricted in little spaces on fur farms, making them extremely uncomfortable, distressed, and prone to different infections. But the good news is there are a lot of vegan eyelash companies out there that don’t utilize mink, which means you can, in any case, achieve a fuller lash appearance without causing any harm to these innocent creatures.

Vegan Eyelashes

Vegan lashes are primarily made of polysynthetic fibers that can pass as ‘mink’ looking eyelashes and are 100% flawless. Makers of vegan eyelashes claim that their free-of-animal-torture lashes can be used several times. These eyelashes are also comfortable to use and easy to carry as they are extremely lightweight.

Discovering cruelty-free eyelashes is not difficult these days. There are countless brands out there offering vegan lashes that are not made at the cost of these furry creatures. Various fake lashes out there are produced using animal hair. And along with mink fur, they can be taken out of several different animals’ fur or silk as well.

Fortunately, loads of brands bring vegan eyelashes that are produced using fabricated materials or real human hair which sometimes can also be questionable. You would have to see where the human hair has been sourced from and that there is no exploitation there. Fake mink and artificial silk lashes are now available as well which are a better option.

Why it’s time to ditch mink eyelashes

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Mink lashes have usually been depicted as luxury items but they come at a huge cost to our furry friends, the minks. Mink lashes are derived from the fur of genuine mink creatures while some mink lashes emerge from mink fur which has been shaved or killed. The environment where the minks are kept is usually not healthy and a lot of times they are subjected to cruelty.

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Most of the time, they are kept in cages that hurt their paws. In some cases, numerous mink lashes products claim that they are cruelty-free which is highly questionable. Purchasing mink lashes directly contributes to the mink farming industry so if you feel a moral responsibility then it is time to say no to the mink lashes.

What makes vegan eyelashes the best

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While you are not probably going totally cruelty free, you may be progressing in that direction! On the off chance that you have effectively made the change, bravo! The world is awakening, and it’s an ideal opportunity to shop, eat and travel all the more sensibly. Individuals are drifting away from utilizing mink eyelashes, and the reasons are apparent.

For the uninformed individuals, minks are amazingly astute animals. They murmur like felines, and they love feeling free, and that is how it ought to be! On fur farms, which are made to create mink false lashes and coats and so forth – there is usually an absence of a cruelty free environment for these creatures. By choosing vegan lashes, you are not only being animal friendly but also being environment friendly.

What are Vegan Lashes Made of

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Vegan lashes which are really cruelty free are produced using acrylic material. They are the thickest and heaviest expansion choice and the shiniest, giving the most sensational impact. Synthetic lashes give a more made-up look than the other options, so they are helpful for unique events or on the off chance that you need to give up other cosmetics.

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When makers of beautifying products are truthful and liable, they show precisely how and where they source their product ingredients. You ought to consistently search for the right sign/image to realize you are shopping dependably and on a cruelty free pathway.

Similarly, the Ashley Kennedy Eyelashes are focused upon delivering 100% pure vegan and cruelty-free eyelashes to their customers and are a reliable brand of vegan lashes.

Types of Vegan Lashes

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There are different types of vegan lashes and some of them are listed below.

Synthetic Eyelashes

The synthetic eyelashes are perfect for someone who is looking to add glamour to their look. These eyelashes have a thick and glossy appearance. The eyelashes are made of acrylic material which is why it feels a little heavy on the eyelid.

Silk Eyelashes

The silk eyelashes are a great option for the women who are looking to give a natural look to their eyes. These lashes are made from the synthetic material which is a lot better than the acrylic material used in the synthetic eyelashes. The smooth and silky fiber of these lashes allow them to keep their shape.

Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Yes, there are eyelashes that are not made from real mink fur. The synthetic mink eyelashes are made up of premium synthetic material which gives a similar look to the one you get in the lashes made with mink fur. They are a little expensive but give you a lot more versatility and you don’t have to worry about their shape as well.

How to Apply Vegan Eyelashes

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To apply vegan eyelashes perfectly and to get a long lasting result, you will need good quality vegan eyelashes and even better vegan glue. This vegan glue is an environment-friendly product.

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At Ashley Kennedy, you can find vegan friendly and PETA certified eyelash glue, which is approved by experts and is a great adhesive for vegan eyelashes.

  • Now, to apply the vegan eyelashes onto your natural lashes, first map your fake eyelash length and size it according to your liking.
  • Then, apply the vegan glue very carefully on the outer seam of your vegan lash strip with the help of a small brush. Place this eyelash by the help of tweezers directly on your lash line and press it gently. Keep it there and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Well, there you have it, vegan eyelashes are applied. Furthermore, you can apply mascara and curl your lashes according to your liking and then add eyeliner on your upper eyelids to cover any gaps and give them a natural look.

Bring the Change

Each time you decide to support a vegan beauty product, you are improving a moral and harmless industry. You can decline to help cruel practices like this one by picking vegan-friendly or cruelty-free eyelashes. They are easily available, reasonable and can add the ideal sprinkle of glitz to a generally everyday style.