Latest Titles To Stream On Netflix, Hulu, And Prime Video This November 2024

We’re fast approaching the end of another year. 2024 will be outdated in 60 days. A gradual but rapid pace throughout the year is approaching and ends commendably. One day we’ll just get used to writing in 2024 instead of 2019, and boom, 2024 is almost over too.

Of course 2024 was not the best year, in fact it was far from perfect, but also this year the entertainment has found its way. This year we have a lot of great shows and movies for season 2 of The Boys and season 4 of Money Heist.

In spite of all the inconveniences and blockades, films and series have definitely been released this year. They were the only support that brought us into this terrible year, and indeed they tried to change our image in a positive way. But guess what we’ve got two more months.

What are the headlines in November?

It’s November, the holidays are approaching faster than ever, and winter is approaching.

They say the best is kept by them, and they are absolutely right in what they say. We will be able to experience this in the next few days. In November the OTT platforms will be filled with the best new films and series, but also with the most in demand.

We have listed all the necessary programs and movies and tried to give a short description of the programs available on some of the major OTT streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video. Try reading the rest of the article to make a final list of your future streaming titles for November.


Let’s start with the films and TV series arriving on Netflix in November.

Crown (4th season)

The Crown is an original Netflix show that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and her royal and luxurious life from the beginning, since 1940.

The show is not a documentary. It’s a tragedy. It describes all the important events, all the events in the life of Queen Elizabeth and how her political power and decisions influenced the fate of the country, and much more.

If you have already seen the third season, you will be even more interested in the content of the story. But if you haven’t seen it yet, you can probably look at it after previous seasons. The fourth season of the crown falls in 15th place. November.

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Dash and lily

One in ten. Released in November 2024, Set Dash Lily may be the best choice if you want to see something funny and romantic at the same time.

Also Netflix Original, Dash Lily, will be an American film based on Dash and Lily’s book about recklessness. Like the book, the film will also be part of a genre for young adults and will fascinate many young people in the audience.

Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

The second part of the Christmas chronicles will be published on the 5th. The November issue. Like the first part, released in 2018, this is the original Netflix film, which belongs to the genre of Christmas comedy.

The story revolves around two brothers and sisters, Teddy and Kate, who tried to take control of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and even managed to do so, only to find out that they had made a big mess and had to finish it before morning. With Christmas coming up, this could be a great movie for your kids.

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Do not listen to.

Unlike the cheerful and funny Christmas chronicles, don’t listen – this is the original Netflix horror film from Spain. The stakes are for the 27th. November scheduled.

The story of a man who loses his son in tragedy and often hears the whispers and messages of a spirit. This forces him to seek the help of a well-known specialist in the field of paranormal phenomena. So get ready to face the cold of November!

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Sean Mendes in wonder

If you are a fan of Sean Mendes, you can look at Sean Mendes and wonder what his original Netflix will look like. It will be like a documentary or a blog where we will accompany Sean Mendes on his tour around the world for shows and concerts.

He’ll talk more about his relationship, his career and his future. That’ll be the 23rd. The November issue. All right, you Sean Mendez fans, be ready to catch him as soon as he goes down.

Jingle Jungle: Christmas trip

This cheerful and pleasant feeling film will also be the original Netflix film. It tells the story of a great toy maker who, after being betrayed by his apprentice, can find hope in the form of his new and still curious granddaughter.

It’s a good watch for your kids, and even better, you can accompany them while you watch this movie. It’s full of solids. The film comes out on the 13th. November published on Netflix.

Air vents (season 1)

With the first season Liberator will land on Netflix. It will again be the original Netflix and will be published in a mature animation format.

The show takes place during the Second World War and shows the life of a soldier who postpones his return home and instead decides to help other comrades. If you like war movies, you have to love them. The exhibition is scheduled for 11:00. The month of November takes place.

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Amazon premium video

Prime Video is another excellent streaming service that will offer many originals and holiday credits for streams this month.

Packaging (relay 1)

The package will look like an adventurous show. It’s better for you if you like dogs or other pets. The show shows twelve dogs and their owners competing against each other in many fun and adventurous events and travel to different places and countries as part of the show.

The winner of the first season of The Pack will be the one who can win the most calls or a pair that can beat any other pair. The show is a first class original and will be performed on the 20th. Premiere in November.

Uncle Frank

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Uncle Frank is a comedy and theatre film that will be aired in November. The film is about a professor of homosexual literature who comes home for his father’s funeral.

If you like to watch adventure movies where travel is the most important part of the story, then this movie is the perfect watch for you.

I’m your wife.

I’m your wife, this is gonna be a first-class original drama. The film is about a woman who has to run away with her son because of her husband. The film was supposed to be released in November last year. You can add it to my list to receive notifications when it is published.

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Most popular

Above all, I want it to be a first-class original action film in the genre of adventure, crime and intrigue. He is a journalist who decided to solve the mystery of the heroin arrest that landed him in a Thai prison.

The film is scheduled for release on the 21st. November 2024. It’s based on a true story. You can add this movie to your next mailing list to see if you like the story that was also aired on Prime Video.

Life in the year

Jaden Smith and Kara Deleving play the leading roles in this original film. The whole story is covered in the title itself.

We are talking about a 17-year-old boy who, after discovering that his girlfriend has only a year to live, tries to give him all the happiness, joy and adventure that one can achieve in a lifetime. The film is scheduled for the 27th. November scheduled.


Let’s take a look at the new arrivals from Hulu this month. If you do not have a Hulu subscription, you can subscribe to one of the following titles.

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Big ugly

Big Freak is a fighter, full of violence and with a British accent. The film tells the story of a British mafia group that came to Virginia to investigate the oil problem, where it got even worse.

It has elements of revenge and can give you an adrenaline rush in November. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see it now on Hula in November. She’ll be here on the 29th. November falls on the hula.

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This film is not a Hulus original and was released on the 20th. August 2024 published. It is a mysterious film, a survival drama that tells the story of a couple stuck in their car and freezing to death in a very cold place.

They are constantly trying to find a way out and understand how to survive the cold weather. This film will be released on the 29th. November in Hulu.

Happiest season


This film marks the debut of Kristen Stewart in Hula, one of the most romantic comedy films of the year. It’s a Christmas movie about people who are open with their families, about their sexual orientation.

The story revolves around a couple who are ready to take the next step in their relationship and take a vacation on a marriage proposal. But as soon as she finds out that her friend’s family still doesn’t know anything about her status, it’s her turn.

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Animaniaki (1 season)


This famous animated series with a lot of history needs no description. It will be available on Hula, and you will be able to refresh your memory, return to nostalgia and show your children what you have seen before. She’ll start when she’s 20. November only available in Hula.

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Market launch


This long-awaited film will be released exclusively on Hula. You could say it’s the original Hula, as Hula has acquired the Liongate broadcasting rights for this film. He has received much anticipated criticism from IMDb and rotten tomatoes, and you may want to see for yourself whether this is true or not. That’ll be the 20th. The November issue.

No man’s land.


No Man’s Land will be Hulu’s original show, which tells the story of a young Frenchman who asks how to find his sister in Syria. It’s not a film about crime and terrorism, and it will delight you if you like a show like Jack Ryan’s. It is assumed that the first one will take place on November 26th, but it can also take place earlier. According to our predictions, the first one will take place on the 18th. The month of November takes place.


The instructor will be the original Hulu drama series to be released this month. He will talk about the difficulties of the novel between a young student and his teacher. This enables a deeper immersion in relationships, emotions, social aspects and in a love relationship.

It’s no ordinary adult drama, but it has an element because it’s about high school. That’s why many young viewers who like to watch plays at school have to include this in their viewing list. The teacher starts the first season on the 10th day of the season. November to come to Hula.



The powerful one could be one of the hilarious shows on your next streaming playlist that you won’t regret after watching. As said, it is a hilarious show with animated characters, i.e. creatures from the garden, namely a leaf, a stone, a strawberry and a stick.

They called themselves powerful. This program tells about their daily life and their reactions to it. The 9th. In November he goes to Hulu.

Here are some of the upcoming streaming credits on all known streaming platforms in November. You can add these upcoming shows and movies to your list after selecting the shows and movies that suit you.

It looks like November will be full of fun and we hope to do better in 2024.

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