What’s the Difference Between OV and EV Code Signing Certificates?

Thanks to the constant improvement of modern technology, new software is developed almost every day, and it is almost certain that it will be the same in the future. When it comes to companies that are launching it, the main thing they need to worry about is how to assure its integrity, and that is when it is necessary to think about a code signing certificate. Since there are two most popular and safest options, it can be pretty challenging to pick the best one between them, so we will try to make that choice easier by explaining both of them further in the text below.

Why is code signing important?

The first question we need to answer is what are code signing certificates and why they are so important because it is the only way to make the best possible decision on which of them to choose. Creating software from sketch and launching it is a complicated process that requires a lot of time, thinking, dedication and work, and in most cases, more people are working together on the same project to ensure its success. Unfortunately, end users are usually not aware of the complexity of this process, as all they want is to get the software, use it, and be sure that the code they have received cannot be compromised by a third party. It is one more problem for developers as they need to ensure the integrity of their product, and the only way to achieve that is to use code signing certificates, which leads to another important decision – which of them to use.

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OV code signing certificate

Source: kaspersky.com

Organization Validation certificate represents the lower level of security, but it is still enough for most programs and applications one company can launch, as it still guarantees that no third party will compromise the code end-user once received. It is the basic one that each company needs to use, or the integrity of their products can be easily compromised. It comes in the form of an encrypted file, and once it is downloaded to the end-user computer or another device, using it on other devices is possible only if this file is copied and transferred to them. The great thing is that it is not made only for Windows 10 drivers, and we can still use it even for the drivers of previous versions, but it can also be a flaw if we need to sign Windows 10 Kernel Mode drivers, as it will not be possible. When it comes to software reputation, which is important for every developer, companies that use OV code certificates cannot expect to gain an instant reputation. It will increase organically, and the more downloads the program has, the better reputation it will be. Because of that, it can be perfect for some test versions of the programs, but when it comes to serious software, it is probably a much better option to choose another level of code signing. Since the software cannot gain an instant reputation, it is most likely that the customers will see warnings about the unknown publisher and need to confirm they want to continue the installation, which makes the whole process much slower.

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EV code signing certificate

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If a company wants to ensure the highest level of security possible, there is no doubt that an EV code signing certificate should be their choice. The first thing is that it guarantees an instant reputation, which is not connected to the number of downloads, and the end-users will see it as a safe program. It means they will not need to confirm that they want to use it, as no security messages will pop up when they decide to install it. Besides that, an EV signing code certificate provides an extra layer of security, as it is not kept only in the end-user computer, and they need to have hardware that contains a private key and encrypted token, which means that no one else can have access to it. This token is necessary if we want to sign Windows 10 Kernel Mode drivers, and we can do it in the Creators update, while to use the software on various devices in the organization, using Authenticode signing is enough. It already has a lot of benefits compared to other code signing certificates, but it is expected that these benefits will be even better in the future, as the Microsoft team is constantly working on improving it.

How to choose the best option?

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Now that you are familiar with two options for code signing certificates, you should focus on which of them to choose. Both of them have their benefits and flaws, and the main question is what your company needs and what you want to provide to end-users. There is no doubt that using the code signing certificate is a must, but when it comes to the level of security you need, it is all individual, and each developer should decide based on their requirements. However, no matter which of them you choose, finding a reliable provider is crucial, especially because of the fact that there are many options available today. Many developers are already familiar with Comodo code signing, and most of them are happy with their services. That makes Comodo EV code signing certificate one of the best choices a developer can make when it comes to the integrity and security of their software, so if you want to see all the possible options, visit signmycode.com.

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To summarize

Using any software without a code signing certificate is never a good idea, as it guarantees that the program you use is safe and will not do harm to your computer or another device. Overall, both options are a great choice, and using each of them is better than not using any. However, choosing the right certificate should be based on your personal preferences and the level of security you want to achieve, and it is not a decision that should be made in a rush, so it is always better to think carefully before making it.