How to Play the Spanish Lottery as a Tourist – 2024 Guide

Games of chance know no frontiers, and they are equally enjoyed all over the world. Reasonably, some nations practice trying their luck more than others, but some enthusiasts take pleasure in tempting the gods while they travel, regardless of the destination. That brings us to the topic of today’s discussion, and that is the list of useful pieces of advice on how to play the Spanish lottery as a tourist. Read our 2024 guide and see what you should pay attention to when playing the ponies in the biggest country on the Iberian Peninsula.

What Does the Law Say?

The most important thing regarding any lottery is what the law of the country where the drawing takes place says about the participants. Naturally, the citizens of Spain have the right to compete without question, but what about foreigners and millions of tourists who visit the county every year?

Fortunately, at least when the Spanish lottery is concerned, the law clearly states that non-Spaniards have equal rights to compete and win the lottery, as soon as they buy the ticket. Now, what is interesting about particular Spanish lotteries is that you can try your luck with winning them even if you are not physically in Spain. Namely, all you must do is go to some of the accredited websites, register and purchase a lottery ticket no matter where you might be situated, and wait for the drawing results.

The Tradition


As a tourist visiting Spain, you should know that playing a lottery is not always about winning, moreover, it is about the thrill and the unique atmosphere only anticipation of winning can bring. Surely, there is hardly any living Spaniard that would mind winning the jackpot, but we should emphasize that they believe the chase is better than the catch.

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Bearing that in mind, you should be flattered if a local asks you to join them and try your luck in their company. Be sure that you will not waste your time, moreover, you will have the opportunity both to have fun and compete for the highest prize and who knows, it might be you who takes away the big prize. Also, if you desire to familiarize yourself with the truly free and friendly spirit of Spain, make sure you follow the draw of the lottery with local people.

The Type


We could not speak about Spanish lotteries if we did not mention the big three. Namely, El Gordo, BonoLoto, and La Primitiva are considered the crown jewels in the more than a couple of centuries-old Spanish lottery tradition. Surely, you have all the freedom of choosing which game of fortune you want to play, but we advise you to focus on the aforementioned three since they are recognized as the ones who pay the most.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, we advise you to put your money on BonoLoto, since not only the tickets are not expensive, but you would have the opportunity to get your luck tested six days a week! Reasonably, they cash out the smallest prize but bear in mind that even the lowest jackpot equals more money than a vast majority of individuals earn in their lifetime. We also advise you to visit for additional info that is crucial if you want to play the Spanish lottery.

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When To Play


In a nutshell, you can play the Spanish lottery whenever you feel like it, whether you are visiting Spain as a tourist or you intend on trying your luck online, but we advise you to pay special attention to the winnings once the holiday season sets in. Namely, every major holiday attracts more players from all corners of the world to try and win the jackpot, which becomes majorly increased due to increased interest.

We believe that the odds have nothing to do with the winnings since numerous people tried various techniques to increase their chances of winning and all they ever won was nothing more than a consolation prize. Thus, if you consider yourself lucky, try beating the odds whenever you feel like it, even though opting to go for it during the holidays might put you in a line for the biggest rewards.

How To Play Spanish Lottery

Even though you can buy a ticket online, we advise you to go for the old-fashioned paper ticket and fill it in on the spot. Now, there are two major types of tickets, the single and the multiple draws, where, as the name suggests, you fill in a single or numerous rows with potentially winning numbers. After you submit the ticket or tickets, all you have to do is prepare for the draw and see whether the gods have smiled upon you or you need to try your luck another time.

Winner Takes it All or Not?


Even though some lottery players play the Spanish lottery professionally, rather than recreationally, a vast majority of participants are interested in the main prize. Namely, the jackpot brings the most and you would win one if you would guess all the winning numbers, as simple as that. Unfortunately, nobody guarantees the players that the main prize will be drawn, so participants must settle with consolation prizes.

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Now, do not be tricked by the flattery name, since even the ones who win the consolation prize will end up with a significant sum in their pocket at the end of a day. The winnings depend on how many participants have guessed the numbers correctly, and the amount is determined once the lottery draw finishes.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information on how to play the Spanish lottery as a tourist will help you on your way to winning the jackpot. If not, always remember that you can play the most popular Spanish lottery games no matter where you are, as soon as you have an online connection and good fortune at your side. Whatever you choose, we advise you not to forget to have fun in the process, since that is what games of chance are all about.