6 Questions to Ask a Video Production Company Before Hiring

In the 21st century entertainment, it is all about the visuals when you want to have a quality project with a good chance of becoming fun, engaging, and therefore successful. Modern form of media has evolved in the recent decade or so and it seems that everyone has access to amazing video editing and design. In reality, things are not that easy as there is still a large gap between professionally produced and edited videos and those that individuals like freelancers and amateur designers can provide.

If you often rely on good video production for your projects, you know exactly how important this part of the whole thing can be. You cannot and must not neglect it if you truly want to succeed no matter what you are doing. Since you can hardly achieve something as highly skilled and precise as video production, you will need the help of a team of professionals, and hence the services of a quality and experienced video production company.

How does one hire a video production company though? Is there a right way to do it and what would you even have to mess up to do it the wrong way? Well, it is a complicated question and the answer is anything but straightforward. What can help you a great deal though is how to approach the hiring process. By asking the right questions you can learn a lot about a video production company you are talking to and determine whether or not they are the right people for the job. In this article we will talk about what you should ask them and why.

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1. How long have you been a part of this industry?

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It matters how long a company has been around whenever they rely so heavily on modern technologies. Video editing and production changes quickly with new hardware and software constantly showing up and new practices becoming mainstream and standard. Understanding how experienced the company is crucial and you will have a much better idea about it if you ask them this exact question. They longer they have been a part of the industry, the better chance they have already seen a case like yours and know exactly what needs to be done. There is also a good chance they have seen it all for that matter and know all the ins and outs of their line of work.

2. What type of videos do you usually produce?

Producing commercials, trailers, and video game content is not the same, and depending on what kind of a video you want to produce, there are different factors to consider. Some companies specialize in one or a few areas of filmmaking and video production and they do not cover all of them. You will want a company that deals with exactly the type of stuff you need, or else the final product will be lacking. It is useful to talk about this with the representatives of the company so that you are on the same page regarding how to approach the project and what to use in order to produce it. For example, check out this video production company https://www.ballmediainnovations.com

3. Can I see some of your work?

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You will definitely want to ask for some of their previous work to examine and watch in their entirety. It is only logical because you have to know how well they are capable of doing their work and what the quality of their previous videos is. If you like what you see, great. If not, you can either ask if this is all they did, or if they have something closer to the material you need them to make for you. There is no better way of judging how good any type of company is than reviewing their previous work, and it is pretty straightforward and simple in terms of video production. To manage your video production workflow from A-Z, take a look at this template.

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4. How many clients do you take?

While it may sound unprofessional or maybe even rude, this question serves a great purpose. Large companies usually have numerous projects being done at once, which means they are stretched across multiple stages of multiple videos. On the other hand, smaller companies devote most of their time to only a handful or even just one or two partners at a time. It depends what kind of video you want and how much work it needs, but you should evaluate if it is better for you to pick a large company everyone knows or a smaller and more focused team that will be more hands on and give you more frequent feedback.

5. Can you give me a price estimate?

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Once you tell them everything you have in mind regarding the video you need from them and especially if you like everything else about them, one of the last things left is to negotiate a price. You have to know what their rates are and how they usually price their video production. Have an open discussion about how much you are able to pay and how much room for additional costs there is. If they are serious about their work and confident in their skills, they will have no trouble or issues talking about the prices with you. In case they are unwilling to cooperate, if they charge too much compared to others, or if something else is off, there are always others to consider.

6. What is the ETA?

Last but not least, the video production company should at least be able to give you a rough estimate about when your video will be completed. Experienced and highly skilled teams will know what you need as soon as you start talking about it and begin to think about how to do it as you speak. By the end of your interview they should have a crude timetable which is more than enough for the first meeting. You have to know when you can expect what you are paying for to be finished so that you can move on with your other obligations and stages of the whole endeavor. If they take too long, or suspiciously too quick, ask them to elaborate why if possible. Remember that you do not have to agree to very long estimations if you need it quickly.

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