Flowers That Last a Long Time For Your Loved Ones

A Flower is the most delicate thing in the entire world after a child’s laugh. Many believe that a flower is born from the first laugh of a child. Flowers can alleviate any mood. And that is the reason flowers are used in all types of auspicious and happy occasions. A flower bouquet is used as a symbol of love and affection in courtship, and it is also protected from evil spirits. In olden times, people considered the flower as the indicator of the arrival of spring.

Flowers are significant for our survival as they provide freshness to our food by their aroma, sweetening our dishes with their flavor, and many other such benefits. Also, the fragrance of these plants is pleasing to our nose and is responsible for keeping away insects like mosquitoes from the house.

In addition, flowers provide a home to various living creatures like butterflies, dragonflies, wasps, bees, and ants, which are why people consider plants as their best friends. Without flowers in the air, people will have to face asthma, coughing, and other similar respiratory diseases.

A gorgeous flower arrangement can be the last missing piece to complete your home decor. It is the sure way to transform the dining, living or any other room you place it. Nothing in the world can be a better gift than a flower or a flower bouquet.

Here are some of the choices to consider to help you find flowers that last a long time for you and your loved ones. For more information, visit Empress Floral.



You most probably love orchids because of their elegance. However, you should also know that they are the flowers that last a long time.

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These flowers that symbolize luxury are sophistication to any arrangement and will keep your base going the strongest. Various orchid types make for flowers that last a long time. Vanda, phalaenopsis, and cymbidium orchids are some of the best options. You must keep them in a cool room to prevent ripening fruits for longevity.



Ranunculus is some of the florists’ favorites when it comes to long-lasting flowers. The flower has brightly colored, ruffled petals that make it a delight for any lively living room. It is also a vigorous bloomer that stands on tall stems with several flowers on the bulb.

Even though the flowers can be confused for peonies, it beats the competition due to the long vase life. It can stay for around a week when it is well taken care of.



Carnation is a delightful flower that blooms with a fresh fragrance that can last for weeks. What’s good about carnations is that they are available in a wide variety of colors, and each color symbolizes something. For example, the dark red expresses deep sentiments of love, while the pink shows gratitude, and white carnations symbolize purity and luck. These are the most common flowers used for weddings and other occasions. They can also be used in several different arrangements, such as being placed in a tall vase, on the top of candelabras, on the side of candles, and so on. The carnations outlast most of the other flowers as they can last for around three weeks.



These are the flowers that are typically used as the filler in bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements. For this reason, lily-of-the-valley is considered one of the more classical types of flowers. And what makes it classic is its availability. You can quickly find these at local florists’ shops as you can anywhere else – nationwide supermarket chains are also carrying them on their shelves. This means that anytime there is an event where lilies will be used as a central feature, you can be sure that there will be florists in your area offering flower delivery services.

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Are there flowers that continually outlast others in your vase? Well, in most cases, they are the chrysanthemums, and most of the time, you don’t even know that. As one of the most popular fall plants, the flower is a mainstay in homes due to its variety of colors and petals and majorly its long-lasting capabilities. There are various options for this flower, such as pompon, spider, spoon, and anemone.



If you are seeking to give someone a flower as a form of thank you, then you can never go wrong with Lisianthus. This long-stemmed, beautiful flower is perfect for the occasion. It comes in various colors such as white, pink, lilac, salmon, and purple. There is also a variety that has mixed colors for versatility. Better still, it will keep the recipient thinking about you for the longest time as it lasts longer. You, however, have to monitor the water you keep on. Ensure you only use clean water. Otherwise, it can go wrong.



Roses are another favorite flower, and they can be attributed to their versatility and vivid beauty. They can be used in many different arrangements, depending on how you would want them to look. You can have them placed in your room, in the corner of your room, in the middle of your room, in a doorway, and in many other places. And since roses are also considered romantic flowers, you can even have them incorporated into your wedding bouquet. Aside from being available in every possible position, roses are also easy to maintain.

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Bottom Line

The list of flower types mentioned above is just some of the many available and one that you can choose for your next occasion. Buying flowers every other day is unsustainable. However, your home needs to look good every day. Instead of struggling with what to compromise, look for flowers that last a long time. You can ask for the ideal type of flower arrangement to use for your service vendor so that the outcome would be something that you and your guests will be able to enjoy. Flower arrangements are considered a suitable means of expressing how happy you are with someone or what the occasion is all about.