12 Steps To Avoid Losing Your Motorcycle Accident Case

If you’re a motorcyclist, the chances of being in an accident are pretty high. And if you’re in an accident, the chances of winning your case are relatively low. That’s because most people don’t know what to do when they get into a motorcycle accident.

In this article, we’ll try our best to help you understand what you need to do if you get into a motorbike accident in order to win the following case. But first, let’s just get this out of the way – never flee the place of the accident. That’s the first and most important tip.

Now, we can move on to the others.

1. Get Somewhere Safe

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The absolute first thing you should do is get somewhere safe. That doesn’t mean running away, but simply getting out of the way of other drivers. Also, this doesn’t mean you should move the bike. That’s compromising evidence and trust us – if you do this – you’ll probably lose your case before it even appears before a judge.

So, if you can, get up, dust yourself off, and move away from the road. Once you do that, you can move on to the next step.

2. Call The Police

No matter who’s at fault – you have to call the cops. It’s just the way it is. If you don’t and the other person does, they’re going to look a lot more credible than you are. So do yourself a favour and make that call.

But, it’s not just about that. The police just have to come. They will make a report that will be incredibly important later on, and if you want to have any chance of emerging victorious from the upcoming case, you’ll want that to happen.

3. Get Medical Help

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Next up, and probably more importantly, if you’re injured – get medical help. It’s essential. Not just for your health, but also for the case you want to win. The thing is, if you don’t see a doctor right away, the other person’s lawyer will say that your injuries aren’t that bad, and you might even lose your insurance money.

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And even if you are injured badly, without seeing a doctor it will be very difficult to prove it. So, get medical help as soon as possible and make sure to keep all of your records in one place.

4. Get Yourself A Good Lawyer

Here’s where things get quite interesting. No matter what happened, who’s at fault, who was rushing to watch Patrick Mahomes throw five touchdowns, or what the police report says – you need to get yourself a damn good Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer. They’re the ones that will take this thing home.

Now, it’s not just us that are saying this. According to a well-respected Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney from https://www.royceinjurylawyers.com/personal-injury/motorcycle-accidents/, if you don’t go to court without a lawyer – you’ll probably lose or make some mistakes along the way.

What kind of mistakes? Well, how about the following?

5. Never Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer

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Whether it is a waiver, a report, a settlement, a release, or any other legally binding document – you don’t sign it without your lawyer. These are the “little” things guys from insurance companies often try to get you to do so they can get out of this mess without paying you a dime.

So, if you’re presented with a document of any kind, politely decline to sign until you get your attorney to go over it. If they say it’s okay – you can do it.

6. Gather Evidence Of The Accident

If you want to win the case, you’re going to need evidence. And we’re not just talking about photos of the damage (although those are important too). You’ll need photos of the accident scene, eyewitness statements, your medical records, and anything else that will help build your case.

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And if you don’t have this evidence? Well, let’s just say it won’t be easy to win.

7. Stay Off Social Media

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This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Whatever you do – stay off social media. Why? Because anything you post can (and will) be used against you in court. So, even if you’re just posting about the weather that day – think twice before you do it.

8. Don’t Speak To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

This is another no-brainer, but we’re going to say it anyway. Never – and we mean NEVER – speak to the other driver’s insurance company. They will try to trick you into admitting fault, or they’ll downplay your injuries, or they’ll do anything they can to not have to pay out on the claim.

We believe your attorney will tell you the same, but just in case you’re pressured to talk before you get your attorney on the line – just don’t say anything. Insurance companies can’t get you to talk, so don’t do it!

9. Keep A Diary Of How The Accident Has Affected Your Life

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This one is important for two reasons. First, it will help you keep track of everything that’s going on. And second, it will be useful evidence in court.

What should you include in this diary? Anything and everything related to the accident and how it has impacted your life. This includes things like doctor’s appointments, missed work, pain and suffering, etc. With the right legal representation, this can be the final blow for you to win the case.

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10. Request A Copy Of The Police Report

Always make sure you get a copy of the police report. This will have important information that can help your case, so don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need it. This is an instrumental piece of evidence you most definitely need.

11. (Don’t) Contact Your Insurance Company

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Basically, there are two things you have to do here – contact your insurance provider and don’t talk to an insurance adjuster.

You have to talk to your insurance provider in order to let them know about the accident and start the claims process. However, you should avoid talking to an insurance adjuster at all costs. These people are trained to get you to say things that will hurt your case, so just don’t do it.

If you do, there’s a good chance they will deny your claim or use those statements as evidence they’re fully within their rights to decline the claim. Either way – you’re toasted.

12. Be Patient

This process can take a while, so it’s important to be patient. It might be tempting to just want to get it over with, but trust us – you don’t want to rush things. If you do, you might end up making a mistake or settling for less than you deserve.

So, just be patient, follow our and more importantly your lawyer’s advice, and everything will work out in the end.


There you have it – 12 steps to avoid losing your motorcycle accident case! Just remember to get a good lawyer, gather evidence, and be patient. Do all of that and you’ll be well on your way to winning your case!